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best singersSinger Sarita Lorena (25 years old) caused swelling in the throat of her colleagues tonight when she was best singers She talked about the dark moments she had in a previous “toxic” relationship. She was only 17 years old when she found out her boyfriend at the time was seriously addicted and they got into fights that got completely out of control. “You are really very strong.”

The outspoken Sarita told the story because colleague Freddy Boland was singing to her the song that helped her through the difficult period, Boarding by Miley Cyrus. “I met that boy when I was 17,” I started on NPO 1 show. ”I didn’t have enough experience in relationships before that, I didn’t really know what love was.”

It turned out that the boy was in trouble with himself and was insecure, as a result of which the two often got into an argument. “I finally found out he was a hard drug addict. I was against everything, even against alcohol, because of course I was too young. I tried to keep it clean. It didn’t always work out, so our fights turned into fights. So we fought a lot.”


I thought: I must choose myself, because if I don’t, I will lose myself

Sarita Lorenac

Her colleagues listened in alarm, while Sarita herself collapsed. Finally, there was a moment in which I was quite finished, when I thought: I must choose myself, for if I do not, I shall lose myself. it was toxic He once wanted to commit suicide in front of my eyes. Then I thought no, that’s a line, I can’t do that.”

Sarah de Souza Gonçalves, as the Brazilian is really called, backed down. “Then I broke up with him and then he overdose,” she said. ‘God damn’, Claudia de Brij could not help but say. Jaap Resima said: Oh Jesus. “Fortunately he survived. And now… he is living his life and I am living my life.”

Claudia de Brij and Nelson listened passionately to Sarita. © NPO

It’s now several years later and she’s talking about it powerfully. ‘You’re really very strong, aren’t you,’ said announcer Jan Smit. ‘I’ll sing, if I can still,’ said Boland, who brought a Dutch version of the song and admired Sarita.

“The lyrics were very beautiful, very descriptive, and very recognizable,” she said. “I already had a lump in my throat, but I thought no, I cried enough. ”Jean concluded one thing is clear. “Everyone has a weak spot for you, everyone is off the bench, we want you to be okay.”

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Drama after filming

Today, Sarita needs music in her life more than ever. Recordings for best singers In March, a few weeks ago, the singer hit a new drama. Her boyfriend, producer Seki Martina, 31, was shot dead in Rotterdam.

“I have good days and I have bad days,” she said this morning about the grieving process. coffee time. I have to say: this is the most difficult period of my life. Grief is a process, it rises and falls. I am happy and grateful that I can still do my job and my passion and focus on more positive things than what happened.”

Three suspects have been arrested after the Culhaven metro station shooting, in which Martina was killed. Investigations are still ongoing.

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