A poem about the animal in the movie The Wolf according to Arjan Postma is more than justified

A true poem about an animal. This is a nature movie wolf Which will be shown in Dutch cinemas starting today. Is that correct? Metro discusses the matter with naturalist Arjan Postma, aka the “TV Forester” on talk shows on NPO 1 and RTL 4.

in wolf Storyteller Matthijs van Nieuwkerk followed the wolf scout from birth to father in his own bag. From the depths of Germany he traveled hundreds of kilometers to finally settle in Wielwe. This is of course imaginary. You see a lot of wolves in the picture, but you never see the same wolves (Cees van Kempen maker’s introduction: You don’t notice this at all). But this is how it really goes. Once a wolf leaves the domestic nest, it often begins a long journey back to its territory where another wolf has yet to establish itself.

Bad name for a wolf

photos in wolf Brilliant, with the birth of the wolf as one of the highlights. For about 150 years there was no wolf in Holland, but now it is back. “We would have preferred to lose the animal to the rich for a century and a half,” says Matisse van Neukirk, who debuted as the voiceover commentator. Over the centuries it has earned a bad reputation. It’s time to correct that.”

The return of the wolf sparked a lot of news in the media. Often disturbing news, when a farmer once again found a torn sheep in the meadow. But is this really as bad as it seems? wolf At least she shows a completely different side. The movie is about the importance of the wolf. Its greatest benefit: the presence of a wolf makes the forest develop in a more natural way. This, in turn, provides many benefits to all kinds of other animals, plants, and trees.

Arjan Postma: The poem is more than justified

subway Speak with Arjan Postma, independent naturalist, author and speaker from Driehuizen in Northern Holland. Anyone who watches talk shows on TV will know him for his inescapable hat and emotional way of telling. Postma has wolf not seen at that time. “I was invited to the premiere at Ede, but unfortunately I couldn’t. I’m going wolf Guaranteed to watch this week.”

But knowing you, you can nevertheless say whether the wolf’s poem is justified or not.

Arjan Postma: “More than right. The wolf is a top predator, it is at the top of the food pyramid. This means that it does not have any animal above it to catch. The wolf directs the scene and this has a lot of positive effects on the forest.”

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The forest through the wolf is more dynamic

Is it true that such a forest develops in a more natural way?

“Yes, that was immediately evident upon returning with a pack of wolves to Noord-Veluwe. Before that, the deer sat as if scattered throughout the forest by the sower. There were deer everywhere, because they had no enemies. That means That if a seedling appeared somewhere, it would immediately nibble. There was always a deer who wanted a nice seedling. If a forest had to be rejuvenated, the foresters had to isolate the entire area. That way the deer could no longer reach those little trees. It was too artificial. Now the wolf is there, causing the deer to gather together in larger flocks. Such a herd is no longer scattered throughout the area. In one area there is a lot of grazing, while in another area all the small trees appear. The wolf makes the area more dynamic. Mixes “stuff,” and that applies everywhere, and Yellowstone in America is a very good example.”

Arjan Postma werewolves
Arjan Postma Where it can always be found: Nature.

Would you describe yourself as a wolf connoisseur or more passionate?

„I am not an expert, an expert who studied the wolf, but I am very interested. I’ve always been very busy with it.”

“I’ve never seen a wolf in the wild before”

Have you ever encountered a wolf in person?

“Never in the wild and I wouldn’t look for it. I’ve been to Noord-Veluwe a lot, seen many trails. But no, I wouldn’t look for this wolf, I think it’s a great threat to the animal. If I come across it once, it’s nice, but other than that I’d do more harm than good.” I do. While traveling through Alaska, I heard wolves howling, so I was very close.”

Why does anyone rarely see a wolf in real life?

“This is because the wolf has a wonderful perception. They have much better senses than we do. Wolves are in their home in the woods so much that they actually notice our presence. If we think we are walking very quietly through the forest, it is on the wolf as if we are trampling through the forest like an elephant. Moreover , according to the animal, we smell for an hour in the wind a hundred thousand different scents, from chemicals to food. So they catch up to it very quickly. And then we always go down a road, so they know exactly where we came from.”

wolf wolves
A scene from the movie Wolf. Photo: Sis van Kempin

The Iron Curtain has been completely closed

Fact from the movie: The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 paved the way for the wolf to large parts of Europe. Can you explain that?

“I can explain it, yes. In Western Europe, the wolf was completely exterminated. Wolves managed to survive in the vast open spaces of Eastern Europe. We only had the Iron Curtain and it was completely enclosed. There were fences, there were barbed wire, and it was It’s hard for a wolf to get past it. You often had guards and sometimes they shot the wolf when they had nothing to do. In short, the Iron Curtain was a real obstacle. Later there was a ban on hunting and it became more of a pleasure for the animals to stay here.”

government animal

Nice poem, but a farmer who loses his sheep to a wolf won’t do it much good. How do you see that?

“I can understand that it is annoying when a sheep is hunted once. But there is a good arrangement that you will then have compensation. The average number of sheep a wolf hunts in the Netherlands is about two hundred per year. However, the number of sheep that catch Dogs number in the thousands. More sheep are also stolen. We really don’t hear much about it. The wolf is called the “government animal”, in addition to dogs and thieves, it also causes something to happen to the sheep. This is seen as the well-known decline We are so used to Holland without predators. So we have to get used to that again. That comes with solutions. There really is no need for a fence around the whole of Friesland.”

wolf wolves
As if the wolf is looking directly at the viewer. Photo: Sis van Kempin

Leave Drenthe left

Is there a chance of a large number of wolves in our country, or is the Netherlands too small for that?

“The wolf needs a lot of space. The female also chooses the property which seems to have very specific requirements. We always thought the animals would come through the Drenthe. Drenthe is very big and wide and there was a wolf nearby in Germany. Strangely enough, the females kept passing by the Drenthe. Suddenly the first was seen Wolf on Veloe In the middle of the country in a fenced area Very different, but they exist The Netherlands has only a limited number of areas in which a wolf can live well.

We now have about ten packages in our country. Very exciting word pack. It almost looks like an entire army, but this is just a family. Of course the young wolves will leave the house and roam. We are talking here about EU citizens. It is known that a tagged wolf walked from southern Russia to Switzerland and back. So you can’t talk about Dutch wolves, but about European wolves. If they want to, they can walk to Greece.”

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