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Children’s book reviewHowling of laughter at a bear trying to hide. Or talk to your child about melting ice, causing animals’ feet to get wet. Comic books are often lighthearted, but they can also deal with more serious topics. Children’s book critic Jaap Friso has picked a number of great new picture books.

Hide bright colors
Playing hide and seek often makes you laugh in comic books. Big creatures you think can’t be found, while little kids already know where they’re hiding. Frank and Bert It is such a funny hidden book that also helps preschool children to learn to count in a smart way, until they reach a hundred books. Burt is a type of large, fluffy peanut that mostly resembles a bear. He thinks he’s very good at the game and Fox Frank leaves it that way. “He loves winning a lot, but he loves his best friend even more.”

Frank and Bert. © Gottmer Publishers

When Frank counts to a hundred, preschoolers in the book will shout that Burt should pay more attention. Let’s just say his pink scarf has something to do with it. Frank himself wears wool earmuffs with bright light blue balls. These fluorescent colors are the secret to this book, along with Burt’s mischievous wink when Frank, in turn, thinks he’ll never be found. Ingenious as it is functional and uncomplicated, a picture book that young children will undoubtedly want to read over and over again.

Frank and Bert by Chris Naylor Ballesteros, translated by J. H. Jeffer, Gottmer Publisher, 4+

Stork Shoebill above bullies

Schumoth. © Querido Publishers

The shoe is a strange bird that appears to have survived prehistoric times. With her stocky body, long legs and huge beak he is always in a position to smile. It’s easy to imagine that Dutch children’s book author Yokji Akveld, who emigrated to South Africa, became fascinated by the shoe thorn stork. Such an individual who does not care much about others and does only what he does, appeals to the imagination. Akveld focuses on ‘Shoebek’ eccentricities by commenting on them by other birds. One by one he laughs at him and glorifies himself. When Shoebill teaches a bird-eating crocodile a lesson, they quickly catch up and apologize. And he, by the way, Schoenbeck is not very interested in him, because he is already busy preparing a meal. He stands above his bully peers and this is a great message for young children.

Shoebill by Joukje Akveld, illustrations by Piet Grobler, publisher Querido, 4+

Eagle warns wild animals of melting ice caps

rescued! © Lan

rescued! Obviously it has to do with the climate problem, but young children will initially see a book full of animals, with their heads under or just above the water. The ice is melting and there is flooding. The eagle sees it happening from the air and tries to warn the other animals, but they react laconic or negatively. The wild animal says it was warm before. And oh, flood, the sloth slowly thinks: “Then I will hang well in this tree.” In the meantime, Matthias de Leo’s publications show that water literally rises to the lips of animals, but until then, the giraffe does not want to know much about it: “It will be OK, it will be OK, I will. I keep my head above the sea. All this indifference breaks the animals and they are so happy when some kind of Noah’s Ark finally appears. Fun and light Westera songs can be a great way to talk to children about this topic.

rescued! by Bette Westera, illustrations by Mattias De Leeuw, Lannoo Publisher, 5+

Witch with an owl egg

Witch Hazel.
Witch Hazel. © Boycott Publishers

Witch Hazel is not a typical witch, with a broomstick and a crackling sound, but a friendly young woman with shy cheeks and a great sense of duty. When other forest dwellers go on vacation or relax by the water in the summer, you wonder if they have nothing to do.

Witch Hazel. year in the forest It contains four stories covering several seasons. In the first story, Hazel finds an egg that she takes to her treehouse. Owl Otis is growing rapidly and after a while he is going his own way. Hazel’s wish to see her boyfriend again comes true at the end of the book when she gets lost in a snowstorm. That’s it all along the way.

‘Bos van Moswoud’ is inhabited by gnomes, trolls, elves and animals and seems to have crawled out of the realm of Rien Poortvliet. Although Phoebe Wahl has a more private hand at illustrating, that’s an understatement. With her quilts and watercolors, the American has become an Instagram phenomenon with over 130,000 followers. Understandable, because her work exudes an ambiance that appeals to many people. A bit traditional and old, familiar and safe and has a great preference for nature especially the jungle and all that can be found there. A quirky read book with necessary humor.

Witch Hazel. A Year in the Woods by Phoebe Wahl, translated by Nicolette Hoekmeijer, publisher Boycott, 7+

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