The impossible becomes possible when God heals: Ilonka was diagnosed with PCOS and conceived normally

Although Ilonca was diagnosed with PCOS, Tim and his wife (both 25 years old) became pregnant. Tim: “The hand of God is on Hannah, we’ve seen that during pregnancy and after giving birth.” It was exciting when Hannah was born: “The doctors thought there was an infection or a condition.”

When Ilonka was diagnosed with PCOS in 2020, her dream of becoming a natural mother was shattered: she doesn’t ovulate, so she doesn’t get her period. The only way to have children in the future is through a medical process. Tim: “A few weeks after the diagnosis, I went to the Prayer and Speed ​​Conference.” During the healing service, she didn’t really feel the need to pray for her until a girl came up to her and asked what she could do for her. “The girl put her hand on her stomach and at that moment Ilonka felt it was getting warm. The next morning she had her first menstruation in 1.5 years.” Tim and Elonka – dating at the time – believed that God had healed her. “However you look at it from a human perspective. We are beginning to doubt whether she has ever fully recovered.”

“You will be a good mother.”

When the couple got married last September, they started talking seriously about having children. When Ilonca went out with some friends, one of them asked her, “Are you pregnant?” “That was very random, because we didn’t know anything about it yet.”

At the end of October, someone comes to the couple during the root service. He says, ‘I’ve learned to be very careful about this, but I still feel the need to share it. I feel like God wants to tell you that you will be a good mother. “We knew that word contained more. A little later it turned out that we were pregnant.”

When the couple found out, the first person to share the news with was Ilonka’s sister. “The next morning she called us saying she had a dream where she saw that we should call her Hana.”

My niece said, “I think Hana is a nice name.”

this name …

“Personally, I thought ‘Sophie’ was a very beautiful name. I also really felt that God put this name on my heart.” However, the name “Hana” was predicted six different times – by different people who had nothing to do with each other. Among those people is Tim’s niece who was only 3 years old at the time. “My sister asked her what she thought would be a nice name for her future niece. She mentioned a whole list of girls’ names without mentioning Hanna’s name. But my niece said, ‘I think Hana is a nice name,’ when there’s no one around with that name.” Brother-in-law finds this The moment is so special that he writes it down in a note. He keeps this note in his phone case so he can then check if what the girl said is true.

“At one point, three people called ‘Hannah’ came to us. I wasn’t sure, so I prayed, ‘Lord, if her name is Hannah, leave that on that note.’ When a fourth person came to me, I immediately texted her. My sister asked for that note which my brother-in-law filled in. Indeed, the note was called “Hana.” The girl would be called “Hana.” We were pretty sure of that when we looked up the meaning of the name: “Protection hedge.”

Then your child is taken and oxygen given; She’s getting an intravenous injection and heart monitoring. You can only search and pray for God to intervene. “

“The hand of the Lord is upon them”

While pregnant, Tim often thought of the text in Isaiah 61: “The hand of the Lord is upon him, he has called me (…)” a text that helps them trust when Hannah’s life suddenly seems so fragile. “When I was born she didn’t react at all. She took a little bit of oxygen and it turned completely purple. Then your baby is taken and oxygen is put in; she gets an IV and a heart monitor. You can just look up and pray for God to intervene.” (Read more below photo)

Hana is in the hospital

Over time, the saturation increased from 45% to 80%. Then the values ​​suddenly fell again sharply. This is not common in these situations. Doctors thought it was a condition or infection. She was given preventive antibiotics and we asked friends and family to pray for her.” Within twenty-four hours, Hannah was breathing on his own, and after finishing the antibiotics, the family was allowed to go home.

Tim: “It wasn’t fun being in the hospital. But it was a chance for us to look at what God did in Hannah’s short life and the time before she was born. His hand was on her life and we believe that God has called her to do great things.”

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