The Groningen Frisbee Association is looking for young members: “the number of children and adolescents is not enough”

The Groningen Spinal Rotation Association is in good shape and is doing well in competitions. According to Anigen Langelo of the association, there is a shortage of young members.

Hello Angie! You had an open practice tonight to get interested kids and teens excited. How did it go?
“Things went really well. We had a very nice training. In addition to our regular members, we welcomed four interested parties. It sounds small, but if you look at the current membership numbers among the youth, we would be very happy with these four if they decided to stick with us.”

Why is interest in this age group so low?
“At Gronical Dizziness, we work with a number of groups. Under 11, under 14 and under 17. It’s hard to find new members in these groups. Kids often choose their sport in elementary school. Once you reach high school, you’re not going to be switching anytime soon. .and then people continue playing the sport they started with, or stop playing the sport altogether. Frisbee is still too young for the radar at a young age.”

You are now offering open training. Could it also be the other way around that you are visiting children?
“We have already done that. We do a lot of workshops and clinics in primary schools. We have a loan bag. Indeed, this is a beautiful story. I grew up during the Corona period when strangers were not allowed to give lessons in schools. This loan bag can stay in the school for as long as they can The gym teacher can use it. There are materials in it and you can find game tasks. It can be used for a certain period of time. This is actually very nice. Short and sweet workshop. With this loan bag, you can pay attention to the sport of frisbee for a certain period of time.”

In the meantime, we see that life is getting more and more expensive. Could this also be a cause? That parents downgrading their children’s sports club membership?
“I recently read a letter from the NOC*NSF indicating this. Personally I think it is not that bad in Groningen, and also because there are very good schemes offered by the municipality. In addition, Ultimate Frisbee is a relatively cheap sport to play. You just need a pair of shoes. Football and volleyball. But actually. It could be a reason. Although I don’t think he plays directly here.”

Find young members. How are you as an association?
“Yes, this is actually special. We have a lot of students. So things are going well in the older age groups. During the Corona period, we were also not bothered by members who canceled their membership, unlike other sports federations where this happened. We just got more organs. Several students were at home and found an outlet with us.”

How did this happen? what is the secret?
“Apart from periods when everything was at a standstill, we were able to do something very quickly. For example, training could resume very quickly in small groups. We were able to set this up perfectly, making sure that no connections could be made. another reciprocal.”

Back to youth. Because in the end things are going well with great results in the European Championships and the World Cup last summer in Poland…
“True. Five of our players were selected for the European Championship and the World Cup that was held in Poland. You can compare that with a national coach who is looking for the best players. Within our sports branch there are selection competitions. Two players from our federation were able to participate in the European Under 17 Championship. Players for a place in the team under the age of 19. And they achieved great results. In the European Championship it was achieved eighth, and in the World Cup it took the fifth. As an association, we are of course very proud. “

There may be children or parents reading this article who may have become curious…
“Kids from 8 years old and teenagers are welcome every Monday evening at Sportpark het Noorden. There we have our training, and every training is open training. This means you can participate to see if it is something for you. And the nice thing is also to say that next Sunday it will be There is a tournament with us where the top teams in the country are on the field. I think this will be very fun!”

More information can be found on this website.

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