Jet van Neukirk: “When I say this is the best French toast, I really believe in it’

Her grandmother’s recipe for plum pie. The best sports shoes. The best pillow. How often should you flip your mattress? What a nice B&B on the way to the south of France, and you should pack a bag stop so you don’t have to mess around with bags for one night. Which is the best white T-shirt and the best red sauce (not necessarily in combination). Finally, cold olive oil should be poured over the warm pasta: “That’s the secret, really do it.” And what you can cook for very young children (I just created an entire e-book with “recipes for toddlers”).

If you follow Jet van Nieuwkerk’s Instagram account tipvanjet (32) (82,000 followers, between Ellie Lust and Claudia de Breij, and more than twice Femke Halsema), I hope to land the perfect life, if you follow her tips. But follow up. I don’t think her life is so far-fetched – she thinks it for a moment, and that’s exactly what she doesn’t want. She wants to offer people attainable perfection.

So you are disappointed that on this sunny day it is very noisy and crowded at Dignita Hoftuin, a somewhat hidden garden café near the Hermitage in Amsterdam. “Oh, that’s really bad, I expected to be here with you in an oasis of peace!” She also doesn’t like the fact that you have to look up the list via a QR code: “It’s very modern, but not very personal, so you can use your mobile again.” But fortunately, you have to ask real people to make up British phrases like:Can I get you a drink, sweetheart?(Amsterdam, very English) and who put the food aside so unobtrusively that it hardly interrupts our conversation.

Van Newkirk is cheerful anyway and always seems to be cheerful. An endless smile, a perfect white shirt (“one of the best”), two gold necklaces (one with an F and one with Frenkie, her almost 2-year-old son’s name). She’s agile, points a lot, jumps during dinner to put a napkin under the table leg (“I can’t stand a wobbling table”) and often has to think for a while when asking a question – but then always comes the answer with great urgency that also speaks from her advice on Instagram . This is how it is! genuinely!

patient gets upset

Van Neukirk… Yes, how would you describe her profession? “At times in my life I find this question very difficult. Then I sometimes say to my friend: What do I actually do?” Ward, who has been with her for eight years, has a clear career: he runs a twenty-person company that produces a YouTube series for brands . but she? “I just do what I love, whatever I love. Now my eBook is working on me! Very good with recipes for young children. There will be a physical book in November.” She has written cookbooks before, done TV shows; she was a TV chef what to eat (2020) on Net5 and prepared for public broadcasting Not healthy anymore (2018), a three-part miniseries about orthotics, going healthy and exercising (she struggled with it herself as a teenager).

She also rented an office building in Prinsengracht “because I needed an office with nice people around”, and in it she rents offices to the self-employed; They also earn money from it. “I make sure the fridge is full for lunch, because I love it.” You enjoy making food for a lot of people. Also on vacation, she has just returned from her favorite foreign country France: “Let me cook every day for my six friends and children!” Van Nieuwkerk attended hotel school and worked for years in the hospitality industry: in her early twenties she was already a manager at Café-Restaurant Amsterdam. “Sometimes I say: I do everything related to food and drink. And I make money with Instagram, but I always have to explain it.”

Now as well. She says it’s not just about posting a picture and saying: Buy this! Go and eat here! She does sometimes, but she generally doesn’t get any money for it. “Almost everything I post is free. I never get paid for “tips from Git.” But with these tips I keep people with me, and that’s where most of the work goes: creating fun content.”

She makes money through companies she finds interesting. For example, it publishes recipes for bread with the name of a food processor brand every month; She didn’t mention any amounts, but the more followers, the more money. She also once released a newspaper with tips for kids, which people received as a gift from a children’s cosmetics brand. And sometimes you test links to articles in online stores, giving them a percentage. “I always add that up. But the things I don’t get paid for are always the best. I once posted baby shoes from a funny goat wool sock shop in Amsterdam, they didn’t know what hit them.”

very satisfied

This is how “Tips from Jet” began: she was excited about something and put it on Instagram, the hashtag #tipvanjet. “Very tasty dish at the Rijksmuseum. Yeah, now I gotta tell you what it was…” Instagram recalls: sandwich with papao and avocado de luxe, November 19, 2014. Rijks Restaurant, which just opened at the time, is now a Michelin star. “It’s when you have something to celebrate. Its.” But then she thought: “Nice, I will give tips with the hashtag #tipvanjet. No idea yet that I’ll ever expand that.”

Her tone is firm, online and offline. „I am not saying: I think this is the best white T-shirt, but: This is the best white T-shirt. I am very convinced of that. I remember when I was dating my boyfriend, I said, ‘Let’s go to this and that bakery because they have the best baguettes out there. But the next month there was another baker who made the best French bread. Find out I’m talking like this. It’s enthusiasm, but I really believe in it.”

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She doesn’t have a “spy army” of people giving her advice, but: “My mother is a huge inspiration.” Karen van Munster has spent years reviewing hotels and restaurants in general newspaper, as one of the “Ladies Travelers”. She is 65 years old and has just quit being a kindergarten teacher and is now going to write freelance again. She helps me with texts, I’m the biggest dyslexist on earth. And she always knows exactly: This is where the fun is. Got On that of her. I never get nervous because I don’t have advice. I’m always on the lookout for what’s new and what’s fun. It’s just inside of me.”

When I look at your Instagram, I think, if you want the perfect life, you should do all of this.

“Do you know that sometimes it bothers me? I want to be real, sometimes I think: should I not make her more beautiful than she is? Let’s be honest: of course you choose the most beautiful pictures of yourself, the most beautiful dinner. But I also have a very nice life. I am so happy in love, Frenkie is crazy Absolutely, I have nice friends, a beautiful house. But I also have concerns. My parents divorced a year and a half ago.” Her father is TV presenter Matisse van Neukirk. “It’s not always fun. I don’t share that, but I see a psychiatrist every week to discuss what’s bothering me, for a long time, just as a medical procedure. Sometimes I think: I can post that I’m having a bad day, but why? That’s what I have my friends for. I I’m not against saying publicly that if you struggle for something, I can admire it in others too, but I don’t want it now myself.”

I shared a lot about orthotics at the time.

“Yeah. And I’m totally done with that now. This was kind of a topic in my life, in public too, but fortunately it’s behind me now. I still get letters from girls wanting advice and always write, but I don’t have to lecture about This subject “.

Are you helping people in a different way now?

He laughs, “Yes, by telling them which French body lotion to buy.”

In fact, you have turned the perfectionism that was also behind your orthotics into a positive thing.

“Yes, I’m a perfectionist in some things, but I’m also incredibly naive. I lose a lot, I’m not in order with things. But I want to sit in the most beautiful tent in Paris, which I chose completely. I just like the quality. But that too is annoying. I always feel Worried in me. Although it was more than that. Anyway, since I became a mother… I don’t care much about things. If Frankie was happy, he could steal everything else from me. That’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

The food is very tasty, although I don’t know exactly what to eat. We both have the “Broccoli, Chickpea, and Feta Pie” (“a popular pie that always looks fresh”). Van Neukirk explains, “The pie is a type of pancake, often a potato biscuit, but now with chickpeas. And peas, broccoli and some sauce. Delicious. Can I order another tea?” Coconut macaroons added, explaining how to make it yourself. “very easy.”

She says, “You know, I’m very personal on Instagram, but in the end you know very little about me and I like it. If you think about it, you have no idea, do you? I don’t Instagram much of my life. For example, it doesn’t show up.” Frenkie is never in the picture with his head on and I don’t share any personal information with him: it’s not how he feels in daycare, about hurt or accidents, how he sleeps, whether he’s toilet trained. I think that’s very important, I do it consciously, it’s his life.” Sip the tea. “Only: Of course he is the most beautiful child in the world.”

Then she told me what is the best Earl Gray tea, and which spoon I should really buy.

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