“I refused any makeup except to look more tired.”

She involuntarily reminds us of Kim Kardashian, the wealthy reality star who works out with weights every day, and proudly shares her low fat percentage, her stomach being lasered to make her more toned, which says “everything” to fashion, if necessary wear diapers if outfit is too tight When visiting the toilet.

Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie of Bavaria (1837-1898), Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, exercised the same coercion on her own body. Sisi’s constant diets and fanatical gymnastics and gymnastics sessions produced a legendary narrow waist, bound and bound in leather corsets. Her extremely long leaden hair required hours of shaving every day. The result was an image that charmed her subjects, but she herself could not live up to after she was thirty-two years old. Since then, personal photos have been strictly prohibited.

So summed it up looks sick – and miles away Sisi, the fairy-faced princess of Romy Schneider who has been on TV for generations at Christmas (director Ernst Marishka made Sissi’s song Double Pairs). “Whipped cream,” Luxembourgian actress Vicky Krebs calls those classic films; Like millions of girls before and after her, she was turned away as a child.

We’ll meet via Zoom on the day of the Luxembourg premiere corsageKrebs’ bizarre and contemporary interpretation of the beloved empress in a text by Marie Kreutzer. Krieps is one of the most sought-after actresses in Europe and lives with her family in Berlin, but Luxembourg is still “home”. That evening, she would allow herself to be driven across the center in a chariot, as a semi-ironic tribute to her role.

„There was no one in our house Sisi I looked at her,” she says. “My parents were kind of hippies. But they looked at my girl next door. I was allowed to watch and have very happy superficial memories of it. That beautiful princess in her beautiful dresses, beautiful corsets…

Neighbors also had a résumé of Sisi in the closet. I read this book when I was 14 and became fascinated: I felt something mysterious in it, an unspoken sadness of being a girl. I knew that sadness despite the freedom of my upbringing. The girl must follow the rules. She has to be pretty, and not talk too much, and be funny but not too funny, smart but not too smart… all that nonsense.

Years later, I made a movie with Marie Kreutzer in Vienna (Was it a very unusual hat, 2016, ed.) and we were envisioning the next project. ‘why not Sisi?’, I said. Mary thought it was a stupid idea – Sisi It is kitsch. Then I told her about that dark underbelly that I thought I had read in an autobiography when I was a teenager. Three years later, I received a completed script, with a card from Mary: “I went to the archive, and I was right.”

I just got back from Los Angeles, where I’ve been promoting for weeks ghost theme (Krieps’ breakthrough role opposite Daniel Day-Lewis, editor). I’ve never felt so lonely and empty as there was, the epicenter of the “fake game”. As a woman, you are constantly looked at, inspected, and discussed. Put on that dress, get in that car now, go on stage, a smile…I thought I was going crazy. Sisi is the ultimate symbol of this terrible feeling. That was the connection I felt with her. The circle was complete.”

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Before SisiWill -fans corsage It may come as an unpleasant surprise – the film shows a depressed and manipulative woman who sabotages her strictly defined public role from all sides. Krebs is not afraid of backlash: “Nobody really knew who Sisi was, she didn’t even know it herself. If we destroyed an image of her with our film, this is an image that also destroyed Romy Schneider, one of our greatest actresses who, for inexplicable reasons, was wrapped in Thick layers of make-up, as if to hide her charm corsage I refused any makeup except when it was necessary to look more tired. The rest is nonsense.

“I’m in no way trying to follow in Romy’s footsteps—I couldn’t even do that, who am I. I want to expose something. We have entered a time where we are all constantly being watched, but now to ourselves. We are chasing ourselves with our cell phones, our looks critical with the same Fate.We are all Sisi now.What will this do to us?

“On the set, I was like a child. In my imagination I took them by the hand of Sisi and Romy, and said: This is our playground. Here we do what you always wanted, but you weren’t allowed to. And if people thought he was stupid or laughed at him, they laughed at me.”

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