Horse collapses on tourist cart due to high temperatures in Spain

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Not only do people get heat stroke, but animals also have a hard time when the mercury goes above 40 degrees Celsius, as is the case now regularly. Especially if they have to stand in the heat all day and have to pull a heavy cart.

For example, last Saturday in Palma de Mallorca at Plaza Rei Joan Carles I, a horse collapsed due to the heat. Many passersby were surprised and ran to help the animal. “It’s because of the heat, give him water,” can be heard in Video on Twitter. Then the tourists seem to refuse to get off the wagon. There is also widespread indignant comment on it. Tourists pay about 50 euros for a tour along the main attractions of the capital.

“bad conditions

A horse collapsed in the same city a month ago. This has led to action by animal rights groups describing the “conditions” in which the animals are kept “poor”. The licenses owned by horse and cart owners are usually for life and are passed down from parents to children. There is little control over it. In Palma there are 28 such permits.

Every year, these “caballos de galera” make the news. Or they collapsed or died from the effects of overheating. According to Guillermo Amengual, Head of Animanaturalis, the carriage horses “are in poor condition, very thin. There are animals that can no longer walk. We have been able to see and report on them, but then the horse in question can often not be found anymore. “.

no follow up

His organization, he says in El Diario, wants the horses to be checked by vets before the summer starts and also during the summer. It was already established that a number of horses in Palma were not in sufficient condition to work, but no action was taken.

In 2019, the city council decreed that harnesses should not be allowed in carriages between 12 noon and 5 pm on days when AEMET issues the weather symbol yellow or higher due to the heat. However, this decree was rejected by the Palma court because the municipality could not enforce these types of rules.

Take good care of horses according to their owners

According to horse owners, El Diario wrote, horses are well looked after, fed and in the shade. This shade is usually provided by a canopy that is temporarily attached to the cart when the horse and owner are waiting for their “passengers”.

The fallen horse in Seville

Dutch Michele sometimes guides visitors through Seville and told that she saw a horse fall near the cathedral on July 13. Since she had horses of her own, she came to her rescue. As I approached, the other horses lined up, panting and puffing from the heat. The owner of the horse hit her twice. He said he didn’t need any help.

Michelle couldn’t stand it and decided to call the police and got nowhere until she finally spoke to someone who promised her to “take a note”. This was. “It could be that the horse slipped, or a combination of factors, because they are running them too short on slippery ground with horseshoes, but next time I’ll be in Seville I’ll report it here. I definitely want something to be done about it here!” said Michele. It’s outrageous.”

Petition against horse-drawn carriages in Palma

A Palma resident has already collected 63,300 signatures in a short time with a petition on the platform. “No more horses crumpled in the streets: carriages banned in Palma now! We can no longer allow them to be mistreated and forced to work until they can no longer handle them or even die.” The question the petition asked is how many horses must die before chariots are banned? “When will we take animal welfare seriously in Spain?”

Horse dies in Seville

Last year, a horse died at the Seville fair. The animal was not going to eat anything all day, and yet it had to go around in a chariot with people partying in the heat. This wasn’t the first time a horse had died during an exhibition in Spain. An animal organization has released a video on social media showing the horse lying on the ground with breathing problems before it dies.

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