Actress Ahlam Taghdwini (Seham): Usually you only see men get revenge. We thought: We will respond.

A high school student Siham is the victim of a gang of young men who seduce girls into sex, then secretly put the photos online on their Telegram Kechs Deluxe account, with their name, address and phone number. Show And the Expose Slut Online So. The neighborhood declared its arrows an outlaw after the show. Anyone can insult and abuse her. But she doesn’t stop there, and embarks on a bloody revenge.

The series is carried by the protagonist, Ahlam Tgdwini. Arrows It is a tough and dangerous Kickboxer, but Gdwini mainly shows her gentle and fragile side, so that the desire for revenge does not remain, but the pain behind it stays with you. The actress had come up with this herself: “I sent two test clips: in the first shot I play her hard, she shows a little of her emotions. In the other I make her soft and weak. I thought: she is young, eighteen, damaged. You have to get that as a viewer Otherwise, you only see a killer.”

Revelation is also known as revenge porn, although it is not usually about revenge, but about making money, mixed with lust, misogyny, and hypocritical sexual morals. Men call the woman pictured kechs (Sluts, whores) who are inferior and deserve punishment. Because of this endearing practice, women are bullied and excluded, suffer psychological damage, and sometimes commit suicide. Siham chooses the path of retribution. These scenes of revenge put the viewer in a strange situation: the violence against the perpetrators is very pathological. She hopes that Siham will succeed in her journey. Just right! Kind of really reverse revenge porn.

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Teghadouini: „These scenes of violence are shocking but very fun to play. Precisely because you don’t do things like that in everyday life. We were mentored by a stunt team. Then I learned how to lift my head if I cut my throat. When we fight, every blow or kick – it seems to hit, but in fact there was always at least twenty centimeters between them. ”

angry kid

The 25-year-old actress was born in Gouda, but has been living in Brussels since she was eight years old. I played in two Flemish series, harlotry (Ketnet) and a land (Netflix). She has no experience with exposure in her immediate environment. “I can remember from school that a photo of a girl circulated among the boys. That girl was out of school a week later. But like any woman, I have experience of sexual harassment and shame. I was also bullied in elementary school because I had curly hair and fat. As a result, I became an angry child, argued a lot. I was closed off, and had a hard time letting people in. So I realize that in Siham.”

Threat and violence attract the most attention, but the series also has beautiful character graphics, and depicts the difficult atmosphere of life in a poor Moroccan neighborhood in The Hague. French and Dutch hip hop on the soundtrack, and colloquial dialogues.

The series is written by Ahmed Akabi, who is known for mukro mafia. This Videoland series means a lot to penetrating people of color into the world of series – not only as actors, but also as writers and directors. also Arrows It makes room for new talent. My punishment largely left executions to women – another group that is underrepresented in Dutch serial productions. Lead writer Laila Saher and directors Shamira Raphaela and Lisette Dunkerslot appear in the series for the first time here.

Tgdwini: In the movies you usually only see guys who get revenge, and everyone thinks that’s cool. You only see women in the victim role, turning inward, scaring men, and unable to sustain relationships. We thought: We will respond. Show victims that they are not alone. Detection is a major under-exposure problem and is rarely talked about. Many women become isolated, thinking that they have to solve it on their own. I got loads of reactions on Instagram from women who got irradiated, writing how nice it is to be in it Arrows To see how to treat these guests.”

Arrows (KRO-NCRV). 8 episodes of 27 minutes on NPO Plus and Sunday 20:15 on NPO3.

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