Vacation without parents! (in Holland and Belgium on TV)

The new program ZOOV With or without parents on vacation is shown on television in both the Netherlands and Belgium. A Flemish and Dutch version has been made, both of which are currently available to watch. Of course we also went looking for more information about the ZOOV participants.

ZOOV (without parents on vacation)

6 guys are going to have an unforgettable summer. For the first time in their lives they go on vacation without parents! It looks like a dream. You don’t have to worry about getting up early, going to another church, or arguing with your sister about who will be sitting in the back seat at the venue.

First of all, we will discuss ZOOV in Belgium; Then you will find out more about the participants in ZOOV from the Netherlands. One of the girls participating has a famous father.


In Belgium, the group of participants in ZOOV consists of fifteen to seventeen years. They determine the program themselves for this sunny holiday and take responsibility for the holiday portfolio, family and activities. Parental control, there is no. The camera crew that records everything for us – and the home front – is there.

Participants ZOOV Belgium

The participants in ZOOV in Belgium are Maurice Mossund, Fleur Guimaere, Cornel Bennewirt, Kira, Timo Schroen and Stancy. Anyway, we know that Stancy van Singel comes from Alter. She already played in the Arthurian musical and the Battle of Camelot. Maurice Mossond plays basketball at LPD Donza. We couldn’t find anything about the other participants in ZOOV.

ZOOV Netherlands

In the Netherlands, at Zonder Ouders op Vakantie (ZOOV), six young men aged 13-15 were chosen for a parentless vacation to a sunny, little-known destination for the first time. There they not only get to know each other better, but also take an intensive course in budgeting, cooking and cleaning.

ZOOV Netherlands cast

The ZOOV team in the Netherlands consists of Youp Alblas, Lila Akkerman, Arwen Hooijmans, Machano, Jayden Matimbor and Séray. What do we know about ZOOV participants from the Netherlands? Let’s list them:

  • Fifteen-year-old Leyla Ackermann certainly has a well-known father; This ZOOV post from The Hague is the daughter of Tim Ackermann. her ambition? Became famous. “The new Kim Kardashian. This sounds like a thing to me,” she said in AD.
  • 14-year-old Arwen Hooijmans from Boxtel loves music and musicals. Next year, you want to go to the World Camp in South Korea with the Scouts.
  • Machano also comes from Brabant; He lives in Vogt and, like Arwen, is also fourteen years old.
  • Yup Elblas is 15 years old and lives in Burger. He also told RTV 1 that he “made friends for life”.
  • Jayden Matembour is fourteen years old and hails from Schiedam. Did you know we’re dealing with a house talent here? He is a Dutch champion in the 60 meters (under 16) and dreams of an Olympic career. He trains in Rotterdam for athletics.
  • Saray is thirteen years old and is from Limburg. She only lives around the Belgian kid. Saray has grown up very well, she works daily with her horse Yara and wants to become a fighter jet pilot.

Vacation without parents

At ZOOV, we follow young people who stay together in a luxury holiday villa for 9 days. There they face challenges they usually don’t have to think about and sometimes “wrestle” with their ideas and insecurities: How do I connect with the group and assume I’m homesick, then what? Usually the parents pay for everything during the holidays, but who manages the wallet now and is there enough for eating out, parasailing, and new swimwear?

(does not depend on

The area of ​​tension between healthy dependence on your parents and complete independence is the main theme of ZOOV. What do young people hope to learn from others and themselves? By experiencing adventures, taking on challenges and overcoming them on their own, they learn and may discover that they can indeed do a lot on their own, but they may still have some things to learn…

Watch ZOOV (without parents on vacation)

In Belgium, you can watch ZOOV via VRT MAX. In the Netherlands, you can watch without parents on vacation from September 12 to September 23 at 6 pm on NPO Zapp. Episodes can be watched via NPO Start and NPO Plus. If you want to watch the Flemish version from Holland, make sure you have a VPN connection that you can put in Belgium. If you want to watch the Dutch version from Belgium, you can just watch TV. It can also be viewed again via NPO Start only from outside using a VPN connection.

ZOOV Photo (without parents on vacation): VRT MAX

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