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Preview | Minecraft Legends – Minecraft is the best selling game of all time (so far). So it’s no surprise that some sub-elements, such as the Minecraft Telltale games and Minecraft Dungeons, are created by Mojang itself. Now a new title has been added to the list: Minecraft Legends. An adventure game on a decent scale. Fighting in the world of Minecraft with armies of zombies and skeletons? Wait, those were always your enemies, right? That’s right, but in Minecraft Legends you can make friends with your former enemies to fight the Piglins. At gamescom we were able to attend a comprehensive demo, where a lot of the gameplay was shown.

Beautiful new visual style

The demo was run by the developer, so we couldn’t start ourselves. But the first thing that immediately stood out were the new graphics. Innovative compared to what you already know from Minecraft. For example, a cell-like filter was used to make the style look more modern. It’s basically a nice change from what you already know and it also works where Minecraft Legends takes place. The size of the game is much larger in particular. Especially think about the number of creatures that appear on your screen at the same time. Anyway, to really start from the beginning: The demo started out in nature, with the main character on a horse.

You will need this horse to travel the vast landscapes of Minecraft Legends. After a short walk, the developer who introduced the game arrived in a large village. It was a community made up of zombies. As mentioned earlier, creatures that used to be your enemies in Minecraft can now be friendly and help you during your adventure. Nothing happened in the village in terms of violence either, because the developer was casually and cheerfully jumping through it. This means that your relationship with the zombies is good, so they are ready to help you in a big fight. However, it also means that you can argue with them, causing them to attack you. Fun and interesting dynamic we want to see more of.

Large scale battles

In addition to the zombie village, the so-called village with famous villagers was also shown. In these villages you can buy all kinds of things that you need in a big battle. The goal is to stop the Piglins. These characters are all over the earth, in the outside world, and it is up to you to stop them. It turns out that this is a big task, so any kind of help is welcome. This is where the real gameplay comes in: the game is a mixture of action game with strategy. You can chop and strike, but it’s fun to attack Piglin’s base with an entire army.

In the demo, the research was done first to find out the best point is to attack the base. Once you find a nice spot, some structures are built. Because yes, just like in Minecraft, in Minecraft Legends it is also important to collect resources like stone, wood and other materials, so you can actually build. For example, this allows you to create spawn points for your army. You also make regular soldiers, a group of troops or golems, who can engage in battle with you. It’s really cool to see that you can build a big army and go on the offensive. So Piglins’ base was destroyed and we enjoyed a fun CGI trailer.

good preparation

While playing, there were plenty of CGI scenes to see anyway. It was basically a matter of Piglins carrying out nefarious schemes to continue the siege of the Overworld. Of course they are usually in the underworld and through dark portals they enter your peaceful realm. In the destroyed Piglin base, there was a dark portal, so that Piglins would have less entrance after destruction to enter your world. All this is presented in a humorous way in terms of atmosphere, while you enjoy a lot of excitement thanks to the gameplay. The cut scenes after the demo also hinted that there must be a boss fight, which unfortunately we haven’t been able to see yet, but we’re curious about it.

Initial conclusion

The demo showed us the gameplay and world of Minecraft Legends in a comprehensive way. First impressions are very positive: it is pleasant to watch the atmosphere and large-scale battles. The building gameplay is a great addition to keep the spirit of Minecraft alive, while the new graphical style and different type of gameplay bring a breath of fresh air to the world of Minecraft. The only concern we have, however much we wonder, is whether the variety in what we’ve seen will be enough. This is of course a question for review, but unfortunately we will have to wait a while for this game.

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