“Once the lights come on, you’re that kind of person”


AZEWIJN – Toneelvereniging Ons Geluken Azewijn would like to add some members. President Jeroen Schinkel noted that stage fright is a barrier for some people to participate. He doesn’t think it’s necessary: ​​”We work together for the end product and it’s done in an informal way.”

Written by Karen van der Velden

“Not everyone likes to be in the spotlight,” Jeron knows. “But you don’t have to play the lead either. You can start with a little roll, with a bit of script. People are afraid to memorize script, while for most roles that’s not so bad. Big roles don’t go to a first-timer who finds it exciting. We We take a lot of time to make things better together. Nobody knows the words by heart on day one. Of course it takes time and energy. You have to learn the script at home, you have to know the piece. However, it comes naturally. We began to May with the play we will show in November. Now there is a summer holiday, but in September we will start rehearsals again in Aschwinhuus on Thursday evening. At first we all sit at a long table and read our text from a book. Then we go on stage with the book in hand. The director ensures that there is Harmony among all players. For example, for the success of a joke, the moment you stand is important.”

Everyone has their own way of learning the text. Jeroen does this by listening to the text more often. “When the group reads together from the brochure, I make a recording and play it when I’m on the way to work. At a certain point I can say my script with the recording. The other players use their brochure so intensely that by the end of the project it’s completely worn out, with distinct scripts and ears Dogs.My book will stay like new You also have two types of players;The player who knows the literal script from day one and the type who still does his own interpretation during the performance.Often causing this fun during rehearsals, but also sometimes during the performance.Sometimes It gets tough, because what your ancestor says is the motivation behind your script. If your playmate doesn’t say a word, you’ve been missing the script for a while. That’s not a bad thing either, we help each other through it and have always been able to give a performance Fabulous “.

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Jeron admits that he still finds the performance exciting: “That’s the first time the door opens and you have to get up…but as soon as you say or do something and the audience reacts, the adrenaline comes in and gives you energy. So you’re on. That interaction with the audience is very present in the acting. Even when you’re dressed, you’re that kind. Once the lights come on, you’re that kind. By the way, on stage you don’t see the room at all, maybe just the front row.”

People can also participate in drama associations other than theater. We are also pleased to be looking for volunteers who would like to fill a position on the board of directors or would like to help build a website and maintain social media. There is an art panel that always makes a different decor. “Once we had a living room, then an office and now a hospital. We also need hospital supplies, and we need people to collect props. People take care of clothes, makeup and hair. During performances, people are needed for ticket sales, ticket control and to ensure the curtain opens on time. Or Who sells lottery tickets during the break.These people only need to attend two evenings during the show.Maybe this is also an easy way to get to know.It is great to have volunteers for that.Players can focus better on playing if they have to worry about peripheral matters with less as much as possible.”

The group consists of about a dozen members, ranging in age from their twenties to the mid-sixties. There are no age restrictions, and seniors are also very welcome. Anyone who is a member of the drama community decides for themselves: whether to participate in this season or not. If it is known who will participate, a play will be chosen. It’s also possible with ten people, but Jeroen would rather see a few more people join in. “Because there is always someone skipping once, the rinse is sometimes thin. The manager defines the division of roles, and of course the players themselves have an influence on that. Everyone should feel comfortable.”

Chaos on stage
The Azewijnse drama community mainly plays comedy plays. “We want people with aching muscles in their jaws to not laugh out again. It’s already a farce with muddled and chaotic scenes on stage. It’s what we like to play the most, but the audience expects it too. The room at Aschwihuus is always full of Azewijn residents.” , but also with people who do not live in the village.”

The “Emergency Room Wrong Help” farce will be performed on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 November at Aschwinhuus. “A temporary worker is sent to the emergency room to work as a cleaner. When he applies for a cleaning job, he just meets a retired doctor and the man mists his successor. The temporary worker thinks so. When he starts working as a doctor, that makes for hilarious scenes.”

Youth Theater
For a number of years, Ons Geluken has also had a youth group with children between the ages of 8 and 15. Unfortunately, this group stopped in the time of Corona. Jeroen: “Of course, a lot has changed for the kids at that time, so we have to continue with a new group. Players in the Youth Theater can register until December. We want to start in January with a new play, which we will present in June. If we know in December, The number of boys and girls involved, we will look for that number.”

Those who wish to savor the atmosphere are welcome to come to the Aschwinhuus on Thursday evening, the rehearsal is from eight until about ten.

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