#268 I feel like I’m committing a crime

Maud suffers from blood loss, panic and fears that something is going to happen to the baby. Fortunately, she can quickly go to a midwife who knows how to reassure her. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the baby, but Maud has to take it easy. Later that day, Maud found out that she had left her wallet at the midwife, and as soon as she was back in practice, she saw at the last minute an old acquaintance wearing the same bomber jacket as hers.

“Charlie!?” Call quietly. But the only person looking is the nice receptionist. She gently asks, “Is there anything else I can help you with?” “No, never mind… I thought I saw someone I knew,” after which I immediately quit midwifery practice.

As soon as I got back in the car, I noticed I wasn’t feeling well. I’m very happy with Jiu, but I think it’s a strange idea Charlie You may be pregnant with Tommy. They just met! And I really think Tommy broke up after our breakup.

She decides to share the incident with Geo, because he also knows Charlie. Geo reacts rationally. “Maybe she came for something else, dude!” When you explain to Gio that the only reason you should go to the midwife is because you’re pregnant, he shuts up for a moment. “Maybe she was with a sister or a girlfriend, what’s wrong with you? You want Tommy back or something? Those damn hormones too!”

The rest of the week goes by quickly. I submitted my article regarding pregnancy and the editor-in-chief was very enthusiastic. “I was surprised, nice that you write about this topic with such passion.” You should have known, but I smile and pretend nothing is wrong. I’m good at it now. In a drink on Thursday afternoon, I was able to subtly pour wine into the grower, but I wonder how long I can keep this up. I’ve never made as many white lies as I have over the past few weeks. All the time I feel like I’m doing something I shouldn’t, it’s like I’m committing a crime. I’d be a bad criminal because that’s not for me.

I finally shared the big news with my dad. “That’s great news! You’re going to be a great mom and I’m going to be my grandfather!” I don’t remember seeing him beaming like that and it makes me happy. Although I would have preferred to share this news with him a few years later. This whole situation is still strange. Patricia was not at home. You were supposed to be on vacation with friends for a week, but I doubt that’s true. Usually she shares everything on social media, but I haven’t seen a single picture yet. I wonder if things are still going well between my dad and his new girlfriend, but I’ll leave that matter up for next time.

Meanwhile, Jesse keeps texting me when I finally have time for her and if I’ve already bought tickets for ADE. Where I’d normally hang out at the lights for four evenings during ADE, now wondering if I’d ever be sober at a party. I play the game for a while and tell her I’ll buy tickets soon, but we have to meet soon. It’s time to tell Jesse about my pregnancy, too. I deliberately put it off for a while, because somehow I’m afraid to tell Tommy. She and Tommy have also been in touch behind my back during our relationship and I still don’t feel comfortable about it. Although, of course, it was with the aim of saving our relationship.

A day later, I sat with Jesse somewhere on a balcony by the canals. The weather is still nice and we are sitting in the sun. Just as I’m searching for words to tell Jesse I’m pregnant, the waiter suddenly pops out of the box like an ass. “Ladies, what is it?” “Two mimosas!” Jesse shouted frantically. I decided to go again and then run inside. I’m supposed to go to the toilet, but in the meantime tell the waiter if he can make me a mimosa without alcohol. He winks and raises his thumb and then signals that he will shut up. In the toilet I gather my courage. Why do I find it so hard to tell one of my best friends that I’m pregnant!? Maybe because I’m afraid of losing friendships?

When I return to the table, Jesse was already looking at me. “Okay Maud Hehe, yeah I’m glad to see you again. By the way, you’re glowing, you look great! But now that we’ve finally seen each other again, I really have something to tell you! You’ll never guess…!”

Maud (23 years old) loves to party and travel. She recently started working as a magazine editor and has a boyfriend, Jio. She is currently pregnant with it and decided to keep the baby. But this is still a very difficult decision, which completely turns her life upside down… You can read about her adventures every week in a new episode of Maud’s Night Book.

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#268 I feel like I’m committing a crime

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