Surprising finale of the Venice Film Festival

With the Golden Lion for the documentary film All beauty and bloodshed The Venice Film Festival had a surprising conclusion on Saturday. Two films have received two awards, as a token of special appreciation: Black Comedy Inisherin from Inisherin The romance cannibal bones and everything.

The 79th edition of the rifle saw very strong competition; What was missing was a “fantastic movie”, like last year’s sixth epic Sand dunes. The epidemic has sparked a lot of room plays and site movies, such as Florian Zeller SonoDarren Aronofsky Whale Or the story of Joanna Hughes’ Dead Ghost immortal daughterIn Hughes’ alter ego, Tilda Swinton writes a film about her mother with her mother – also Tilda Swinton – in a creepy hotel of cracked, shuttered shingle. Three strong films that were not awarded: The jury had a lot of options. Even the Italian consolation prize for pleasing the hosts – usually at a fixed price – cannot be withdrawn this time.


Netflix had four films in competition, and the jury led by actress Julianne Moore was awarded only an award tar Best Actress: Cate Blanchett as an exemplary conductor, Lydia Tarr, whose loyalty is a one-way street. Netflix ‘ Blonde Left empty handed: a whirlwind, an iconic biography of Marilyn Monroe, according to some masterpiece, according to another failed because Monroe does not get “agency,” as it is now called. In other words, she’s a fragile woman in an age that demands strong or gorgeous heroines like Lydia Tarr.

Or Golden Lion-winning documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras. She made a name for herself with committed documentaries like Citizen Four (Oscar, 2014), where it captured how whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked his data files. Bee All beauty and bloodshed Expect a brochure on the corrupt art world beforehand. She told me last week that that was Poitras’ plan, too; During the filming, more and more biography of the artist Nan Goldin slipped. Not always so endearing to Goldin, who likes to control her own story.

Nan Golden, a survivor of painkiller addiction OxyContin, successfully campaigned against drug lord Sackler, who pushed OxyContin as non-addictive, unleashing the opioid crisis in the United States. Nevertheless, the Sacklers have remained valuable musical instruments for art institutions such as the Guggenheim, Tate Modern, and the Louvre. Goldin and her friends were even forced into tumultuous action in 2019 to stop taking “blood money”.

All beauty and bloodshed It’s not so much about moral corruption in the art world as about how art changes the world. And so it becomes personal because Goldin has proven it time and time again. When she gave her New York queer community a face and glamor through her art. when passed behavior AIDS from the dark corner. And now the stolons. Inspirational movie.

Genre Film Awards

It now appears that the old taboo on film awards for genre films – comedy and horror – is a thing of the past. Filled with dry humor, stubborn characters and bloody twists, Martin McDonagh comedies have a nomination for Best Screenplay, once again for acute comedy. Inisherin from Inisherin. That wasn’t enough, and the jury awarded lead actor Colin Farrell the Volpi Cup for Best Actor. Farell and Brendan Gleeson – Previously a duo at McDonaghs in Bruges Play two Irish islanders who end up in a small civil war in 1923 when their friendship is suddenly severed.

horror drama bones and everything He won Best Director (Luca Guadagnino) and Best Young Actor (Taylor Russell), Cannibal in Training.

Iranian director Jafar Panahi’s award was taken into account, if only for a gesture. In 2010, the Iranian regime imposed a film ban on this dissident and sentenced him to six years in prison, which he must now serve. Probably because people got wind of it Tehran taxi (Golden Bear Berlin, 2015) secretly recorded another movie.

no bears So clear, clever and sexy that the Special Jury Prize (3rd Prize) is actually disappointing. Panahi plays his role as a filmmaker who retreats to a border village: does he want to flee the country? It turns out it was a perversion: with a link directing a remote drama in Tehran about a couple who want to flee the country. However, Panahi and his camera – he can’t resist filming – disrupt the fairy-tale frontier village. The film once again proves that the master specifically proves himself.

The grand prize (second prize) went to Saint Omar By Alice Diop, the French documentary filmmaker’s first feature film. Another vanity attends the trial of a Senegalese woman who drowned her young child and dedicated him to practicing witchcraft. The inspiration for a book on modern tide, after quiet but hypnotic interrogations, leads us to original ideas about motherhood, the subject of more films. But it turns out that these are the winners.

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