Stunning Bronze for Lennox in Six-Year-Old Dressage Horses – Global Player فاز win

The end of the final match for the six-year-olds was exciting and surprising. It wasn’t the Hesselhoej Down Town qualifier or the Las Vegas runner-up who took home the top prize, but it was Global Player OLD (by Grand Galaxy Win) who took the gold. There was an impressive bronze medal for the KWPN Lennox US stallion (by Grand Galaxi Win) that was ridden by 17-year-old rider Jill Bogers.

The jury paid special tribute to the perfect harmony of the winners Eva Muller and the old world player. “An obvious test,” says Katrina Fost. The Oldenburg black stallion is owned by Helgestrand and Schukemhle and bred by Henrik Hansen. “A very impressive horse with a strong, rhythmic trot, with a nice back foot. There wasn’t much to criticize,” the jury said. The trot got a 9.8 and the only real comment was about stride extension, which could have been more active.” Uphill with a good lunge and great range. Horse and rider work together in perfect harmony, and there were no mistakes. We have great confidence in the future of this stallion.” Then two scores of resignation and perspective appeared on the scoreboard.

Mueller: It’s very reliable

“Because the results were so close during qualifying, there was a lot of pressure in the final. We did our best and surprisingly it all came together.” It’s now been three years since Mueller took the reins of the six-year-old stallion. “Global Player does everything right, he is talented and cooperative, at his best and combines breeding with sporting action. This is his strong point, he remains focused on the sport and is very reliable,” said the proud rider.

Down Town II

The five-year-old world champion from 2021 had to be content with a silver medal this year. Hesselhoej Down Town’s record (by Hesselhoej Donkey Boy) has an overall score of 9.38. The audience applauded after the audition with Gina Hogberg. “We share your enthusiasm,” Katrina Fost began. “We especially liked the lightness and ease of the three courses.” They were bred by the warm Danish Hoeck family. His trot was lively and energetic, but the back of the leg could have been a little more under the block now and then. Nice move, with lots of moving and relaxing. At Canter, we appreciated the activity and orientation. Harmony and perspective once again received the highest ratings from the jury: 9.5 and 9.8. “What a sweet connection between the rider and the horse, we feel he would love to work with you,” said the judging panel to rider Gina Hojberg. After testing, it turned out that this was the last flight of the duo. Hogberg has returned to Sweden as her job at Helgstrand Dressage is drawing to a close. “Downtown is unbelievable, he still focuses on me in the ring and is a talented horse with three excellent gaits. I am so happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to ride him for three years.”

nerves of steel

Jill Bogers must have had nerves of steel because the crowd at the stadium sympathized with a lively atmosphere. A challenging environment for young horses especially with such a young rider. But she came for what she came, to put to the best possible test. It has succeeded. Lennox US (Grand Galaxy Win from Hearona Elite Pre IBOP D-OC from Rousseau, breeder B. Wilschut from Bosschenhoofd) showed itself very harmoniously with a light and strong strong trot with gentle changes. Katrina West spoke on behalf of the jury: “The trot has a very good cadence and is easy to collect, which is 8.7. The stride could be a little wider with more shoulder freedom, before that 7.9. But the trotting is impressive and beautiful, 9.4. A horse really wants to cooperate, so 9.5 for obedience and 9.0 for perspective.” This brings the total to 89%, and thus the Bongers took the bronze.

Las Vegas at four

A position we may have planned earlier in Las Vegas. However, Emmelie Scholtens was not able to show the level of preliminary rounds with the impressive son Verdue (from Dalia Delin ster PROK van Wynton, breeder J. Deenen from Heijen). Now also fell on my immense strength and great moves, so the trot once again was rewarded with 9.5. However, the move was a bit tense so that it stayed at 7.9. “The boat was a nice uphill with a lot of talent to collect, 9.6. However, in obedience, we have to take into account that all four points were not fully jumped and that there was sometimes a loss of cadence, 7.9.” With a score of 8.8 for perspective, the total came to 87.4%, in fourth place.


Also in fifth place is KWPN horse. Lord Platinum (Ferguson of How Pretty Platinum ster by Bretton Woods, breeder of Titan Wilaras of Riel) once again showed a nice test under Fransisco Benitez Sanchez, but he just missed the last bit of harmony he could show on Friday. “The trot is light-footed but could have been a little more closed, 8.5. The jog was very good on diameter but got a bit tense in the turn, 8.8. This number is also a pure trot.” And with 8.5 for obedience and 8.8 for perspective, the total came to 86.8%. Kirsten Brouwer has shown great things with daughter Ferguson Lightning Star (of Elite Daily Enjoy before IBOP-dres sport-dres PROK from De Niro), who was also born by Titan Wilaras. Especially the trot part was very attractive and expressive. The trot was very regular, with active use of the front leg, an average of 8.8. The march is wide, but it can sometimes be more regular, 7.9. The case is tough and flexible, 8.8. Once I stunned the Persians, but we don’t want to charge her too much for it. They are clearly willing to work, 8.0 to obey.” With an 8.8 for perspective, the total came to 84.6%, putting them in eighth place.

Sources: World Junior Dressage Championships and KWPN

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