Kjento World Champion, Silver for Destello OLD and Bronze for Escamillo

With so much progress, Kjento (Negro x Jazz) and rider Charlotte Fry became the seven-year-old dressage world champion during the Longines FEI/WBFSH World Dressage Championships for Young Horses. In a sunny final, the expressive KWPN stallion, bred by AJ van Os and owned by Van Olst Horses, stood head and shoulders above the rest of the podium. In second place was Destello OLD (Dimaggio x Furst Függer) and third was Escamillo (Escolar x Rohdiamant).

The jury ran out of superlatives for commenting on the KWPN black stallion’s trot. “What a sexy and well-moving horse,” commented the jury, Maria Sweesen of Australia. “A pleasure to judge, but at a trot with so much balance, upward induction and attainment, begs the question: ‘How far can you go?'” Only the highest was enough, only 10 were awarded from the final. Kjento’s upward jump with plenty of switching power and active and tactile stride was also greatly appreciated, which was reflected in his score. The fact that the jury had great confidence in the seven-year-old stallion Years was clear from 9.8 for the given perspective, which means the world championship can no longer escape it.

Winning mood Lottie Fry

Britain’s Charlotte Fry couldn’t help but shine after the final. “It was very exciting after the test, and there were still four sets to start. I was faster but now enjoying the win!” The 2021 FEI World Champion in Dressage Horses The six-year-old was pleased to work with her, according to the rider; “Kjento is too cold to handle, in the stable he is almost neutered. But once I hold the reins, he runs and gets very sharp. He is the perfect horse.” During testing, the group really enjoyed themselves despite the pressure to maintain their favorite position after last year’s win. “We went extra strong in this audition and he gave everything I asked for. Of course there is pressure to show he’s still as great as he was, but you don’t have to worry about that with him,” Charlotte concludes.

Destillo World Cup last minute pick

This could have just happened or else the “silver” horse Distillo would never have started this tournament. The participation of the elegant Oldenburg fox was a last-minute choice and also his debut on the world stage. “I didn’t come to win, just to show his quality. His German rider, Beatrice Hofrog, says he has little experience in such an environment, so he’s a winner for me. The quality was given to the stallion from Hannover and Oldenburg by Sophie Fabri of the Stephanie Lehmann breeding breed with a 9.8 for his trotting and 9.5 for perspective. ‘Expressive and elegant show’, that’s what Maria Swenesen thought after testing. ‘Flexible trot with plenty of use for the back leg but collected at all times and with great ease in the side gait. The march was rhythmic with plenty of range and the trotting was great and very hard What a beautiful partnership showcased here.

neck to neck

Luxurious and easy-to-move Escamillo didn’t come far from Distillo. The stallions were very evenly matched with a difference of just over eighteen in the score. “I had a hard time today,” laughs his Spanish rider Manuel Dominguez Bernal. “Escamillo was hot today, but there is a lot of quality in this stallion. I am very happy with our third place.” Verden 2021 runner-up made a solid entry that featured his strong trotting with plenty of body use and suppleness. The great work ethic of the Rheinlander-bred Gestüt Tenterhof stallion, now owned by Kimberley Davis-Slous, was evident throughout the trial. Escamillo has a tactile move that has a lot of ease and space, but might show a little more activity in the assembled work. The stallion makes good use of his hind leg in all gait and very high power from the canter. We are very happy with his future,” Maria Swenesen summed up after the trial.

Kuvasz 8

Presented by Marieke van der Putten Kuvasz RS2 (Glamourdale from Dyor de Hus Elite Pre IBOP-dr PROK from De Niro) in a very attractive way. The elegant black color stands out again with a beautiful front and light gait. Marieke put it to the technical test well with the Stal de Havikerwaard breeder but she made a substitution error and lost some balance in the trot rotation, which was reflected in both the trot and obedience points. “A horse with a very big trot with a lot of cadence and is off the ground, at 8.9. The stride is flexible but could be more across the body, 7.9. The caddy is up and off the ground, but sometimes loses its balance causing errors, 8” and with 7.8 for obedience, and 8.2 for effectiveness and technical result 74.642%, their total reached 78.122%, which is good for eighth place.


Under the leadership of Swedish contestant Sophie Lexner, Franklin’s daughter Kavera also started in this final. The particularly attractive mare, who finished second in the National Sea Examination when she was three years old, showed a great deal of quality, especially at trotting. It started pretty strong but lost it after I made a mistake in the caddy and it took a while for the rider to get the flow right again. But she was so elegant and well-behaved that she began her test, and this quality did not go unnoticed by the jury. “The trot is strong and resilient, 9. The jog is spacious and crisp but can have more shoulder freedom and be more energetic in the group, 8. Unfortunately, a few bugs crept into the trotting causing her to strain again, so a 7.5.” The jury also had to take these errors into account in terms of obedience and perspective. As a result, today’s overall score is just 72.279%, but it’s a horse we’ll definitely hear about more about in the future!

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Source: ErmeloYH / KWPN

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