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movie newspaper Daily reports from the 79th Venice Film Festival, where a masterpiece Saint Omar He managed to connect many of the main themes of the festival.

With her first feature film Saint Omar Alice Diop presented the first real masterpiece at the festival. With complete control of form and content, Diop depicts the trial of Laurency Coly (Guslagie Malanga), a Senegalese woman who drowned her newborn daughter in the French sea.

Born in France to Senegalese parents, Diop was based in the film’s script on the real-life trial of Fabien Cano, who murdered her daughter in a similar fashion in 2013. Like the rest of France, Diop was fascinated by this mysterious woman at the time. Especially with the eloquent pictures in which she explained to judges, lawyers and witnesses that evil spirits had incited her to kill children.

For the highly visible film—simple in design, yet grandiose in execution—this process is a way to bring up painful themes of race and racism, immigration and diaspora, misogyny and motherhood, and love and suffering. Author and artist Kayije Kagame plays Rama, a writer who, as a spectator, watches what the operation does to Kohli. The mysterious woman and her semi-elusive work conjures up all manner of elusive ghosts from Rama’s past – questions about origin and upbringing, and whether she herself is loved and desired by her mother. At the same time, the operation puts her on an uncertain path toward motherhood.

Is infanticide contagious? Can evil spirits jump from one person to another? Do you inherit hate or indifference from your parents? What is the evil in our DNA? These reflections flow naturally Saint Omar, in which Diop finds a private, confident and mature form of merging fiction, reality and tragedy. If there’s one movie this year that has managed to break out of traditional arthouse movie lore and do something new with the medium, it’s this one.

Saint Omar It is the best adaptation of Medea’s tragedy since the 1969 film Pasolini, which Diop explicitly refers to. It’s an honest, unwavering film that questions what it means for a woman to be seen as a monster. Not only through the community, but also through the family and even yourself. What do you do when you know that such a monster lurks inside you?

The closing argument of the attorney defending Cooley relates explicitly to this matter. She talks about how a baby’s DNA flows back in the womb to the surrogate’s DNA, which in turn also transfers parts of its DNA to the baby. Then biology talks about “chimeric cells”, a fusion of cells reminiscent of the mythical beast with several heads on one body. Thus, every mother is a mythical multi-headed monster, who throws her baby Frankenstein into an uncertain world and carries her with transportable shock and pain.

Rich content of Saint Omar It seems that it brings all the other important works in this version of the rifle in contact with each other. From the child who is at the beginning cool wants to crawl back into the womb, because the world”Too usedHe is the child who will not come young children; Female genius as a monster in tar The Metaphysical Horror of Motherhood by Joanna Hughes immortal daughter; About the separated sister of Laura Poitras All beauty and bloodshed To the prodigal son in Sono. These are films about the often uncertain transmission process, what you inherited and learned for yourself from your ancestors and what you pass on to the next generation. See also: bones and everything, where cannibalism is hereditary; or WhaleA dying man with an eating disorder finally makes things right with his estranged daughter.


But the best movie to watch after that Saint Omar That lies is Andrew Dominic BlondeAbout Marilyn Monroe. Stylistically, the two films have almost nothing in common. Saint Omar It is a cramped and grandiose cinema, historically semi-enclosed where life can still seep in and out. Blonde Loose on all sides, constantly changing the color, format of the image and transforming along with the eventful life of Norma Jean Mortenson, increasingly swallowed up by the monster Marilyn Monroe.

The stressful film, based on the book of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates, offers a chilling look at how Norma Jeane’s childhood traumas left their mark on the life of the woman who would go on to become one of the most famous. Icons of the World.American Pop Culture. In Dominic’s story, A Failed Child Murder puts the life of Norma Jean, or her character Marilyn Monroe, in a different light.

Likes Saint Omar he is Blonde A movie about the curse that mothers carry with them and then pass on to their children. It is also a movie about a mysterious woman who can be considered a monster and a victim at the same time. With their own unique narrative forms, both films overwhelmingly explore the amazing depths of being human, while also acknowledging that you can never understand a person. Both films show that you can only truly view the other in awe and fascination and contemplate the terrifying depths that lie beneath this physical surface.

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