Kjento and Fry are on their way to the next world title, but Escamillo and Bernal are getting close

Kjento (Negro x Jazz) owned by Gertjan and Anne van Olst became a very convincing world champion in Verden last year under Charlotte Frey, with a huge lead over the competition. This year in Ermelo he appears to be on his way to the world title again, but Escamillo (by Escolar), last year’s silver medalist at Verden, is getting close this year. It is clear that Escamillo has developed positively under the leadership of Manuel Dominguez Bernal. There are several candidates for the third medal, including the Kuvasz RS2 with Marieke van der Putten.

In the final on Sunday, a lot will depend on the implementation of the final test, because in the tournament for children at the age of seven, the technical implementation of the test is just as important as the quality components. On the other hand, artistic performance is understood to be more important for seven-year-olds than for five- and six-year-olds, but it also tastes somewhat bad now and then. Errors in the test can lead to a significant decrease in the score, even with huge talented horses.

Kjento is on his way to the world title, the third this year for Van Olst and Frey

Born by the Van Os family, Kjento appears to be on the way to his next world title and with that title he would give Gertjan, Anne van Olst and stable runner Charlotte Fry their third World Cup gold medal in one year, a unique event.

The Negro son made the most impression in the trotting, which he can also show greatly. The Kjento Trotter has a pace like a Swiss clock. The move is correct, but for a higher point, Kjento will have to step more across the body and take up more space. Anyone who wants to grumble can say that Kjento can show a little laxity in everything.

The jury (Peter Store and Monique Potts, who gave points for quality ingredients in C, Dairy Tissot in E, Thomas Lang in H and Lars Andersson in B) gave 7.9 for walking, 9.5 for jogging, 9.8 for greens, 9.5 for presentation and 9.5 for talent (total : 9.24). Technically, Kjento came out with 76.428%, resulting in a total of 84.415%.


Where you can grumble with Kjento, Escamillo (Escolar x Rohdiamant) is in abundance: a huge move and plenty of skill and flexibility. It is also clear that the stallion has developed favorably compared to last year. He goes uphill further with his Spanish rider Manuel Dominguez Bernal. Kjento and Escamillo are two completely different horses, each with their own power.

Escamillo (by Escolar) with Manuel Dominguez Bernal, Photo: Sabine Wegner / Equitaris.de

In terms of quality components, the jury placed Escamillo just below the Kjento with an average of 9.2 (trotting: 9.5, walking: 9, cantering: 9, serving: 9, talent: 9.5), technical rating (73.299%) making the difference. Total: 82.965% so it is about 1.5% away. Technical execution of the test may be decisive on Sunday.

Destello OLD also accounts for about 80%

The third horse to exceed 80% at the age of seven is a second German horse. The former Bundeschampion Destello OLD (Dimaggio x Fürst Fugger) and Beatrice Hoffrogge scored 80.015% with a test that still had some technical “stuff” in it. In terms of quality parts, Distillo scored an average of 8.86 (7.8 walks, 9.5 trots, 9 speeds, 8.8 transmissions and 9.2 talents) and came out technical with 71.428%. Here, too, technically flawless execution can increase the result.

Kuvasz RS2 and Kavira are also candidates for a good rating

In addition to the three horses listed above, two other Dutch entries seem to qualify for a good rating.

Kuvasz RS2 (s. Glamordale, breeder: De Havikerwaard), who looks more and more like his father as he gets older, has shown great things at times under Marieke van der Putten, but here too there were a few hiccups in testing (total: 78.131% / 5th place).

The same goes for Test Kavira (Franklin x Sorento, breeder: PPW Janssen), who ran into some pretty expensive testing errors under Sweden’s Sofie Lexner. Now there was a total of 76.259% (8th place), but that could definitely be a little higher in the final.

We also see British mare Swanmore Dantina (by Dante Weltino OLD) with British mare Sadie Smith (78.148%/4th), the stunning gray stallion Highfive Fuglsang (by Grand Galaxy Win) with his young Danish rider (19)
Anders of Sjobek Hoeck (77.372%), Zac Efron MT (by Blue Hors Zack) with top rider Daniel Bachmann Andersen (77.077%), Everian L (by Everdale) with Danish Anna Kasprzak (75.727%), Rock Deluxe NRW (by. Rock For I ) with German Kira Laura Soddemann (75,563%), Fürst Kennedy OLD (by Fürsten-Look) with Portuguese (who also took part in the World Championships in Herning and made a good impression) Joao Pedro Moreira (74, 99%) and Briatore NRW ( by Belissimo M) with Swiss Andrina Sutter (74.755%) back in the final anyway.

Not just Keaton and Coco Junior de la Fazenda

Kyton (by Ferguson) looked a little boring today under Bart Veeze and didn’t even make it to 14th. He gets another chance with his small final, just like Koko jr de la Fazenda (by Toto jr) with Thalia Rockx (15th place).


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