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Joris Hessels can be seen on Canvas and VRT MAX from tonight – Wednesday, August 31 – at 9.20pm with Taxi Joris Season Two. In the second season of Taxi Joris, Joris Hessels takes the time again to bring a number of adorable passengers to their destination with his taxi.

Joris Hessels as a taxi driver

During Juris Taxi tours around the country, Juris Hessels Juris Hessels (Radio Gaga, Gentbrough, De Wekenden, but can also be seen as an actor in Albatros) hears the interesting life stories of the participants of his show. And where possible, it captures a part of their daily life. At their destination, at work or at home.

We’ve also written extensively about Taxi Juris Season 1.

Juris Taxi

For a taxi ride, Joris and his passenger sit in their intimate car bubble. As viewers, we have the privilege of participating in their poetry on the road. Produced by The People for Canvas.

Passengers / Participants Taxi Juris Season Two

There is Dima, a young doctor who fled the Gaza Strip in Palestine and had to start a new life in Belgium. and Kevin, who is ordained a priest at the age of 33, but first goes on a bachelor weekend with his friends. Or Ingrid, a 50-year-old single woman who opens her home and heart to childcare. Then there is Merima, herself a gypsy, who, through her job, encourages gypsy girls to stand up against forced marriage and their dreams. In short: Once again a lot of cool passengers in Juris Taxi Season 2.

Did you know that Joris Hessels recently wrote a little farewell book with an afterthought by Uus Knops? In it he describes fourteen encounters about farewell to the people still there.

Episode 1 Juris’ Taxi

Ingrid opens her heart and home to care that includes crisis care. Joris goes to visit the mother with her and the child she is looking after. Hyatt launches two games each weekend in a regional division of men’s soccer, and Juris’ taxi takes it to the Holbeck-Basendal match. Shortly before his ordination to the priesthood, Joris drives future pastor Kevin to his “bachelorette party,” and Terry orders a taxi ride to meet male victims of domestic violence.

Episode 2 Juris’ Taxi

Juris’ Taxi goes out with Merima, herself a gypsy who through her job encourages young gypsy girls not to marry and stand up for their dreams. Dirk, the leader of the Belgian punk band Funeral Dress, needs to take a taxi to a show. He is 58 years old and has to deal with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia. Maine is a therapist with a focus on sexuality and trauma. She also regularly works as a service provider for a non-profit organization that provides quality sexual services to people with disabilities. And Joris brings the future priest Kevin home, after the “bachelor’s holiday” arranged for him by his friends.

Watch Juris Taxi

Taxi Joris can be seen every Wednesday on Canvas and VRT MAX. You can also watch episodes via VRT MAX. From Belgium it is very easy; From the Netherlands (or another country), this only works if you’re using a VPN connection that you put in Belgium.

Below you will learn about Taxi Juris Season Two.


Ingrid is a 50-year-old single woman who opens her heart and home to childcare. This includes crisis management. Every two weeks, Ingrid visits the mother with the child she is caring for. Juris’ taxi takes her there, and while she is on the one hand building a relationship with the baby, she also has to prepare for the goodbye.


Live a life with a smile, also on the football field. And the life of a referee in the third and fourth division of men’s football. This 41-year-old woman of Moroccan descent blows the whistles for two matches every weekend. Joris finds that story interesting which is why he brought her to the Hollebeke-Passendale match for the occasion.


Kevin, 33, will soon become one of the youngest priests in the country. Then he gives “yes” to God and to the church, so to speak, a poetic way to describe his impending priesthood. His friends think the same way, like marriage. According to them, this is the perfect opportunity to organize a bachelor party. Juris’ Taxi brings the future pastor to that weekend.


Terry was 23 when he met his ex-wife. But the marriage soon went in the wrong direction, with aggression, death threats, and numerous police interventions. In addition, it was Terry who was regularly riddled with bumps and scrapes, but was always taken by the police for questioning. In the end, it was his ex-wife who was convicted. Juris’ Taxi takes Thierry to a meeting of male victims of domestic violence.


Merima lives with her husband and three children in Antwerp. She grew up in a gypsy family, but rebelled against her parents. For example, she did not want to marry and decided to continue studying, which is counterintuitive in gypsy culture. Merima is determined to change that with her work at CAW (Centrum Algemeen Welzijnswerk), she encourages young gypsy girls to stand up for their dreams.


Dirk is the last original member and face of “Funeral Dress”, along with The Kids, the most popular Belgian punk band. After 35 years including 12 US tours, this music group is still alive and kicking. Dirk is now 58 and has to deal with CFS (chronic fatigue) and fibromyalgia (chronic pain). After performing, he feels like he is 80 years old and has to recover for several days due to extreme fatigue and severe muscle pain. Taxi Joris offers him a ride to its first performance since Corona.


Maine started as a freelance therapist four years ago, focusing on sexuality and trauma. During her start-up, she came across a job opening from Aditi, a non-profit organization that provides quality sexual and intimacy services to people with disabilities and the elderly. Maine works part-time as a service provider and tries to give young people a realistic picture of what sex is.

In the upcoming episodes of Taxi Joris Season 2, Joris Hessels will be out with the following passengers.


Dima fled to Belgium three years ago from the unsafe Gaza Strip in Palestine. After nine months in a refugee camp, she now lives in the apartment of an acquaintance in Antwerp. Dima takes Dutch lessons and her big dream is to be able to work in Belgium. She did this as a doctor in Palestine, but her degrees are not recognized here. So Dima has to study again for years to be able to realize her dream.


Roland is a 72 year old West Flemish farmer who has lived at the same address in Bredene for the same number of years. He feels good among his cows and prefers not to set foot in his yard. Roland never traveled. It was the farthest trip he made to his accountant, 30 km away. But now he crosses the border for the first time with Joris. All the way to distant Holland to buy a new dump truck.


Louise is a single mother with two young daughters. Several times a week she commutes from Bruges to Brussels to teach at a primary school. There you come into contact daily with a completely different, multicultural world to which you want to contribute. An added bonus: In that elementary school, she met the love of her life, with whom she has a relationship.


Hendrick hopes to take the official title to the record soon. Today he already performs this function, but as a visor filter. Most people don’t like seeing him come because the message he carries to the front door is often unpleasant. But Hendrik loves his job, because he hopes to make a social impact through his interventions as a mediator. Goris’ taxi goes out with him for a day.


Yannis (28 years old) already has a Belgian and European boxing title in his pocket. Three years ago, a congenital hip defect was discovered. An operation was called. The surgeon – who also operated on Jean-Claude Van Damme – confirmed Janis that he would become a better boxer with new thighs. After an intense rehab period, accompanied by Joris to the boxing ring, Jannes is hoping for a win to give his self-confidence a new boost.


Jeans in his thirties attaches great importance to healthy food, exercise and his appearance. He always wants to look great. He goes to the hairdresser twice a week, but because he suffers from hair loss, he decides to have a hair transplant. He travels all the way to Turkey for it, and while Joris takes him to the airport they talk about a common insecurity: a bald head.

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