Hesilog Downtown won the qualification for six years, while Las Vegas won second place with its first 10

While things could go either way for the five-year-olds (with eleven horses rated between 8.58 and 8.9 in the qualifying and junior final), the top signed up for the six-year-old’s qualifying test for the World Championships. For young horses. Dressage horses more clearly. Three horses got a 9.6 from the jury team (which was slightly more generous with points than the five-year-old jury team): Winner (and defending champion) Hesselhøj Downtown (by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy), No. 2 Las Vegas (vs Fredo) and No. 3 Global Player (vs Grand Galaxy Win T).

With the exception of Luqiedo (against Akiedo), who saw a ghost on the short side in the A and couldn’t get to that corner by Adelinde Cornelissen (and thus couldn’t even start the test), the Dutch delegation is doing well with the six-year-olds. Incredible bad luck.

Unfortunately, the World Cup for Lukido is now over. Tomorrow only horses that have completed the qualifying test will be allowed to participate in the mini final.

Qualification in Episode 2

For many (and certainly for the owners who bought an expensive table in the VIP area in Episode 1), it was incomprehensible that the qualification for six-year-olds had been moved to Episode 2 shortly before the World Championships (this original qualification was planned for the main ring). ).

While the six-year-olds ran in Episode 2 (where all the championship feeling went), the five-year-olds entered the main ring for the second time in the ring for the junior final.

Las Vegas gets the highest score in trot and canter

That sense of lost heroism in Episode 2 didn’t detract from the quality of the horses. Riding by Nico Witt and Nol Gerritsen, who was the third player under Emmelie Scholtens, Las Vegas-born Ferdeaux x Wynton (Eddy de Wolf van Westerrode and Katrina Wüst in C, Kurt Christensen and hans Voser) at E) the altitude climbs just before 9 a.m.

Las Vegas has only got the ten forgiven so far in Ermelo, for the trotting. There was also 8.2 to walk, 9.8 to canter (also the highest score of the day!), 9.5 to pitch and 9.6 to build.

Two Platinum Horses

The second highest score for the Netherlands was collected by a horse of breeding Titan Willras, who was very prominent this year at the World Championships in Ermelo with five (!) breeding products (an extensive article on that later today).

The Lord Platinum (Ferguson x Bretton Woods) outpaced by Kirsten Brewer, Wero and Esther Packer was fourth under Spanish rider Franceco Benítez Sanchez with an average of 8.82 (9.8 for walking, 8.3 jogging, 8.4 canter, 8 0.8 and 8.8 talent).

The second platinum horse was rather unlucky and could score much higher in the final. Before testing champion Pavo Lightning Star RR (Ferguson x De Niro) and Kirsten Brouwer, it started raining heavily in Ermelo. Thus began a small migration (to a dry spot) in addition to opening all kinds of awnings along the side. This created tension in the Lightning Star which actually affected the entire experience. The quality of the Lightning Star was completely unsuitable for scratching. The jury awarded 8.1 for walking, 8.8 for jogging, 8 for canter, 8 for submission and 8.5 for building. Total: 8.28, good for 11th place (hence the final ticket).

Linux United States

The fourth Dutch entry to qualify directly for the final is Bas Willchot bred Lennox US (Grand Galaxy Win T x Rousseau) ridden by Joop van Uytert and Paul Schockemöhle, who previously collected medals for the Netherlands at the World Junior Championships earlier this year. Jill Bogers. Step (7.7) lowered the score here. For the boat (9.2) and build (9), there were 9. A total of 8.6 and fifth place.

A step can make the difference

Speaking of the move: For six-year-olds, this step can make all the difference. While Las Vegas won’t be able to achieve the absolute pinnacle of walking, this is the case with its biggest competitors: Hesselhøj Down Town stallions (Hesselhøj Donkey Boy x Blue Hors Zack) and Global Player (Grand Galaxy Win x Blue Hors) Don Schufro), both From Helgstrand Dressage. This is a huge advantage.

Today, Hesselhog Down Town, son of Donkey Boy, who finished third once, fifth once and second time in Ermelo, led by Sweden’s Gina Hojberg, won the qualification with 9.48. He got a 9.6 for walking, 9.5 for jogging, 9.2 for boating, 9.5 for pitching and 9.6 for building. Downtown also won the gold medal at the World Five-Year-Old Championships in Verden last year.

Global Player, which certainly shouldn’t be flat under Eva Muller, averaged 9.4. He got a 9.4 for walking, 9.5 for jogging, 9 for boating, 9.5 for pitching and 9.6 for building.

Thirteen horses also straight to the final

As with five-year-olds, thirteen horses can go straight from qualifying to the final, because two horses are tied for twelfth. In addition to the Four Dutch Entrances and Helgstrand’s Horses, Get You the Moon (by Goldberg) ridden by Lisa Hurler (8.56), Quberon van het Beukenhof (by Johnson) with Tom Heylen (8.54), Skovdals Dexter (by Hesselhøj Donkey Boy) with Susan Barnau (8.51), Dancing Brave (by Don Juan de Hus) with Lena Waldmann (8.46), Moretti Weltino (by Dante Weltino) with Ida Nordenberg Küchenmeistern (8, 38), Mani’s Endeavor (by Morricone) with Jennifer Hofman (8,16) ) and Denton RMD (by Dream Boy) with Bart Veeze (8,16) final ticket.

The latter is practically a completely Dutch entry: the stallion bred in Great Britain is by Lennart Boss and Jan van den Heuvel.


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