Emotional King Charles III in his first speech: “Dear Mama, thank you for your love and devotion” | Queen Elizabeth passed away

VideoKing Charles III had promised in his first televised address as king that he would spend the rest of his life serving the British people, in the manner of his late mother Elizabeth.

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With red-rimmed eyes, King Charles III looked into living rooms around the world at 6 p.m. English time. While weeping occasionally, the new king paid a heartfelt tribute to his mother, Elizabeth, who died Thursday. At the same time, he made sure to complete his reign with the same dedication to duty. “Today I renew her pledge of lifelong service to all of you.”

“My dearest mother”

Charles was visibly shaken, then turned to his “dear mother.” “When you begin your last journey to join my dear late father, I would just like to say thank you for your love and devotion. May throngs of angels sing to your last praises.” Unexpectedly, Charles communicated with his son Harry and Megan, with whom he has a difficult relationship. “I want to express my love for them.”

Charles “The New”

The public got a glimpse of the “new” Charles earlier in the day, ahead of his first official meeting with Prime Minister Liz Truss at Buckingham Palace. With his resolute gait, serious look and slicked-back hair, he resembled his late father Prince Philip more than ever, whose naval background gave him natural authority. King Charles III looked like a head of state.

Annoyed, he allowed himself to be kissed on the cheek, shook hands, and embraced by the waiting crowd. Friendly and relaxed, without feeling uncomfortable for a moment. This natural interaction with people was not always easy for him in the past. Now Charles, like his sons Harry and William, emerged as a man who embraced the British people with charm.

His royal show sparked curiosity about his televised speech, which he previously recorded inside the palace walls. Realizing and securing Elizabeth’s legacy began as soon as broadcasting began. He had to dispel suspicion, especially among the inhabitants of the Commonwealth countries, which Charles headed. After the queen’s death, some of them threaten to become republics.

no longer a fool

Charles emphatically referred to these nations “whose talents, traditions, and skill in arms I most cherish.” As king, he will try to serve all his subjects everywhere in the world, regardless of their origin or religion, with “loyalty, respect and love.” Between the lines, Elizabeth’s eldest son admitted that he was in very different circumstances than his mother’s when she ascended the throne in 1952.

This last aspect, in particular, will be treated in the Commonwealth with great interest. Charles has said indirectly that he is open to fixes on traditions and protocols that people in overseas territories do not like. Grief for his “beloved mother” lasted the most. King Charles III showed that he had gotten rid of his nefarious sides. As King, at the age of 73, he no longer shows himself as an idiot but as a warm personality.

King Charles III addresses the nation. © AP

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