Class 2022: Rosalie van de Beesen for nothing for a year

In the run up to the student competition at the Holland Film Festival, interviews movie newspaper New film talents come out every week. Rosalie van de Bezen finishes her academic studies at Saint-Just with Nothing for a yearIt’s your last movie. “I am very happy to write.”

During her sophomore year, Rosalie van de Bezen did minor work at Fashion-Film in Aarhus, Denmark. She discovered two things there: how visual elements could tell a story, without the need for dialogue, and that she basically started making films based on her passion for writing.

Van de Biezen: “I managed to direct, but I enjoy writing more. I really dared to say it there, having tasted the different sections for two years and been given a real chance to direct. For me, the writing process is the most enjoyable stage of creativity. I have no ambition because I’ll be a way out.”

Rosalie van de Bezen

However, I ventured again. The quiet graduation movie, Van de Business Nothing for a year It takes us to the same-sex relationship between Sam and June, two women in their early twenties who find themselves at a difficult stage in their relationship after the death of June’s mother.

What is particularly striking Nothing for a year is that van de Beesen refutes the stereotype of the screenwriter. You start from the picture, from silence, do not chew at all and leave space for the viewer to decide for himself what is going on. Especially for a graduation film, where screenwriters often like to present a business card with dialogue, Van de Biezen’s quiet and noticeable signature as screenwriter (and director) stands out.

“Maybe it’s a cliché, but I’m interested in how people relate to each other and how we really talk to each other. I’ve always been annoyed with the ordinary Dutch romkom, where exactly what is going on has to be said. We think the viewer is so stupid, everything should be named. That way you ignore the explanation viewer”.

For her film, she often gets together with her lead actor Charlie Danteje (who plays June) for improvisation sessions and pre-play scenes. They were constantly wondering out loud when something was said and why. Van de Bezen himself calls it a cutting process. “Even in the group we thought: Can’t this sentence be stopped in a verb? I have absolutely no problem cutting off the dialogue, because I really like silence. I think more is said than that.”

the acting
starting point for Nothing for a year That she wanted to make something about a gay relationship. The contention should not be that the two main characters are lesbian, but that they have issues in their relationship. A full-fledged homosexual relationship, as Van de Beesen asserts. “I’ve always written about it, lesbian relationships and acting. In high school I didn’t dare work on it overtly, and I didn’t feel represented in the media as a lesbian girl. Since then, I believe everything I wrote was a way to create what I wanted to find for myself.” This only paid off publicly in Saint Just.”

The subject of her film is partly autobiographical: a relationship growing skewed. “In my film, it’s not really about sadness, it’s about conflict, about the perverted relationship that can arise when one has to give more than the other. There is also bad guy In this case, he who grieves can hardly give. It comes down to what other language you both speak after the event and how you deal with it. Should we break or continue? “

Van de Biezen’s preoccupation with acting, in many aspects, is also evident through her involvement in acting. She consciously wanted actors of color in the lead role. She was not only concerned with removing the minority of lesbians from the circle of the problem, but was also particularly concerned with the visible minority of people of color in a lesbian relationship. double minority.

“I’ve always been committed to what I do, but I found making that choice very difficult. Can I do that as a white woman? Can I write about the relationship of two black women? I really wanted it because you rarely see it in movies and series. If lesbians are being portrayed, it might be One of the couple is colored, but the main character is white. I thought it would be cool to hack that, without being specifically that. It’s not the struggle to be black and it’s not the struggle to be gay. I’ve talked a lot about it with Charlie.”

“Through the conversations we had, things also came up in my film that I wouldn’t have imagined, or that I couldn’t have allowed black actors to play. I don’t want to pretend I knew better. And then, maybe we didn’t talk enough. I firmly believe the conversation remains important every step of the way.”

Nothing for a year It can be viewed during the student competition at the Holland Film Festival, which takes place from Wednesday 21st to Friday 30th September 2022.

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