Clarks Presents Changemakers Forum for New Campaign “For the World Ahead”

To influence the future, we must act today — and when we act together, small steps become big steps. By giving everyone the freedom to move around comfortably, we believe people can be their best, unique selves. By acting responsibly, we create a better future for global communities and future generations. And through innovation, we make shoes that keep pace with the movement of the world.

This fall/winter, Clarks is proud to launch The Clarks Group, an impressive group of ambassadors and activists committed to creating real social change in the world.

Starting 08.09.22, Clarks is partnering with five leaders in racial equality, mental health awareness, LGBTQ+, and family rights activism. Clarks provides a platform for the voices of those inspiring people who share your drive to create a better world.

Tara McRae, head of global marketing and chief digital officer at Clarks says:
The Clarks Group is a strong group that breathes life into our new brand motto – for the world into the future. They all have an important identity, a story to tell, their own philanthropic endeavors and a strong position on what they want for their future world. Over the coming months, Clarks will guide and support them on their way to promoting and advancing the well-being of others in their unique communities. They have all opened doors for like-minded people in their communities, which is why we chose to partner with them on this special campaign.”

Upon launching the campaign, Clarks will work with each individual talent to capture their unique personal stories, sensibilities and visions for the future, and spark new conversations about social and environmental impact with a broader audience.

Throughout the year, Clarks continues to highlight the Clarks Collection as part of its For the World Ahead campaign. Clarks supports and promotes charities and initiatives for each of the Five Talents to drive positive change. Watch Clarks’ digital and social channels to see how Clarks connects with the community, working together for a better world.

Because if 200 years of shoemaking have taught us anything, it’s that you have to stay true to your roots while staying true to tomorrow. And the future will be much brighter if we continue to lead the way.

jimmy windst
Jimmy Winds logo? It pays to do the things you enjoy. For the non-binary author, presenter, and LGBTQ+ pioneer, prioritizing the silly and the serious allowed them to live their best lives. They’ve written for everyone from Gay Times to British GQ, as well as their own book In Their Shoes, which explores the non-binary life path.

Basma Khalifa
Sudanese-born filmmaker, director, writer and international ambassador for Women for Women International, Basma Khalifa, who grew up in Northern Ireland and Scotland, remembers growing up as a black girl among white men and women – and discovering what it means to be a black woman that has shaped her life and career ever since. Basma is now committed to telling people’s stories through her thought-provoking films and essays on race, identity, faith and sexuality.

Fez y Morgan
Writer, editor, founder, and activist Vas J Morgan’s mission is to provide the help he once lacked. He grew up as a black gay man without acceptance, dealing with online abuse – Fez’s struggles inspired him to promote greater social and educational support systems, from fighting for better education in Africa to creating inclusive safe social spaces in London.

Jennie Jay Park
Jenny Jay Park, a first-generation Korean-American, human rights activist, organizer, writer, and model, is bent on creating greater unity in the world. Breaking the expectations of silence and stepping into her freer self has been a life changer for Jenny – she passionately believes that the power to be an activist lies within each of us, and asks: What can each of us do to make a positive impact. On the world in the future?

Gabriella Wild
Actress, model, activist and mother of three Gabriella Wilde has defied the expectations and pressures of working motherhood since she returned to film after the birth of her first child. Passionate about supporting and empowering new mothers, Gabriella is also an ambassador for Project Mama, a charity that provides comprehensive support and guidance to the homeless during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood – so that no refugee or displaced person feels lonely.

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