Turkish attacks on northeastern Syria must stop! Kurdish news

The feminist campaign “Women Defend Rojava” in Germany has written an open letter calling for an end to Turkish attacks on the autonomous region in northern and eastern Syria, which violate international law. The campaign calls for closing the airspace over the region and holding Turkey accountable for its continued human rights violations.

We are angry and mourn the families who lost their daughters in the Turkish drone attack on the girls’ education center near Hasaka. On September 1, International Day of Peace, we received the news of the death of Silava Remedan from her injuries. Along with Rania Etta, Zozan Zeidan, Dolan Ezidan and Deyan Elo, she is one of five girls who were taken out of their lives very early by the dirty war of occupation waged by the Turkish state”

A systematic attack on women’s achievements

The open letter is directed primarily to girls’ organizations in Germany and aims to draw attention to the situation in Rojava. This attack is one of many other Turkish drone strikes targeting children in northern and eastern Syria. Eight children were killed in Turkish drone attacks in August this year alone. We consider these attacks directed against the youth and women’s movement and thus against the heart of society. “We clearly see here again femicide which is part of the systematic attack on the achievements of women in the region,” the feminist campaign wrote, noting that the German public and media are silent about the attacks and daily events in the north and east. – Syria .

A message to girls’ clubs, girls’ homes and girls’ guidance centers

The women’s letter defending Rojava to Germany’s girls’ institutions stated, among other things: “We are a feminist campaign against Turkish aggression in northern and eastern Syria. In northern and eastern Syria, the social construction of self-government took place over a period of ten years, during which women were granted equal rights in all areas of life. At the same time, this building is also subject to daily attacks by the Turkish army. (…)

On August 18, 2022, the Turkish army bombed a UN-sponsored training center for girls in northern Syria. The attack was carried out with a drone, which means that this attack was targeted.

The five girls, Zozan Zeidan, Rania Etta, Diana Elo, Dylan Ezz El Din, and Silava Remedan, were killed by this bombing while playing volleyball. Ten other girls were injured. We are shocked and outraged by this attack, which joins many other Turkish drone attacks that have killed children in northern and eastern Syria, among others.

That is why we wrote the attached letter. We would like to invite you as girls’ centers, girls’ homes, girls’ guidance centers, whether girls’ meeting places or the training center in northern Syria, to sign and distribute this letter together.”

“We condemn the attack on the Girls’ Education Center”

The open letter from Women Defend Rojava Germany has already been signed by several girls’ organizations and is being distributed further:

On August 18, 2022, four girls playing volleyball were killed and 11 others injured in a Turkish airstrike on a UN-sponsored training center for girls in Shimoka/Shamuqa, northern Syria. We mourn Zozan Zeidan, Rania Aita, Diana Elo and Dolan Zadon and condemn this inhuman crime!

Women and children are particularly affected by the war. Resource scarcity, sexual violence, flight and displacement are the consequences of the Turkish war attacks that have been taking place in northern and eastern Syria for years. The targeted killings of Zozan Zaidan, Rania Etta, Diana Elo and Dolan Yazid represent a new level of violence. It is linked to several other attacks by Turkish drones that have seen increasing numbers of children killed in recent weeks. On August 16, a 12-year-old boy was killed in Kobani. On August 6, two children were killed in a drone attack on a car in Qamishlo. On August 4, six children were injured in a drone attack on the center of Tel Rifaat. On August 1, a teenager who was seriously injured by a grenade died while working on the ground.

We demand: stop these attacks by the Turkish army! It is an achievement to build the Autonomous Union of North and East Syria that girls get an education. The targeted promotion and equal rights of women and girls are a ray of hope in a region marked by war, for which women themselves have fought. These achievements must be protected.

We demand: The airspace over northern and eastern Syria must be closed! Turkish drones must be denied the right to carry out these attacks! Turkey must be held accountable for its human rights violations! All people, especially children, have the right to live in peace.”

The first signatories are Auguste Mädchen- und Frauentreff Berlin – ALBATROS gGmbH, Verein FeM Mädchen*haus Frankfurt – Feministische Mädchenarbeit eV, Schilleria Mädchen*treff Berlin, Mädchenhaus Hannover eV and the staff of Frauenhaus Celle.

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