Together for each other, because safety affects us all

Besides well-known organizations such as the fire brigade, police, ambulance and Rijkswaterstaat, there are also less visible organizations on the Veemarktplein:

Ambulance helicopter

There are general practitioners and ambulance centers in the Wadden Frisian Islands, but there are no hospitals. For people residing in the Wadden Friesian Islands, transportation must be available to maintain contact with hospitals on the mainland. For a number of patients, determining the time required to move from Wadden Island to a care facility on the mainland is an important factor in their chances of recovery. This is why RAV Fryslân was commissioned by the Department of Health at the time to organize helicopter ambulance care for patients in the Wadden Islands. The helicopter is open for viewing accompanied by the crew. They will also provide a text and explanation about the ambulance helicopter and its mission.


Defense protects what is dear to us. Soldiers defend the Netherlands, interests (economic) and friendly countries. They stand up for others and provide support during disasters. In this way defense contributes to peace, freedom and security in the world.

The defense consists of the Royal Dutch Army, the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy and the Netherlands Marischausee. All of these parts will appear on the Veemarktplein. In addition to the Viking (amphibious tracked armored vehicle) and Marine Roadshow, they will also take the Fennek reconnaissance vehicle and CV90 infantry fighting vehicle.

Tender for Crash of the Fire Brigade at Leeuwarden Air Force Base

The Leeuwarden Air Force Base fire brigade is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all flight movements, medical reports, accidents and firefighting within the air base fence.

Leeuwarden Air Force Base is a Dutch F-35 base. October 31, 2019 The first F-35 aircraft arrived at the air base. The F-35 will eventually replace all F-16s. Leeuwarden Air Base will also be home to the unmanned MQ-9 Reaper from the beginning of 2022.


ProRail is the director of Dutch Railways. This means that ProRail is responsible for the maintenance, renewal, expansion and safety of the entire Dutch railway network. As an independent party, ProRail allocates space on 7,000 kilometers of track, regulates all train traffic (1.4 million trips per working day) and builds and operates stations. This is done with a concern for our society and a look to the future. ProRail stands for sustainable mobility. Innovation makes it possible to allow more people to travel by train and to transport more goods by rail. ProRail’s Accident Control Program (ICB) takes place on Safety Day: they take action in the event of accidents on the railways. ICB personnel ensure that the path is cleared as soon as possible after the accident. ProRail ICB has specially equipped vehicles that can also run on the track in hard-to-reach places. In addition, they are trained to handle hazardous materials.

In Kolk, a variety of ships will be on display along the Geewkade. Police, 112Water, Rescue Brigade, Rijkswaterstaat and firefighters docked their boats, ready for visitors to see. The PW10 will also be located here, the sustainable and fully electric Fryslân County inspection vessel, which was in use last year.

During the day the participants will show what they can do in several locations. Large demonstrations by firefighters, ambulance personnel, police and customs will be held in Martinbelin. A special platform will be installed for the occasion, and the movement will also be visible via large LED screens. It will also be easy to follow demonstrations by 112Water and De Kolk’s firefighters via LED screens.

In addition, there is also an action on the Veemarktplein: VVN will provide a demonstration of the braking route, and DBBO will work with guard dogs. Of course fire brigades and police also do smaller demonstrations (such as “flame in a frying pan”).

A safe market will be held in the Veemarkthal. There visitors can get more information about smoke detectors in the home or about taking a first aid course.

Antonius Zorggroep will provide an explanation of trauma patient care. Children can also come with their (sick) doll or cuddly toy and learn how to make a bandage. Knowledge will be tested by Kahoot Quiz.

The attraction of the market is the Lego Incident City, where many major accidents involving the fire service are filmed with the world-famous plastic bricks. It is not only unique, but also educational. It shows that the work of the fire service is “exciting, versatile and challenging.”

The safety of people and the environment is not only concerned with; Of course the animal ambulance will not be missing!

An overview of all participants (internal and external) can be found on the website

Text and images: SWF Safety Day

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