These Five Famous Dutch People Have a ‘Modern Relationship’

For some famous Dutch, the traditional “little tree animal” is not a problem. They have chosen, consciously or unconsciously, a more modern view of the love relationship. Think of a Latin relationship – live apart together – where you don’t live together but together, a long-distance relationship or an open relationship in which you leave each other free to experience another flirtation and romance. From Angela Groothuizen, one of the few celebrities who is candid about her open relationship, to Sylvie Meis about her’modern marriage‘: These celebrities have found their own path to a happy relationship. By the way, did you know that outside our small country there are also many celebrities who have an unconventional relationship?

5 Dutch celebrities who had a ‘modern relationship’:

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Katja Schurmann and Nick Schrejvershof

After sharing her first photo on Instagram, it should be clear: Katya Schurmann is happy to be in love again. But although she was ready for privacy after her split from Freek van Noortwijk, on her podcast Schuurman & Spigt she talks about her current relationship with 29-year-old Nick Schrejvershof, which takes unconventional forms. Her boyfriend spends most of his time in Ibiza, so they don’t live together: in fact, I like that too. Of course I’ve tried the traditional form of relationship in a variety of ways. I mean; Marry and live together a child I do not know. I actually don’t think this is the perfect shape for me at all. She talks about the same partner on her podcast, but loves being alone: ​​”As far as I’m concerned, only with someone, but not on each other’s lips all the time.”


Angela Grothwezen and Rob Mogg

Angela Grothuizen is one of the few celebrities who is openly talking about her open relationship. She made no secret of the fact that alongside her husband Rob Mogg—who she’s been with for over 30 years but recently took a break—she’s been having fun with other men. In an interview with de Volkskrant, she said of her husband’s other partners: “I think that’s fine, because I have leftovers,” explains Angela. I have so much happiness, love and everything I want, I’ve had enough. Do you understand? And I will not stand in his way, my dear, in that life that he leads. without anything.’ This is how you can watch it.


Stephen Brunswick and Ayla Joyox

Three weeks into his marriage, comedian and presenter Stephen Brunswick was caught exchanging French kisses with another woman at Amsterdam Pride. The juice channels overflowed, but Stephen quickly came up with a statement of his own: “People who’ve seen me kiss another lady… and Ayla [zijn vrouw, red.] Next door was kissing another lady! It’s hard to imagine for many of you, but that’s okay. You won’t be free until you don’t get into a box.


Karis van Houten and J Pearce

Speaking of unconventional relationships, Carice van Houten didn’t choose the easier path either. She fell in love with Australian actor Guy Pearce, which forced them to enter into a long-distance relationship. They have a house together in Amstelveen – which really looks like it came straight out of a live magazine – but the Australian actor can’t leave his home country yet. Carice said of this in Harper’s Bazaar: “We see each other as much as we can, but we have a very complex lifestyle. We work separately and irregularly in different countries. It is a logistical complex puzzle that is constantly changing as well. We will, Never a dull moment“.


Sylvie Mays and Niklas Castillo

She is in Germany, he is in Switzerland. Sylvie Mays and her husband Niklas Castillo said in an interview during Robert Rodenberg’s “Open Map” that they were intentionally separated from each other. describes their marriage asmodern marriage They both work hard and see each other on vacation and weekends. Sylvie says she enjoys a monogamous relationship: “It’s not about being free during the week, on the weekend I have a boyfriend.” She is not afraid that the distance will aggravate their relationship. I’ve learned, growing up, that if something belongs to you, it has to stay with you. So you don’t have to be afraid of losing that because if that’s the case, then so be it not meant to be“.

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