Start-up Zazo helps parents choose a fun and entertaining activity for their children

from Zazu

  • Founders: Nathan Blondy, Ho Lee Ocean, and Celine Kobe
  • Founded Year: 2019
  • Employees: 3
  • Money raised:-
  • Ultimate goal: “Become a for the entertainment sector”

Want to take your kids to a fun hobby or gym? but who? The show is so great these days that parents also struggle with choice pressure. The startup ZazouGroup has found a solution. The company has an online platform full of activities for kids. The goal is to give parents a complete overview of the local offer. Innovation Origins spoke on today’s launch episode with Nathan Blondy, founder of ZazouGroup.

How did you come up with the idea for this startup?

“It comes from an annual tradition. At the beginning of the new school year, many organizations, from sports clubs to youth movements, hold free trial classes or start days. Very attractive, but for parents it is not always clear what is going on. They have to watch all the club sites Sports, for example, and then register in one of those sites. The registration procedure also varies from gym to gym. With our app, parents can create a profile, choose a sport and instantly register in the gym. They can also pay online right away. It is very easy to use.”

How is it going?

“We have successfully launched our platform with a pilot project in Ostend and the surrounding area. We are now present all over Flanders. The platform now has around 1,000 families and 40 organisations. We want to offer activities across Flanders by the end of 2022. We have also been accepted into the Start programme. itKBC, Belgium’s largest startup accelerator, and Netwerk Ondernemen. We launched our project just before Corona. We’re glad we survived this crisis. We see this as a big win.”

How do you choose clubs?

“Everyone is welcome. After a quality check, they can put all their activities on the platform. We want to prevent anyone from just showing their activities on our platform. Clubs can register by sending us an email.”

Do clubs also benefit from your platform?

“Yes of course. During our pilot project, we found that our platform allows clubs to put themselves in the spotlight and recruit new members. They can also make themselves more visible through our marketing tool. We often also ensure more qualitative uptake as kids and parents consciously choose their club via the platform. We are also helping to digitize clubs. A win-win situation.”

Is registration free?

“Both parents and organizations can register for free on the platform. Parents can do so via After registering, they can create their family account and easily sign up for many nearby activities.”

What hobbies do children like to do?

Five years ago I did a study on how kids end up in a gym. Show that often children end up doing a hobby that their parents do, or that their friends do, or a leisure activity that has received a lot of media attention. For example, after the Olympics, we achieved an unprecedented peak in gymnastics clubs due to the influence of Nina Derwill, a successful Belgian gymnast. We’ve also seen this with hockey clubs that suddenly get a lot of records. These three reasons are not based on the intrinsic qualities and experiences of the child himself. This does not mean that sports are suitable for the child.”

What is the punishment?

“If a child does something against their eyesight for a long time, the aversion increases and they give up. The result is that many children stop playing sports or their hobby early. This is why ZazouGroup has developed an online platform which, despite the very diverse offer, It still gives parents a complete overview. In this way, they can allow their children to discover and try different hobbies before having to choose a leisure activity.”

What is the importance of sports for a child?

“Very important. Our preschoolers are sitting more and more quietly every day. There is less and less movement. Obesity has become the No. 1 Western disease. So finding a good sport as a child is very important. It is important to give children a taste of many sports, on the example through demo lessons.”

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