Sandra Pomerell is a pelvic physiotherapist and clothing therapist

‘Feeling more can cause less pain’

When you sprain your ankle, you will usually be back and running within a few weeks. However, many physical complaints have a deeper – mental – cause. In these cases, tactile therapy can help. Pelvic physiotherapist Sandra Pomerel from Kernpraktijken de Garage has been specializing in this type of therapy for the past five years. Your body gives the signals. Together we investigate this, and you learn to recognize and listen to it.”

Sandra has been a physiotherapist for over 35 years, of which she has spent at least 33 years in Volendam. ,, became completely integrated with the village. The most special thing is that the people here are very direct. They say what they think and what you see is what you get, I’ve seen Volendam change in the meantime. After the New Year’s fire, for example, psychological assistance was provided. At the time, it was still fairly new and perhaps a bit unfamiliar. That has now changed and people are more open to addressing the psychological causes of complaints as well. This is also one of the reasons that pushed me to the downside. Sometimes I technically couldn’t figure it out. Then you know there’s a deeper reason.”
“At Kernpraktijken de Garage, we have not only been involved in classic physical therapy for a long time. You can have many complaints away, but a lot of people get complaints because they do not listen carefully to the signals their body is giving. If you are in your head a lot, it is hard to feel How you feel in your body.When your (working) stress increases, you automatically return to survival mode. Everyone has their own way of doing it. One will exercise, the other will drink and some will take it on their partner and family. Without float, I help with therapy. suction to gain insight into it and learn to feel it well You learn to feel and recognize the signals This allows you to make a different choice, which is more suitable for what is right for you This can reduce pain Sometimes you can feel more , which means less pain.” The main difference between a psychologist and a touch therapist is that a touch therapist uses the body as a reference point. From there you learn to ask for what your body is telling you. A psychologist helps you organize from your head. For example, one of my first cases was of a 60-year-old man with chronic pelvic pain for years. I am of course a pelvic physiotherapist, but I started this process as a physiotherapist. After an intense process, he learned to feel the tension and pent-up emotion of his pain. He gained insight into his complaints and patterns and thus was able to make different choices. This made his pain bearable and he regained control. Haptic therapy has gained popularity in recent years and is recognized and reimbursed by most health insurance companies.

“I don’t know if anyone else in the Netherlands has mastered this combination”

“It’s simple and actually hard at the same time: You have to feel good in what you do. If you’re doing something just because it’s meant to be, or it’s a choice you’ve made in your head. Then you end up taking on more and more. I often compare it to a horse and a rider.” The body is the horse and the head is the jockey. The jockey usually determines where the horse goes. But if the horse is tired or can’t do it anymore, he just stops. The horse always wins in the end. If he falls, the jockey will get nowhere. So Learning to listen to what a horse needs is important Tactile therapy is useful in cases of stress, overexertion and complaints of fatigue Learning to recognize and express feelings, indicate and/or recognize boundaries, difficulty entering or maintaining relationships, feelings of inferiority, and problems Acceptance or processing, difficulty with sexual activity, intimacy and proximity.

“Suppose someone was born with trauma, I could technically address the complaint and also try to remove that fear”

Sandra looks back and forward. “The great thing is that I now have the knowledge from both sides. I can technically check if something is wrong with the aquarium, but I can also identify a deeper possible cause. I don’t know if anyone else in the Netherlands has mastered this combination. Let’s say That someone had a traumatic birth, I could technically process the complaint and also try to remove that fear. Speaking of fear: For me, this whole path to becoming a touch therapist has been exciting as well. As a touch therapist, you use your body as a tool. Learning to recognize Myself and Styles have a very difficult journey.” Her gaze turns to her eye-catching tattoo of her life path and concludes: “The path of life does not go like a highway, but you go through winding roads. It is important to take good care of yourself. Sometimes life does not turn out the way you thought it would.” It’s going to be. I always enjoy going to work and I’m happy every day to help others.” for further information:

About basic practices and touch therapy
With five locations and more than 50 physiotherapists in the Zaanstrek-Waterland region, Kernpraktijken is an outstanding and pioneering practitioner. The core practices are located in Middenbeemster, Volendam, Monnickendam, Purmerend and Zaandam. During the last customer satisfaction survey in 2021, Kernpraktijk de Garage (location in Volendam) was rated at 9.3. Soon, the Kernpraktijk de Garage package – already very comprehensive – will be expanded with pregnancy and recovery training. For more information on core practices, visit:

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