Dressage World Championships: This will be a podium press for five-year-olds

The World Five-Year Championship is for many of the three most interesting of the three tournaments for dressage young horses, and in the qualifying test, Atiq 2017 did not disappoint. An exciting fight is expected in the final on Saturday, as it is crowded at the top. Currently, the jury (Lermann and Putz in C and Anderson and Foy in E) put the Prinz OLD (Fürst Romancier x Sarkozy) at auction last year for €750,000 at PSI, but there are plenty of horses to match his qualities. Get close. Between number 1 (8.9) and number 10 (8.58) is a difference of 0.32 (or 3.2%) in points.

The last player in the playoffs got the highest points from the judging panel. The Fashion Prinz, which was auctioned off to the Houston family for €750,000 last year (but still registered to Castleman), earned 9.5 for walking, 9 for jogging, 8.5 for boat, 8 and 5 for camper. Submission and 9 to build with today’s highest score. The Fashion Prinz demonstrated flawless testing under the leadership of stable Kasselmann rider Frederic Wanders.

This also applies to five-year-old Hanover stallion Vitalus (Vitalis x de Niro), who became the Bundchampion at Warrendorf last year and second in the 35-day Danish Test, with 8.2 for walking, and 9.4 for trotting. . , 9 for canter, 8.7 for application and 9 for talent, the second highest score of the day.

In his testing under top rider Leonie Richter, who had already earned two championship scarves (three- and seven-year-old stallions) at the Bundeschamps last weekend, the fact was that he was tilting his head slightly on the trot.

Vitalus (by Vitalis) with Leon Richter Photo: Equitaris.de/Gesina Grömping

These two German horses were the only ones to receive 9 talents from the jury, and therefore were considered the most talented. However, there were plenty of horses that showed at least the same amount of talent.

Nice surprises from Denmark

In the first group, which included eleven participants, there were two beautiful surprises from Denmark: the horses that debuted at the World Cup. In front of Lyngbjergs St. Paris (Blue Horses St. Schufro x Blue Hors Rockefeller), who finished third in qualifying under Victoria Valentine with 8.82 (7.8 walk, 9.2 trot, 9.3 canter, 9 serves, 8.8 talent).

The second great surprise from Denmark was the elegant and light-footed mare Soebakkehus Maude (Hesselhoj Donkey Boy x Wilkens) with former Blue Horse rider Allan Grøn in the saddle. Some minor perturbations reduced the yield score (7.6) and the trot was also not optimal (7.8), but this brown mare stays on your retina. With an average of 8.42, it is twelfth place joint, with the Persians to be seen again on Saturday.

My Precious and Kirsten Breuer Best Dutch Mix

A mix that – due to minor qualifying errors – still has room for improvement, is a Dutch mix: Kirsten Brouwer with My Precious (Ferguson x Vivaldi), of breeding Titan Wilaras, who averages 8.7 inches third in qualifying.

The mare that won the Pavo Cup last year and finished ninth this year (to the dismay of the Brewer family) earned 9 out of the four international jury members for walking, 9.5 for chance, 8.4 for Canter (where there were minor failures), and 7.8 for submission (which punished Also those failures) and 8.8 for build.

Dear (by Ferguson) with Kirsten Brewer. Photo: Melanie Brevink Van Dyck

With an average of 8.58 (and joint ninth place), Mauro Turforst (Zonic x Negro) Van Resink Horses also reached the final straight away after an impressive test under Dinga van Lier.

The other four Dutch groups (Mission with Femke de Laat, 8.08, Hexagon’s Gorgeous Black Art with Benedek Pachl 7.64, Montrachet with Saskia van Es 7.82 and Maddox Mart with Jessica Lynn Thomas 7.72) must pass in the small final attempt.

This does not apply to Franca Luce, who averaged 8.58 with the raccoon pick (Champion x De Niro) for Belgium. BWP-certified stallion Arjan Bekkers made a surprisingly strong impression.

Renate van Uetert, who started with Denmark, didn’t immediately make it to the final with Pavo Champion My Blue Horses Santiano (by Sezuan), but was 19th with an average of 7.92.

Seven German groups straight to the final

Not only did Leonie Richter send Vitalos straight to the final, but she did so with Helgestrand’s stallion in my mind (Ibiza x Federmark), with whom she was the first to walk on the track at 8.30am (in heavy rain) this morning. Once again, it was a flawless test that resulted in high points. The highest score for escape (9.2), canter (9.4), and lower walk (7.9) score were somewhat.

A total of seven (of eight) German groups could qualify directly to the final, including a third Helgestrand horse: Westphalian and former Bundeschampion Fine Bella NRW (Fürstenbol x Bordeaux outside the Bella Rose streak), who has already improved himself once he showed, reached He averaged 8.66 under Eric Guardia Martinez and was tied for sixth.

She shared sixth place with Sherry Celine Old (Governor x Saint-Amour I) with Lina Waldman, who passed on the track with plenty of tech and mechanics.

Eighth was the Fille d’Or OLD (Blue Hors St. Schufro x Fidertanz) – another amazing St. Schufro mare – that Lisa Marie Koch rode with an average of 8.62 and 11 over a lifetime (Livaldon x Fürstenball) with Charlotte-Maria Schufroman in the saddle (medium​ 8.48).

Saeed Al Suwaidi

Finally, successful Swede B Alex (Ampere x Dalwini) reached the final straight at the last minute. Just like the Danish mare Soebakkehus Maude, he averaged 8.42 and shared 12th place. Thirteen (instead of twelve) horses go straight to the final.

Fantastic Lusitano

The five-year-old Lusitano Nuelo Campline (by Escorial) is probably one of the best (or at least the Lusitano that comes alone at a young age and among the riding horses) Lusitano that the Horses.nl editors have ever seen.

Under Brazilian Joao Victor Marcari, who also competes in international tournaments with his father, Escolarial), he seemed to get away with an average of 7.96. Especially if those points are compared to some other fixture. Such was the highly tense performance of Helgestrand’s horse Slangerups Flottenheimer (by Franklin), who nonetheless earned an 8.08 from the jury.


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