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Job Title ICT Computable Ten nominees are nominated for the 2022 Computable Awards who are making the world a little better with their digital solutions. Who deserves to win in the Sustainability and CSR category? It’s up to you!

Almost all Dutch organizations and ICT companies are trying to contribute to a better world. For example, digital solutions are used that should contribute to sustainability, but there are also all kinds of digital initiatives that should stimulate corporate social responsibility (CSR). Which of the candidates below do you think deserves an award calculated in the Sustainability and CSR category?

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

The nominees in the CSR and Sustainability category of the Computing Awards 2022, in alphabetical order:

Fighting food waste and climate change
Mendix has redesigned and digitized the entire Foodprint Group workflow using its own low-code platform. The company has developed a number of applications to monitor carbon dioxide offsetting, recycling and waste reuse in the hospitality industry, among others.
Participants: Foodprint Group and Mendix
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Energy Shift: Girls can make the difference

On Girls’ Day, network operators TenneT, Alliander, Enexis Netbeheer and Stedin made girls between the ages of 10 and 15 excited about education and careers in science, technology, and information technology. They want to introduce them to the diversity, possibilities, and social importance of technology at an early age.
Participants: Alliander, Enexis Netbeheer, Stedin, TenneT
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More digital work
As part of the European Digital Community, the Reading and Writing Foundation has started the “Digitaler to work” project. This aims to stimulate digital inclusion across Europe. The project is implemented in cooperation with the SBCM, the Knowledge and Labor Market Center and the Training Fund for Social Employment.
Literacy Foundation, Digital Collective, SBCM and Google Netherlands
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HP’s Choice Certified Flex IT
To save valuable raw materials, reduce the environmental footprint and extend the life cycle of IT equipment, Flex IT and HP Netherlands introduced the HP-certified selection by the Flex IT line in 2021. This is a selection of laptops, desktops, and activated monitors.
Participants: Flex IT Distribution and HP Netherlands
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ITvitae provides ICT talents with autism or giftedness who are on the sidelines through appropriate ICT training, coaching and/or career mediation. With its own teaching method including training and career mediation, ITvitae has already provided a new future for more than four hundred young people as ICT professionals.
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With the huge shortage of IT professionals and the growing number of status holders in the Netherlands, Motopp has come up with a solution. This company offers newcomers the opportunity to train as a software developer. Within three months, the newcomers are retrained to become IT specialists and are helped to find a permanent job.
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Online skill test in a new game
UpgradeNL, Jet-Net, TechNet and FutureNL have put together a free online game for both students and their parents at home. In an online skills test, children are challenged to use their digital skills and encouraged to discuss technology with their children.
Participants: UpgradeNL, Jet-Net, TechNet, FutureNL
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Volunteers become developers
OutSystems, Deloitte and Transfer Solutions have started a project to find and train volunteers as Dutch Red Cross low code developers. We are looking for people who also want to work in other areas, such as application development.
Participants: Dutch Red Cross, OutSystems, Deloitte and Transfer Solutions
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TCS Soutenathone – Law of Balance
Tata Advisory Services has launched the “Sustainathon – The Law of Balance”. This is a European competition that challenges and enables young minds to develop and implement innovative ideas thus helping organizations with key sustainability issues using advanced technology.
Participant: Tata Consulting Services
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Make the fleet more sustainable
Iron Mountain has joined The Climate Group, an international nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate climate action. Iron Mountain is also joining the EV100 initiative to make its global fleet more sustainable. They will be 100 percent of the company’s cars and 50 percent of electric trucks.
Poster: Mount Iron
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The main jury for the Computable Awards is made up of Artie Debidien, Stijn Grove, Bart van der Mark, Ruud Mulder and Fred Streefland. Nominations in the Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility category were tested on the root cause, how it was achieved, and what digitalization has provided. The public vote and the jury vote each determines the half of the prize winner.

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