Vorburgs Dagblad | Horse racing – a guide to the Dutch trot this fall

Horse racing is often thought of as the world’s premier recreational game, and bookmakers were also early on. They first began accepting bets on trotting and later gradually opened to various bets on other sports. England is known for the origin of equestrian sport, the popularity of these types of races in the country remains high, and the annual turnover of these events brings in large sums of money. This fact also speaks of the great popularity of the sport all over the world. These matches are so much fun because they are so unpredictable. That is why we will devote a separate article to it and show you what the race is, what to look for when betting and what to watch.

What makes horse racing unique?
Horse racing is characterized by the fact that you can find out the result after several minutes of betting and you do not have to wait more than an hour for the match to end (football, hockey, etc.). The horse races that are held all over the world are very short and the intervals between the races are also small. This in turn has become a deciding factor for gamblers who bet on these types of matches because they do not have to wait long to place attractive bets and see if they will win or not.

Players also watch these races with interest, especially when betting on an outsider. But before diving into the big bets, one should keep in mind some important features:

The horse we are going to bet on should be well rested, especially if it has recently been in another race.
It is important that the horse’s weight remains within the normal range, because a horse that is overweight has more difficulty making speed than other horses. In a sprint race, a horse’s agility and endurance is very valuable, especially when a long distance has to be covered.
The rider must have the experience necessary to succeed even in difficult competitions, in such cases the weight of the horse also plays a decisive role.

Observe the statistics, on the basis of which you can predict the possible outcome of racing events: did the horse have any problems in previous races (injuries, etc.), how he feels, etc.

What fall games can you bet on in 2022?
While the season is largely over, there are still many interesting happenings in the fall. These events are for Dutch racing only.

Heemskerk, Thursday 1 September 2022; 1.30 pm
Dundend, Wed 7 Sep 2022; 4 pm
Burmerend, Thursday 8 September 2022; 13.30 hours
Wolfega, Saturday 10 September 2022; 4 pm
Enkhuizen, Thursday 15 September 2022; 1.30 pm
Wolfega, Fri 16 Sep 2022; 11:45 AM
Alkmaar, Sunday 18 September 2022; 12:30 PM
Heligum, Fri 16 Sep 2022; 1.30 pm
Medimblik, Mon 19 Sep 2022; 1.30 pm
Wolfega, Fri 23 Sep 2022; 11:45 AM
Utrecht, Saturday 24 September 2022; 13.00 yo.
Dundend, Sunday 25 September 2022; 13.30 hours
Gouri, Monday 26 September 2022; 13.30 hours
Rodin, Wed Sep 28, 2022; 13.30 hours
Not, Thursday 29 September 2022; 2 pm
Wolfega, Fri 30 Sep 2022; 11:45 AM

What should you pay attention to when betting on horse racing?
Many strategies of this type of betting have been developed for the sports betting exchange and are successfully used there. Trotting was one of the first and most popular sports that bet on when bookmakers appeared. Depending on the upcoming event and its analysis, bets “for” or “against” the favorites are often used.

Another popular strategy among the biggest bookmakers is to bet on a favorite horse and an below average horse. The amounts are calculated in such a way that one of the bets is positive. Another category of bettors, for example, bets only on horses with average chances of winning and studies the statistics well.

However, in both cases, a very good study of the statistics should be made, not only on the number of previous victories in races, but also on the weight and age of the horse, the experience of the jockey and the height of the horse. Path, substrate and many other factors. The chances of a successful bet increase dramatically only if carefully analyzed and researched. However, if the gambler is not willing to do the necessary research on the behavior of the horse, etc., then the money will only be wasted.

The second thing we would like to point out is that, as in any other sport, there are sometimes established competitions in this sport, and that should not be surprising. But when there’s a lot of money involved, these things happen. In this regard, do not be surprised if you come across an unexpected result in a particular race, even though the analysis was done well and thoroughly, and not because of bad weather, faults of the jockey or the behavior of the horse.

It is very difficult to notice such encounters, because only some people know about them, who, as you guessed it, will not tell the spectator.

If you notice any sharp drops or spikes over a short period of time when looking at the odds of the bettor you are betting on, don’t ignore it as it could be related to cash flow, horse health data, jockey health or something else. With such anomalies in odds, you can hold off bets for a while and wait for a suitable bet. And these people act out a lot every day.

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