The Achterhoek dog hunting group helps with lost dogs


“Quick response is very important”

Written by Kira Prochis

SEEWENT – A runaway dog, a nightmare for every owner. The dog is surprised by fireworks, mountain bikers racing past, or smells wild and runs away. Then the animal cannot be tracked. They are dogs that come regularly from abroad, but this also happens to dogs that were born and bred here. Concerned about the fate of the dog and the owner, Jennifer Arends, 50, of Zieuwent founded the Achterhoek Dog Search Group.

Jennifer herself is of course a big dog lover, she opens her heart and her home to receiving neglected Japanese breeds from breadmaking. One such dog is a 14-year-old Sheba, who is blind and deaf, but apparently happy with Jennifer. The desire for her dog hunting group arose when one of her dogs escaped. “At the beginning of June my dog ​​ran away and I got close to everyone and everything to help me. There is a great search team in the Netherlands, but unfortunately very little has come out of it. I was really on my own. That’s when I thought ‘whether my dog ​​comes back or not, this shouldn’t happen’ For everyone else.” You really need support looking for your dog. I finally got it from teams from Groningen and Almere, among others. My dog ​​came home 16 days after she got into our trap,” Jennifer says. However, there is still much to do. Jennifer and the dog hunting teams made a lot of flyers, and after sighting reports came in, dogs began to be spotted from the car. “It took another week before my dog ​​entered the cage. You have to remember that the moment the dog escapes, he enters survival mode. It will be a very different dog than you are used to at home. The contact often causes the animal stress. The dogs hear Feelings in your voice. Jennifer advises people not to chase dogs. “This just chases the animal. When the dog comes home, it often takes a while to get used to it. You can see the dog is back to normal after a few days.”

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Get a tracker
In the countryside in this area, dogs often run away. “It would be great if that was possible, but we recommend attaching a tracker to the collar. Unfortunately, dogs also happen to be stolen to use as prey in dog fights, for example. Terrible of course. If a dog is stolen, of course the tracker will be removed, but at least you know He’s not wandering anywhere.” The Achterhoek Dog Search Group has brought home 4 dogs and is currently looking for 3 dogs. “We have a team of 7 permanent members and about 20 replacements. I am very happy with these guys, we are really a well equipped machine and get along well with each other. People who have lost their dog can call or email us. We have 4 admins so we always respond promptly.” We naturally want as much information as possible about the dog and where and when it disappeared We will start flying in the area in 2 hours We also advise people to secure the source of the smell from the dog immediately so that there is no other animal nearby This is important for the detection dog we may use “.

Voluntarily, of your own free will
Jennifer and her team do the work entirely voluntarily. “Sometimes we get sponsorships. We are very happy with the services MOAI Sups have provided us. We are also frequently looking at or along the water. If we deem it necessary, we will also deploy an expert drone.” Jennifer warns that it is important to act quickly if a dog is lost. “If you act fast, your dog will come back faster too. We know Ashterhawks like the back of our hands and we know where dogs like to stay and where not. It’s already a lot of work, we’re working on it 24/7, but we’re doing it as a team. We’d like to reunite The dog and its owner and we want to prevent anything from happening to the animal.” The dog hunting group Achterhoek calls on people to always report a stray dog. This does not always happen in this area. A lot of people think: Well, that would be fine. It is really important to report this, for example, to the animal ambulance or to us. We are also removing dogs from the street that have not been reported missing (yet).”
Phone: 06 1852 9244 (Brittain)

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