Review: Taylor Hawkins’ beatification in London (Report)

The Taylor Hawkins Tribute’s first two concerts were held on Saturday at Wembley Stadium in London. The performances are a musical tribute to drummer Foo Fighters, who passed away this spring. A slew of rock stars were flown in to play the music he loved at a six-hour event. Ear Witnessed a musical event, with a magical advantage.

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A look at the concert poster will leave any music lover swoon. Check it out: Brian May, Roger Taylor (Queen), Brian Johnson (AC/DC), Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Jon Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Justin Hawkins (Darkness) ), Chrissy Hynd (Prosecutors), Stuart Copeland (Police), Niall Rodgers (Chic), to name a few. they are there. Fabulous, the respect that Hawkins apparently had among his peers. But it is also remarkable that the musician, who will say his name little or nothing to the man or woman on the street, receives such a tribute. He speaks volumes about Hawkins’ influence on his environment and his importance as a seemingly unifying factor among many different artists.

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These artists will gather on Saturday as if Hawkins called them yesterday for a jam session. Nile Rodgers David Bowie does with Josh Home. Wolfgang Van Halen (Yes son) plays sexy to be a teacher From Justin Hawkins. We are witnessing a supergroup reunion They are crooked eagles (Grohl, Jones, and Homme, got back together for the first time since 2009), the one before Homme is rowdy Goodbye yellow paved road coverage. Brian Johnson put with Lars UlrichAnd, with the help of Foo’s themselves, Wembley upside down behind in black from AC/DC. And the Brian May And the Roger Taylor Let’s even enter the British Eurovision Sam Ryder Get the inevitable classic Queen someone loves.

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So many kings of rock and roll in one day on one stage; It evokes memories of Live Aid or, more appropriately, the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992. They’re both on the same ballpark, by the way, although they’re still in the version with the historic white towers. However, he only truly becomes mine when he is none other than my master Paul McCartney appears in the scene. Along with Foo Fighters plays among others Helter Skelter; Heaviest song ever recorded by the Beatles. Attending Mecca gives an extra dimension to the memorial ceremony. As if the Vatican had sent someone in the name of divine power to beatify Hawkins.

Danny Clinch

whether we call it a musical homage or a beatification; to fu fighters This day itself is a form of public mourning. Along with fans, along with fellow artists, friends and family. Yes, it’s indeed a celebration of Taylor Hawkins’ life and music, Grohl said during the opening ceremony, but it’s also torture. Especially if, after all the stars, the band plays a wide range at the end. Just look at it: with every song you look behind you to see it he is Don’t sit on that drum chair. But always someone else, like Travis Parkeror a sensation on YouTube Nandy BushelHawkins’ cult son Rufus Tiger Taylor Or, tragically, Taylors His very own son Shen.

“Ugh!” Dave Grohl’s famous cry claimant It didn’t make as loud a sound as it was that night at Wembley. We’ve rarely seen Foo fighters this fierce in recent years. As if all the feelings of days gone by as well as the feelings of today, after an hour-long marathon concert with the rock-world cream, all came out at once. Now, here on the sacred grass of Wembley, rock and roll is, at least to Dave Grohl and his followers, a matter of life and death.

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How could it be otherwise, when you commemorate someone who radiated life on stage. whose charismatic charisma has excited thousands of people and whose energy behind the drum set has inspired millions of boys and girls to play the drums too. If Grohl was the face of the Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins was the heart of the band. One of these days, your heart will stop and play its last beatGrohl sang once. When these words reverberate through Wembley, it is an ironic echo of reality.

Oliver Halfin

It seems that it is this acute shortage of Hawkins that is propelling the Foo Fighters to great heights. Because the last two hours of this tribute, when Foo plays, will be unforgettablely magical. tears in times like thisfire All my lifethe deepest layer of one of these daysevery hit of Little Shin during my hero. Grohl spits lyrics into the microphone furiously, his hair dances wildly up and down and veins in his neck pump like the cylinders in a Ford Mustang. Foo fighters perform an exorcism at Wembley. Not only do they not free themselves from evil, but they cleanse the body and mind of all their pain and sorrow. This is catharsis and that’s what makes this one is happening At Wembley for an almost spiritual experience. never forget.

Visible: September 3, 2022 at Wembley Stadium, London.

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