Harry’s Horse: Equestrian Sports for Everyone

Equestrian sport is the second largest sport in the Netherlands. According to the people behind the equestrian brand Harry’s Horse, this great sport should become and remain accessible to all. This is why the company has been marketing affordable equestrian products since 1974. In addition to a large core collection, Harry’s Horse also develops beautiful seasonal and temporary collections each year.

Harry’s Horse was founded in 1974 by Harry Jansen, himself an enthusiastic equestrian chauffeur and driver. It is part of Jansen International Trading BV, a family business based in Hillegom. Brothers Denis and Armando Janssen have been at the helm of the company since 2001, with the help of a team of 22 employees, most of whom are related to the equestrian sport. Father Harry sadly passed away in 2017. Until his death, he was still at the company daily monitoring the company’s DNA.

Hillegom is where all activities related to Harry’s Horse take place: think of developing new products, buying, selling, storing and distributing. Hillegom is served more than 2,000 stores in more than 40 countries. The company has a high degree of automation and the majority of sales now come through its B2B portal where customers can easily place their orders.

Everywhere in the closet

You can’t think of it as that crazy in equine or equestrian products, or that Harry’s Horse has its range. “In fact, we often hear that everyone—from one-horse jockeys to large stables—has one or more Harry’s Horse products in their wardrobe or in the nails room. More often than you think,” laughs owner Armando. Janssen. This fact does justice to the company’s vision: to make and maintain the sport of equestrianism accessible to large groups of equestrian athletes. “Reasonable quality is always central to the development and formation of the range,” agrees Jansen, who closely follows developments in the market. This leads not only to a large basic group with something for everyone, but also to the annual marketing of a number of new groups and temporary groups. “When assembling a group, we always start from scratch, which makes it a complex and time-consuming process. Management and the purchasing and sales department are closely involved in this. This way of working creates a process in which decisions are supported by team effort and shared responsibility. Jansen says: “An important part of Harry’s horse’s success.”

“Everyone has one or more of our products in the closet.”

Jansen can really raise the angle of the veil around her new winter collection. “It’s a great combination of fashion and function. This way you’ll look elegant on horseback and rider-specific items can be easily combined with matching items for your horse. The collection is laid out with the jockey and sport rider as a starting point. And of course the collection has the optimum quality-price ratio I’ve come to expect from Harry’s Horse for years” . The main colors of the collection are elegant navy blue, warm orange red and fresh green. These shades can also be found in this super fun and affordable Kids Special.

Bestseller Highliner

Often the bestsellers from the collection are also available in the new collection colors. Think blankets, sockets, and saddle pads. “Our Highliner Stable Rug is noteworthy. This blanket is an original invention of Harry’s Horse and has been a staple in the range for years, especially because of the extremely good fit. It is not without reason that you come across premiums in many large professional stables.” The blanket has a small neck that closes well above the withers, which avoids many problems with pulling the withers. To compensate for the high neck while providing sufficient freedom of movement for the horse, the mat has a V-neck and a slightly lower closure in the front. The horse can easily reach the ground and eat without pulling the blanket. Highliner blankets are available in 200, 300 and 500g sizes.

safety first

One of Harry’s Horse’s best sellers is safety helmets. Safety is a top priority for the company and in the development of helmets – and also, for example, body protectors – legislation is closely followed to provide the greatest possible safety and security for equestrians. However, this does not mean that the appearance of helmets, for example, has lost sight. Harry’s horse is also modern in terms of fashion. “We have a wide range of helmets, from the standard and fairly simple to the more plentiful with their beautiful detailing, glossy, rose gold, silver, etc. So here again a high-end range with different versions and price ranges. This is something for everyone,” concludes Armando Janssen.

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