The children continue the work of the life of the suddenly deceased businessman Tseard van der Wal of Boazum. “There is a solution to every problem,” he always said.

The children continued the work of Tseard van der Wal of Boazum, who died suddenly in a fatal accident. Eldest daughter, 36-year-old Gritsy, partly quit her current job to make this happen and is the point of contact. They all work together behind the scenes: mother Pytsje, daughter Wimke and son Jorrit, each in their own way with practical or psychological help. Jorit has a permanent job in health care, but he’s thinking as much as he can.

On Friday, August 12, Tseard van der Wal died at the age of 59 when he fell under a crane in their harbor. Now, about a month later, the features of his companies’ progress are clear.

“It’s amazing how much support we get”

“It’s amazing how much support we get,” says Grytsje. “This gives us extra support to put our shoulders under that.” The six permanent employees and freelancers of Van der Wal Steel and Coatings can be confident that the Van der Wal family will do their best to continue the Tseard business.

The staff themselves are also doing everything they can. It will also continue the Staalbouw Dijkstra in Wommels, which belongs to Tseard van der Wal. One active employee there. Stal fan de Slachtedyk, Wimke’s daughter company, will also continue to exist. Father Tseard participated in this public partnership by making the land available. Pension shed is still in the yard.

On Monday, after the accident in the company’s canteen, he agreed: ‘We’ll go for it and put our shoulders on the wheel’

Everyone gathered on the Monday after the accident, at 7 a.m. in the paint company’s corporate canteen. “There we all agreed: We will go for it. Everyone puts their shoulders on the wheel.” All tasks get the attention they deserve and need.

The Kerkpoortsbrug from Harlingen is one of them, and it is a major work for which preparations are currently being made. At the end of September, this bridge will be blown up and sprayed in Bouzom. Small jobs such as fencing farmers in the neighborhood also continue as usual.

“Without a website or app, just visit people and talk to each other”

Assist suppliers and customers with advice and assistance. It benefits the family, and it also means to them that Tseard has done well, too. This means that his way of doing business was good, using local businesses for his functions, but also having local businesses as clients. Give each other something. “This is how we want to keep working, the way it went. No website or app, but just visiting people and talking to each other.”

Business support is beneficial to them. “The business world is said to be difficult, but fortunately we haven’t noticed anything yet,” says Gretzjee. She herself works in education (three days a week at MBO Aeres School in Leeuwarden as coordinator) and on her husband’s dairy farm in Abiga. They have a family with three children. They would occasionally give her father invoices and quotes, and fortunately they were already used to something.

Customers still come with orders to the company

It’s also good for customers to come back with their orders. Gretzjee: On the Monday morning after the accident, I emailed all clients that we would continue to operate the company. The special thing was that until that time it was very quiet in the company all morning and after that mail the orders came again by mail and by phone. I think that lowered the barrier that prevents people from contacting us.”

Tseard van der Wal started his company 25 years ago (April 1997) when he started his own business as a Landustrie employee from Sneek. At Landustrie, he and his colleagues assembled the steel structures of Boazumer’s first shed. “Landustrie has always been a good customer for us, and still is.” Currently, the company has more than fifty regular customers.

“There is a solution to every problem and fortunately we have a lot of support from each other”

It is not easy to take over such a company and immediately arrange everything correctly with the insurance, the bank, the tax authorities and the government. GRITZEJE: And sometimes I’m really done with it in the evening, but then I come back to it fresh the next morning. For every problem there is a solution. That’s what my dad always said and I think too. Fortunately, we have a lot of support from each other.”

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