New build on Akkerlaan? In Walwick he is on horseback

Has there been a hobby horse in the 20th Akkerlaan Horse Box in recent years? This will be a concern for many, but the answer is somewhat conclusive on the part of Waalwijk of Loonse en Drunense Duinen. Natura 2000 starts with about thirty meters of reservoir and the owners want to build two new homes on their land. It is useful to calculate the nitrogen if the horse is standing. According to the owners, it is (“Look, the stool scoop is still there”). No, no, no, the locals say. The last neighing here goes back years.

The discussion of nitrogen affects every building project in the Netherlands, whether it pertains to an entire residential area or a single house. Anyone wishing to develop something would have to prove that the construction would not cause more nitrogen to fall on nature than it did in the original situation.

In this specific case, the horse – a nitrogen generator, if present – plays an important role. The owners claim that they have already moved the animal so that they can build on and around the site of the horse chest. This gives them a nitrogen gain, because in the new situation there is no longer a polluted horse. They can use the nitrogen released space for construction. Neighbor Rob Monster says there is absolutely no new situation. “They are using the horse as a means of not having to overcompensate and thus carry out their plan.”

Nitrogen is also a problem in the place where 200 homes will be built

About half a kilometer away, large machines are busy preparing fifteen hectares of land for construction. This is still Akkerlaan and here also nitrogen is the invisible limiting factor. This site relates to more than 200 homes, which are largely being built by the Waalborgh Development Consortium. However, there is one problem that causes necessary actions and therefore delays. Indeed, this problem begins with S.

In his office, director Hans de Wilde does not hold back. get angry about it. The zoning plan for the construction project has already been drawn up two years ago, and the nature conservation permit and environmental permit have been received. What remains is a long process with the State Board on nitrogen. “It’s about the extra traffic. Locals let us do a new math every time. Then they want to include that street, then that street again. It’s frustrating. It’s hard for me to let it slip away.”

De Wilde will start preparing for the construction at his own risk

De Wilde does not wait for the final decision from the Council of State. At their own risk, the men had already begun preliminary construction work, much to the chagrin of the objectors. De Wilde: “The Netherlands wants to build 100,000 homes a year, which is done very slowly in this way.

“First homes and a lot have been sold. These people have temporary mortgage rates. If they expire, they will have to pay more because interest rates are going up. That is why we don’t wait for development, they can go straight to the notary when the decision is made. But Yes, does the State Council dare burn its hands on this file? The nitrogen debate is complicated.”

This last sentence is the only one in which de Wilde and Jab Lunenburg can find each other. Lunenburg is the foreman for local opponents and accuses the developer and the municipality of tampering with the amounts of manure that were previously spread to the lawns. “They do their magic until they reach zero at the end of the nitrogen count.”

But in all honesty, isn’t nitrogen for him, and for Rob Monster half a mile away, a bogus argument trying to stop an unwelcome development for him? “It’s a knob of being able to overturn a plan,” he admits. Although the suffering is already over after it began.”

At number 20, that wasn’t the case yet. In February, the State Council provisionally decided that it was not certain that the owners kept hobby horses, “although the terrain is suitable for them, and there is a horse box and stable.” The final judgment of the proceedings on the merits of the case is pending, and the Administrative Court is busy.

In the meantime, the owners remain optimistic, they built a stable for horses for a reason, right? Liabilities too, because even the bills presented for removal of manure have not yet been proved convincing enough.

Nitrogen crisis in Brabant

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