Dutch Pony Championship: Hexagon’s Dragonfly, Tjiesto LH and Black Pearl titles

Sophie van Euwarden with the hexagonal dragonfly. Photo: Photo Trailer

Last Saturday in IJsselmuiden the final of the first edition of the Dutch Pony Championship was held. After seven pre-selects, 45 colts aged four, five and six competed against each other in the final. Hexagon’s Dragonfly, Tjiesto LH, and Black Pearl were honored as champions.

“You won’t forget this pony once you see it running,” says Tommy van Buijenbroek-Visser, who was in charge of judging with Yassin Rahmouni, about the Dragonfly hexagon. The stallion NRPS won the four-year-old category. “He’s a mini version of his dad’s Hexagon’s Double Dutch from Thamar Zweistra. What strength and charisma he has. He scored a total of 85 points, and the highest score was 9.5 on the trot. He also won the initial pick, we heard then. But we didn’t look on purpose. To the previous results, so that we can judge the void. The dragonfly really stood out, and it was rendered very accurately.”

nice driving

In any case, van Buijenbroek-Visser commends the participants for the way they were riding. Elegant, sympathetic and calm. “Even if the pony was a little noisy or agitated, that was resolved well. We can only say that we were also impressed with the way of driving.” In second place, with 84 points, was Macciato, the NWPCS foal. “A fairly small horse, but a lovely animal that moves with ease. As meticulously introduced by Issa Hollands.” The elegantly colored NRPS stallion Der Charmeur KH won the bronze medal, with Sita Hopman in the saddle. He got 82.5 points.

Five-year-old dressage ponies: Tjiesto LH and Levi Heusinkveld

Levi Heusinkveld with Tjiesto LH Photo: Trailer Photo

In the five-year-old ponies, Tjiesto LH (NWPCS) was the one with the most points. “Actually, motivation was the deciding factor for him,” van Boijenbroek-Visser said. “Levi was also a rider for Spoorzicht’s Jaguar (NWPCS), which came in second. She rides like a pro: well controlled, has a lot of emotion, is in beautiful shape, and has her ponies in very good shape.” It rained nine years on the Tjiesto Protocol. He was the best by far, with 88.5 points. Jaguar Spoorzicht’s Spoorzicht earned 82 points, half a point more than third-placed, NWPCS talented NWPCS stallion Dempsey Seal with Esmae Niessen. For Tjiësto, there was first prize for the top dressage pony: an all-new custom dressage saddle.

Six-year-old dressage ponies: Black Pearl and Liv Berndsen

For six-year-olds, the best Kanter was the one who gave the winner first place. “We thought the Black Pearl was an image of a pony, which is a very elegant thing,” says van Puijenbroek-Visser. “A pony that goes well uphill and has also been ridden very sympathetically, by Lieve Berndsen. All was well with this group.” The silver in this set went to Spoorzicht’s Jupiler. The NWPCS stallion was neatly presented by Yelin Kayalar and earned a 9 trot, but the mare still gave him the check. 84.5 points went to Black Pearl, 83 to Spurszecht-Jupiler. NWPCS gelding Goldwinshoeve VJ finished in third place with 79 points with Jonne Liefchiefer.

jumping ponies

Since everyone who met certain competition requirements could register to jump, we had to wait and see how the participating jump ponies would perform. According to Rob Irenes, who formed the jury with Jost Siemrink, all the participants without exception are of quality. “We haven’t seen a single pony passively,” explains the former national coach, who has praised the Junior Pony Championship initiative. We enjoyed it, both the ponies and the way it rode. Our country has enough talent to justify such a competition. We hope this great competition continues.”

Four-year-old ponies jumping: Doerak of Buitenstee and Tara van der Linde

Jumping ponies were judged in a similar way to the Blom Cup “Variety for Big Horse”. This means that the four-year-olds were judged over two courses in terms of the way they navigated obstacles and on board. Ban or disapproval results in points being subtracted. Team New Forest Buitenstee’s Doerak won with rider Tara van der Linde by a wide margin. “What a nice pony!” Erins praises. “It’s good to see and it was so nice to be sent in.”

Nikki to Monchino

Erins continues: “Anyway, the overall picture of these little ponies was very good. No problem with the combination. One pony somewhat liked the entourage, but the riders, without exception, calmly resolved this. Conditions were perfect and there was a nice, sympathetic course” . Buitenstee’s Doerak basically won the nines, for the trotting and the range. With a total of 85.5 points, the win cannot be missed. KWPN-born Nikki was second with Marilyn Otten in the saddle, with a score of 77.5, followed by NWPCS Marie Moncino with Diede Meulenpas with just half a point.

Five-year-old jumping ponies: the little-known legend of Little Creek and Amanda Voss

Among the five-year-olds – judging round one by style and second by time – were blanket and ribbon winners for Small-brook’s Unknown Legend (NNFPS) with Amanda Voss. “The mare started the course a little poorly and thus was a bit against the leg. I think she wanted to see her foal. But gradually she showed what she had in the house and the ears went on. In jumping, the rider rode a tight ride in which the mare cooperated well. Such a jump makes it exciting. And that faster pace is also something a pony has to learn.” The runner-up, Salto Patiento (also an NNFPS mare) ridden by Alisha Corf, was a bit slower and earned another putting point.

controlled ride

Luke van Horn’s NRPS D&R Sportpony stallion Ziro La-Di wasn’t quite ready for a fast ride just yet; His rider Luke van Horn wisely chose the controlled ride and finished third in the overall standings, after first on the first lap. MC with Milou van der Veeken scored the same number of points, but her lowest ranking on the Style Tour put the AES mare in fourth place. “Some of the ponies really have a small horse, which makes riding the course easy and relaxing. Others do nice long jumps and you also see that such a little pony turns easily and can sometimes ignore the trotting jump.”

Six-year-old ponies jumping: Finn and Philipson’s Catelegen

Katherine Phillipsen with Finn. Photo: Photo Trailer

Among the six-year-olds, it was NRPS gelding Finn with contestant Katelijne Pfilipsen who deserved the honor and the main award. The main prize consisted of using a new 2-horsepower truck from main sponsor BTTS Horsetrucks for the weekend. “A versatile pony with a lot of quality. At first, Finn jumped with a fairly open front leg, but this combination has improved a lot,” says Erins. “The number two, the NRPS Messenger van de Koetsiershoeve stallion Annika de Groot ridden, is also one to watch.” Number 3, Thunbergia’s Galanthus New Forest stallion, Ehrens also calls the Great Pony. An unfortunate streak in the jump may have cost him and his rider Ize Herwers the win, but the quality is there, one thing is for sure.

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