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Farmers Love Cows has been voted the most misleading campaign, and Liegebeest 2022 has been announced by Wakker Dier. The Dutch Agricultural Youth Communication campaign won 63 percent of the vote.

It’s good to see that consumers are no longer accepting of cute talk about the dairy sector, says Ann Hillhurst, director of Wakker Dier. According to the animal welfare organization, the ad gives a very rosy picture. There seems to be a slight error in the lives of cows. They can “relax if they want to” and “milk them carefully.” Hillhurst: Of course, it looks great. Unfortunately, many growers take good care of their skin. It is good to see that consumers are no longer accepting of cute talk about the dairy sector.”

In practice, cows are often kept on hard floors in dirty stables, Walker Dyer says. With inflamed wounds as a result, Hillhurst sees. And cows had never given so much milk before: an average of 9,200 liters per year. This is such hard work that they are exhausted after an average of six years. It’s time for the dairy sector to tell an honest story.”

Dairy farmers love their cows

The campaign is an initiative of the Dutch Agricultural Youth Connection (NAJT), an interest group for young farmers, supported by the Dutch Dairy Organization (NZO). NAJT did not want to respond substantively to the advertisement at this time, but in response to the nomination, the organization informed the Journal of Food Industry Trade. VMT They know that as small farmers, they notice that they are sometimes portrayed negatively in the media. With our campaign, we wanted to show that dairy farmers love their cows and that there is no other way; If we take good care of the cows, the cows take good care of us. So the care and preservation of cows is part of the DNA of dairy farmers.”


This Liegebeest would have won anyway

Director Wakker Dier Ann Hillhurst

The three finalists made a difference

The Liegebeest election headed by Wakker Dier, which has lasted for fourteen years, aims to expose companies that deceive customers with their logos or packaging. It turns out to be effective, because every year there are companies that stop making misleading claims after being nominated for this “award”.

This year, at least three of the five candidates were removed from the election, because they promised to tweak their campaign. Snack producer Van Dobben has stopped using fried chicken in croquettes, having previously claimed they only use “honest ingredients.” Supermarket Plus adjusts its ads for “free-roaming” calves and Jumbo removes a claim from its website about the “normal behavior” of tilapia.

“We’ve been able to draw a remarkable number of candidates this year,” Hillhurst says. However, the percentage that voted for Farmers Keep Cows is based on all votes cast, including those cast before those three candidates were selected. “Liegebeest could have won this anyway.”

Bright spots in the livestock sector

The only candidate left in the Liegebeest election ended up in second and last place. Discover the goats campaignAnd the who received 20% of the total votes, He claims that goats in the Netherlands enjoy “optimal luxury”. Walker Abbey thinks wrong. “In practice, many young goats die within two weeks, partly because of poor care. Their mothers have no outside and nowhere to climb; a basic need for goats.”

The remaining two campaigns were started by the livestock sector, and there is a lot wrong with that, as Wakker Dier regularly explains. Does Hillhurst also see bright spots? “The bright spots are farmers who are consciously choosing and talking about a radically different approach as well. Like many of the members of Caring Farmers who have told their story in recent months. They show that things can be done differently and that you benefit everyone in their own way. Animals, nature and also farms.”

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