KNHS-Roelofsen Tolbert KNHS-Roelofsen Tolbert KNHS-Roelofsen-Heuytnik win Cornelissen, Pap and Van Roygen-Heuytnik

Kimberly Pap with Just a Dream (by Dream Boy) Photo: Wilma Frentz

The ninth KNHS-Roelofsen Truck Dressage Contest was held in Tolbert on Sunday. Adelind Cornelissen was the best in the Grand Prix with Flo de Payan (by Jazz). At U25, the victory went to Kimberly Pap with Just a Dream (by Dream Boy). Joyce van Roygen-Huettenk and Jodi Vita (by Apache) won the St. George’s Prix race.

It was a very successful weekend for Kimberly Babb. The rider, who is a member of the KNHS talent team, scored a hat-trick with Just a Dream: on Friday they won the Intermédiaire II, on Saturday U25 and on Sunday they were top again at U25. The duo convincingly won the overall prize. “I am very happy with my mare. We haven’t been riding at this level for a long time and at first I couldn’t complain. But now I notice that she is getting closer and closer to that on trial. She has not been flawless every day and I am very happy with the results.”

Unusual errors

“Flawless it’s tough in this category anyway. We had a few bugs in the series while Just a Dream was able to do it great, that was a bit of a bit of bad luck. But the clip was a lot better and so was the clip. She has a lot. There is a lot of talent in it and I scored eight goals in it for the first time. And that’s just not possible, so there is definitely potential,” Kimberly Babb says excitedly. “Now we are going to train for a while and expand it again and then it should be fine. The U25 is something really different from the Small Tour and I have to get into it. But I go to the ring with more confidence and keep practicing.”

Flores scores in a small round

Kimberly was in great shape on the small tour with her son Amber Flores. On the opening day they won the Intermédiaire I, in the all-season pool freestyle class they placed fifth and on the closing day there was a beautiful second place in the Prix St. “I think the first day was a good test. But if you compare, Flores walked much tougher today, then sixes became seven. He walked well for three days. In the strong field of the Roelofsen class participants, I was hoping for a place in the eight The first and exceeded expectations for the second place.”

Another general award for my father

Kimberly also won the overall award with her eight-year-old stallion Jersey (by Vivaldi). On day one they won ZZ-Zwaar, they finished second in the combined freestyle class and on the last day there was second place. “On the first day the jersey was really cool but it wasn’t clear, we had fives and eights. But I was very happy with that feeling,” continues Kimberly, who is planning to move to the junior round with Vivaldi’s son, with whom she ran the Dressage World Championships in Verdun. last year. “I think that was the last time ZZ-Zwaar and we are now moving on to the Prix St. He is ready and jumps the series with super easy ease.”

with two for the final

Kimberly could prepare for the final of the KNHS-Roelofsen Horse Truck Dressage Competition with Just a Dream and Floris. “It’s really weird to be able to make it to the final with two stingers. So cute. There were so many good guys at Tolbert this weekend and it was a really tough field. So don’t expect this, but it really couldn’t be better.”


Jury member Janine van Twist, who judged U25 along with Adriaan Hamoen and Rita van den Engel, is also full of praise for Kimberly Pap. “Her mare is only eight years old and Kimberly rides very nice. She rides really well, a really great combination for the future.”

Corneliusen wins the grand prize

At the Grand Prix, the orange ribbon went to Adélinde Cornelissen with Flo de Payan, Patrick van der Meer rode the Sephora S to second, and Diederik van Sylvhout took third with an impression stallion. “It was a very nice break-up and it was so close together. Adelende rode a very consistent test with the series as the highlight. He was very controlling and constantly cool. The clip and syllable could be a little more expressive, but the base is elaborate. Really a full horse” Jury member Janine Van Twist continues.

Persian character

“Sephora is a personal mare, but Patrick put it together very well and really wanted to work with him. She was good at lesson, good with aids and showed nice things.” The jury member is also passionate about Van Silfhout and Impression. “The impression is a very expressive horse. He moves well from the ground up and has a lot of talent. He was still a little nervous every now and then, but he is still very young and needs to gain experience in competition. But this is really a horse for the future.”

Cozy old fashioned

Van Twist is full of praise for the competition in Tolbert, which hosted the KNHS-Roelofsen Horse Truck Dressage Competition. “It was great for each other with beautiful soil and a great crowd. There were also plenty of free riding opportunities and everything was perfect to please the jockeys and horses. Really great competition to let the horses gain experience and it was good old fashioned fun.”


This competition in Tolbert was the last chance selected to enter the final of the KNHS-Roelofsen Truck Dressage Competition. The final will take place on 14 October at Friesland Indoor Stadium in Leeuwarden. Then the six qualifying groups (in each category) ride the freestyle music. We will soon announce the groups that qualified for the final.

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