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Max Verstappen won the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort yesterday after an exciting race. The result was a frenzied orange party, but now it seems like not everyone was having a great day there. Several reports of infringing behavior have surfaced around Formula 1, ranging from unwelcome contact to beer showers.

Svenja Tillmans, founder of the F1 Women’s Fan Club, says fifteen visitors have received reports of misconduct. say to The heart of the Netherlands: “It was about other drivers’ lovers who showered them with beer, as well as the girls who stood in line and said, ‘I want to sit on your ass. They just squeeze your ass and tits to go ahead.'”

‘Maybe more women have experienced infringing behaviour’

Tillmans suspects that more women have been exhibiting undesirable behavior. The fan club wants to talk to the circuit to put an end to misogynistic behavior around the races. The department has previously set up a special phone number where a woman can file a complaint. Tell Tillmans News Agency AP That five reports came in here, but there was almost no coverage on the track. I know a number of women went to the security guards, but they referred them to the police who were outside. Then you get the “lack of caring” effect and that’s a shame.”

She acknowledges that it is difficult to deal with this type of behavior in a crowd. However, according to her, solutions can be envisaged: reducing alcohol consumption, more control of the lane and drivers who invite each other to stay away from each other. TEducators believe that women often take behavior for granted because they want to go to the race. “With the idea: I know where I’m going, it should take some time. I wonder if I had a really nice weekend at the end. I don’t think so.”

Testimonials on Twitter

You can read some testimonials on Twitter. Guys, if you see a drunk guy in a white shirt, black shorts and orange hat walking around Ben Bon alone, please stay away from this guy, he’s already touched me and many girls!

There is no report of offending behavior to the police yet

A police spokesman said there were no reports of sexually dissenting behavior during the race. However, the police contacted a woman who indicated on social media that she had been attacked by a drunk visitor. During the afternoon yesterday, the police arrested a man outside the circle for defamation. He resisted arrest and was carrying pepper spray. Whether he actually used it remains unclear. The man is still under arrest.

Previous reports anti-women behavior In a Formula 1 race

This is not the first time that misogynistic behavior has become a topic in motorsports. For example, there were testimonies of intimidating behavior during the Grand Prix in Austria. Women in particular have reported sexual, racial and homophobic insults by Verstappen supporters on social media. For example, one person wrote at the time: “Every time a woman or girl passed by, she would then be called and beeped. Even parents with children sang ‘There must be a penis inside.’ I guess that’s supposed to be a joke. But when you sing this to women and young girls, it’s not funny.”

Formula 1 launched a campaign to curb misconduct after the events in Austria: kick her out. In a video message, drivers such as Verstappen and FIA President Mohamed Ben Sulayem called for more respect and communication.

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