What is silky horse racing? Full explanation of this P2E Metaverse game.

Have you always dreamed of owning your own race horse and winning competitions? Until recently, this was just a reality for the wealthy elite. Horses are bred and sometimes sold for hundreds of thousands of euros. why? These horses often have an extension Unique pedigree and the best racehorse in the world. Participating in the most prestigious competitions, these racehorses are a walking (read: walking) cash machine. Not only is it a cute, cuddly horse, but a great investment.

Thanks to blockchain technology, everyone can now digitally invest in their unique horse. And yes, a horse of flesh and blood. Every horse gets Digital copy on the blockchain and minted as NFT. feature? When your horse’s physical replacement wins a competition, you also win a prize. There is no investment in hundreds of thousands of euros or dollars, but NFT is affordable with many advantages. Find out everything you need to know about silk here.

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We’ve now seen the evolution of both play-to-earn and the emergence of the metaverse. But the latest trend is that we Combine all of these success factors into one interactive digital world.

Play to win (P2E)

What was once revolutionary now looks almost normal a year later. The fact that you can earn cryptocurrency by participating in a game is unknown territory for many, and a profitable business for some. Silks is a P2E metaverse where you can earn money in many ways, even without doing anything. How? Read more in this blog!


Metaverse, the whole world is talking about it. We can no longer do without it and this development is the building block of our digital future. In the Metaverse we can’t do it alone Digitally private Thanks to Web3.0, but we can also do everything Creating a new society and economy. Not only is the game element present in Silks, but we can also discover this world, connect with each other, and more to come. Because the makers have big plans!

What is silk?

Silks is the first P2E Metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain that reflects the real world of purebred racehorses. There are no artificial avatars or generated themes, just a digital racehorse based on real world characteristics and traits. One-to-one copy.

knight picture

There is no horse racing without a proper jockey. enormous 5000 knights are available in silk, Each has its own clothes and features. These colors also appear on the horse itself and during virtual competitions. It is of course not important to have a nice-looking knight. Dress up to marvel!

This avatar reflects who you are in the metaverse and is your digital ownership of your in-game assets. Before you can buy your digital horse, you must first have a suitable rider in possession of it. Two separate investments, but then you also have something. Not only do these riders ride these horses, they will also have additional opportunities in the metaverse in the future.


horse industry

Horse racing is a unique world associated with the elite. Rich and Influential congregate on this Exclusive Events To often bet huge sums on their favorite race horse. Does your horse win? So you not only had a nice afternoon, but you also made a lot of money!

This horse racing is a multi-billion dollar business where real racehorses are bred and sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the origin and pedigree, among other things. After all, everyone wants the best race horse. The better your horse is, the more races you win, the more money you earn. So your racing horse is a real investment. But this is of course only for the rich and famous. Well, especially for the wealthy then.

To make the world of the best horses accessible to the general public, Silks launches P2E Metaverse. No physical or maintenance horses, but a 1 on 1 digital copy of your favorite horse. This way, every time your horse wins a competition in the real world, you will also win a share of the prize money!

horse silk

Silks is an NFT pool of 10,000 horses on the Ethereum blockchain. These horses are the top 1% of America’s thoroughbred racehorses. Thus NFTs track the daily lives of these horses. Where do they come from, what is their lineage and even how is their training going. The more expensive a real horse is, the more expensive this NFT will be.

And what foals were born thanks to this racehorse breeding programme? These are also included in Silks. Every year Silks introduces a new batch of qualified racehorses. All information is placed on the blockchain in real time and verified by the Silks community, thanks to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. These horses are extracted and sold as NFT in a traditional way. This means that you do not know in advance which horse you are going to get. Everyone pays the same price for their horses.

And the horses retired? They can still continue to race digitally. thanks for that An in-game algorithm, retired horses can compete against each other in order to continue to receive adequate rewards and contribute to the ecosystem.


Fragmented NFTs

Race horses are a valuable investment, and that may be the case with this digital alternative. That is why it is possible to make this investment with 9 others. Thanks to segmented NFTs, you can buy your favorite horse with friends, acquaintances or other interested parties and share ownership. This also means joint profits, of course!

In addition to the P2E principle, you can also buy land in this metaverse. And this land, all the unique NFTs, you will then need to take care of your horse and make a big income. Like the material world has a horse They need shelter and ample space for grazing and training. Silk metaverse consists of 202,500 hectares of land with an area of ​​450 x 450 per plot.


Provided you can’t just put your horse in the yard, you need a stable for the basic needs of your racehorse. A stable is a property of at least 10 contiguous plots of land on which you can build your own stable. You can house up to 10 horses in each stable. And beware, because you can’t build an infinite number of stables in the metaverse, but a maximum of 10% of all racehorses.

horse farm

Do you want to go big and find a very small barn? Go to your horse farm! It has an area of ​​10 hectares where you can build a maximum of 10 stables and thus keep a maximum of 100 horses.


revenue model

As a horse owner, you naturally win money when your horse wins competitions in the physical world. But there is more. If you own a stable or farm, you will win a fixed percentage of this prize money. Owners can “hit” their horse at your stable or farm, while you are generously rewarded for doing so. As the owner of your stable or farm, you can also be selective about which horses you welcome or not, because the better your horses are, the higher your rewards. Silks combines all the elements of GameFi with these realistic developments.


Silks has a dual token system consisting of an SLK token and an STT token:

SLK dollars

The $SLK is the governance token of Silks. A community gains this token when they contribute to an ecosystem. think about it Validate and instrument real world information on the blockchain, an essential part of silk. With these tokens they get Voting rights They can help determine the future and vote on important issues.

The total supply of the token is 500 million and will be distributed as follows:

  • 5% reserve
  • 5% advisors
  • 20% ecosystem
  • 30% team
  • 40% players

STT code $

We also have the in-game token $STT. everybody Transactions and rewards You will pay in STT $. It has at least 5 billion tokens, but it is tradable against the ruling token $SLK. This way, participants can still help decide the future of Silks and vote.



The Silks team are no strangers to the industry. The team consists of over 25 people in total, but here’s a look at the core members:

Troy Levi Founder He also owns Tropical Racing, an American Thoroughbred breeding and racing company. He has a total of more than 20 years of experience in this industry. LinkedIn
Dan Nisanoff founding partner Dan is a junior Internet and blockchain entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience designing and developing large scale businesses. LinkedIn
Benjamin Plotkin founding partner As Head of Producer, he has a key position at Silks. He has a passion for NFTs and the metaverse and makes Silks his new mission. LinkedIn

road map

Silk is still in its infancy and has ambitious roadmap. So combining P2E and the dynamic metaverse is not an easy task:

April 2022 – Avatar Collection

It was launched in April of 2022 Avatar Genesis Collection, The NFT group of 10,000 colorful and unique riders is ready to hit the racing arenas. These are not only necessary to purchase the Silk Horse, but will also give you more in-game rewards and exclusive benefits in the metaverse in the future.

Summer 2022 – Horses Collection

The summer of 2022 is known for their inauguration, as they call it The first silk horses. This is the first time in history that exclusive racehorses have been awarded a digital copy that accurately reflects their backgrounds and achievements. Earn in-game tokens when they win matches and get additional rewards when they get skill.

Q3 – 2022: P2E Games

let the games begin! From this moment on, you can buy land and horses and you can start building your stables or farms. Find out which horses are worth more based on their performance in real life and start negotiations. At this point in the game, it may be necessary to position yourself to generate as much income as possible.

Q1 – 2023: Silk Metaverse

The Silks Metaverse is open to the general public. Buy equipment to take care of your horse, buy and sell land, stables or even an entire farm and look for as many opportunities as possible to play the game profitably. The further the game progresses, the more decentralized the P2E metaverse becomes.

2023: World Silk

Now that the groundwork is laid and the P2E Metaverse goes live, it’s time for international and global expansion. Silks want to grow exponentially with a rock solid community and further democratize the Thoroughbred racehorse world.


The world of thoroughbred racehorses is an exclusive world that is difficult for the average person to access. governed by power and prestige It is a place controlled and managed by a bureaucracy of powerful and influential individuals and parties, until now. Silex wants The democratization of the world of these thoroughbred racehorses By giving everyone access thanks to the development NFTs, Metaverse, and Web 3.0.

Not only can you own your favorite horse as an NFT and win prizes when a thoroughbred race horse wins a competition, but you can also buy virtual land in the Silks metaverse and build farms and stables here. in this way You will get a share of the prize pool for the winning horse This is on your farm or stable. Lots of ways to generate passive income!

Looking for more information or have questions about silk? Or would you like to meet other crypto enthusiasts? In the Free Discord Channels From our Money Mastery product from AllesOverCrypto you can ask questions and you can talk to thousands of other crypto enthusiasts. Do you have other coding related questions? The easiest way is to search for your question in the FAQ. Another thing you can do is google your question + all about encryption. Let us know what your thoughts are about these P2E Metaverse games.

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