NRPS honors horse and pony champions…

NRPS celebrated its 40th anniversary in style. A day when many heroes were honored and put in the spotlight.

Horse Riding Champions

At the riding circuit, 3-year-old Gwen was leading the way. Kaur (the gladiator) was crowned the dressage mare national champion. In doing so, she follows in the footsteps of her mother, the Elite Calista (Nespresso x Ronaldo), who won the title in 2018. Last month, she became the Western Region Champion. Gwen’s breeders with a height of 1.68 m are Lambert van Nispen and Pauline van Nispen-Knolls of Wouwse Plantage; Owner of Van Allst Horses.

The reserve title went to the 4-year-old Nadeshgranta SAG forl. keur (Incognito x Brilliant) from Teake Eringa and Irma Leenman from De Veenhoop. The patented chestnut mare was only offered for registration in the Horse Book this season and has already become the Tolbert Northern District Champion.

Among the jumpers, the excellent FH 13-year-old high-performance sports mare is convinced. keur (Verdi x Korsar II) of Mark van der Stouw and his mother Linda van der Stouw-van Wijk of Biddinghuizen. Excellent FH has competed in sport only (jumping Z with Mark) and is now expecting her first pony (jointly with Eldorado van de Zischuck).

The backup hero was 3-year-old Lady Van de Beerendskamp-Vorl. keur, daughter of Chester Z of Little Eve van de Berendskamp, ​​one of the few descendants of the legendary Hickstead. Breeder and owner E. van Steenbergen from Gameren.

pony heroes

For Colts, championship medals can be awarded in all three disciplines. In all respects for GraciA eg. keur (cute Fortuna x De Goede Ree’s Metall), bred by Jan Arts of Klarenbeek and owned by Mrs. ECH van Galen from Kwadendamme. 5-year-old GraciA was recorded in the genealogy book as a 3-year-old during a home check in the first year of Corona, and has grown into a large electronic foal of 1.54 metres.

The reserve champion in this breeding trend is the 3-year-old Koetsiershoeve Corradina voorl. keur (Dimmans Electron x Machno Carwyn) is owned by Raymond Kamphuis of Nijbroek. It is therefore bred in a very performance-oriented manner from the Fatima line at Wim Ten Hoppen.

And Raymond Camvuys had another iron in the fire of this tribe, and in proportions of international cuteness: his 3-year-old Koetsiershoeve Boogie Woogie voorl. keur (Del Piero x Orlando) became a pony jumping champion.

In dressage, the win went to 3-year-old Nevada van de Beekerheide, daughter of Neptune van de Beekerheide of Imara van de Beekerheide ster, favourite, excellent breed (Isarco x kooihûster Folkert, Coco Valrosa breed). Of Imara’s 13 children, five have already competed at the Z level, including multi-European champion Oscar van de Beckerheide. Imara’s 4-year-old son, Nashville Van de Beckerheide, was named the Crop Champion of the year because of his amazing way of moving, and his sister is no less. Breeder Jan van Beek, Masbury and owner Michel Vanquiere of Gemond.

The reserve champion was 7-year-old Core, the sporty performance mare Charming Girl vd Ponderosahoeve (Orchard Boginov x Ramzi H of Orchard Boginov x First Steerhof) who was led by Elise Teunissen-Weggs of Oosterhout. This pony breeder eventually returned to the stable with two backup champions: She also earned this title from her first-born jumper vd Ponderosahoeve. Pedigree: Forsyth Jr. Z x Nightfinver II x Millie Jerome, Bianca Van Stahl Vreeveld ancestry.


Among the foals of riding horses, the ponies of the jumping stallion Conprice stood out. The champion in overall jumping/breeding was the elegant filly Ser Brienne of Tarth (Conprice x Van Gogh) owned by Bart Waninge of Dwingeloo. The reserve title went to 2 months older Envy Me (born March 27, by Ci Ci Senjor ASK x Casimo) of Fokko Wever of Assen.

In dressage, filly T-Aqueeni, daughter of the 2022 best performer, is satisfied. Van der Meijden deliberately mated to seal his stock Aqueeni (s. Samba Hit I). T-Aqueeni’s mother Kueeni (Apache x Voice) also produced 3-year-old D’Aqueeni. keur (by D’Joep), who is now second in the National Champion Gwen class.

The reserve pony champion was Milford x Fairytale x Wynton by Jasmine Copman-Calquis of Nordbeamster, former pony champion for the Western Region.

The top of the dressage pony consists of Champion Noa Van Astein and Reserve Champion Princes Boleyn. Noa van Asten represents the first (large) crop of the stallion Nilay van de Beekerheide (closely related to the 3-year-old dressage championship Nevada van de Beekerheide) and the dam is keur mare Kwinty van Asten (Kraneveld’s Kadans x El Beauty) from the NRPS breeder – Marie van Antwerpen of Haaren (who has been bringing breeding products to inspections since 1968!).

Princes Pauline is the daughter of the New Edition M from Princes Fortuna H voorl. keur (Flint Fortuna ZH x Lobeke ox) is owned by J. Withagen of Hoogerheide.

The only offspring in this examination of Kristall van Orchid’s colt stallion, the Kane BK colt of JP Brands of Lithoijen has become the champion of jumping ponies. And that’s exactly six years after his 11-year-old mum Noah Bei-Kur won the National Championship title for the 3-year-old and up. Noa BK hails from First Stayerhof’s Ramzi H x Justice HR team.

The reserve champion in the field was First Jumper vd Ponderosahoeve.

In the overall colts, the first offspring (and also the only one in this check) triumphed by Jeronimo Taunga, who was approved this year. Sunshine for his beautiful daughter Bronk (ds. Holthausen Frodo II x Oosterbroek Sergio), who was born in mid-April, “has it all,” according to breeder/owners Lars Bronk and Esther van den Berg, and the jury thought so, too. But reserve champ D&R Sportpony’s Made to Dance (Made in Holland ACB x Ismar) was a match. It was bred by the Van de Räckt family and owned by Dennis Dollwerd and Richard Reingers, all of Nistelrod.

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