Hoogendoorn, Van Dolst, Jason & Decker win the KNHS-Anemone Horse Trucks Tolbert Cup

Robin Decker with happy feet. Photo: NH Photo

The eighth KNHS-Anemone Horse Trucks Cup competition match was held in Tolbert today. Best Young Rider was Gertie Hoogendoorn with Emporio Armani LD (by Johnson). In juniors Anniek van Dulst scored the highest score with Kadanz (by Charmeur). Sissi Gijsen won with New Star (by Speyksbosch Nelson) in ponies and in children the victory went to Robin Dicker with Happy Feet (by Tuschinski).

In The Children, who were judged by Williamian Blanken, Anouk Hansen, Vivian Lindemann, Robin Decker and Happy Feet were in a classroom of their own. The group scored a new personal best score of 80.125% and with this score it was more than six percent higher than the competition. “Happy walked very well and was on my leg. The breakup went very well and in the test I was able to do the exercises well,” says Robin Decker. “I especially liked the walks and the easy changes to the canter. When I ride well, Happy is always fine.”

Unbeaten until the final

After a year-long hiatus, Happy Feet successfully returned to the ring with Robin Dicker in the KNHS-Anemone Horse Trucks Cup competition match in Bergschenhoek last July. With two straight victories, the duo have a ticket to the competition final, but the same goes for Robin and her horse Helena (by Don Tango B). With this mother-bred mare, whom Robin recently won a silver medal at the European Championships in Hungary, she has won all three competition matches in the KNHS Anemone Horse Trucks Cup she has competed in. Perhaps the rider will have to choose which of them you will start in the final. “We’ll think about that for a while.”

so grateful

The rider from Harskamp is delighted to be able to ride for his owner Linda van Woudenberg, the multi-champion Happy Feet, who has previously won NK and European Championship medals under several Amazons. “Happy is a very kind pony, very thoughtful and ready to work. Just a treasure,” Robin continues excitedly. “He is very happy to be in the track now that we are racing again. You can really tell he is enjoying it. I really enjoy riding Happy and learned a lot from him which I can also take with me in Helena. I am so grateful that Linda allowed me to drive her.”

Kids time off

Robin is fourteen years old, and this is her last year with the kids. “I really want to go to the International Aachen Young Stars competition to finish my kids’ time. Then it ends with Happy and with Helena we will continue training for the little ones,” Robin says of her plans. Additionally, she also takes over the management of a pony from her sixteen-year-old sister, Lemony, who will pass on to the little ones.


The participation was by far the largest among the rookies. Jury members Adriaan Hamoen, Patrick Berends and Rita van den Engel received no fewer than thirty sets in the ring. Anniek van Dulst won unanimously, riding her son Charmeur Kadanz to 72.233%. Ismy Bowers, who recently won silver pony Beauty W (by Orchard Boginov) at the European Championships in Poland, rode her horse Kiki G (by Vivaldi) to second place with 68.232%. Jamie van Egdom and Dancing Soulmate (by Jazz) completed the top three with a score of 67.828%. “I really enjoyed it and we had a great top eight players, really what we want to see. Especially Annick and her horse made me so thrilled. Really a combination of potential and Cadans have a great look. If they keep it up I see great opportunities for the future. Annick rode in Great trotting round and every pass was palpable. I gave several eights and even nines,” says Patrick Berends excitedly. “Kiki van Esmee is also a beautiful horse and she rides very well. Esmee can fine-tune a few things, but she has a real feel for riding. It is very good that Esmee now continues her success with little ponies.” Berends is also very positive about Jamie van Egdom and Dancing Soulmate. “The dancing soul mate is beautiful jazz, has a nice front and also stayed at the top. He is a neat horse and was nicely presented by Jimmy and rode the right test.”

international attraction

The KNHS-Anemone Horse Truck Cup was a guest of this competition at HJC Manege in Tolbert, where mother and daughter Lieneke and Rolinde Meursing of L&R Horse Events are organizing the competition over several days. Berends praises competition with international appeal and finds it beneficial for young people to be able to gain experience in such an entourage. “The competition is nicely organized and the atmosphere is great. In three days there are 700 starts, spread over four rings. It looks great and really good for each other. There is a lot of potential in the youngsters with many good horses. There are also some green combos that still need to be acquired. Experience and growth. It is important for young riders to go miles and gain experience in these types of events and can smell the international appeal.”


This competition in Tolbert was the last selected opportunity to participate in the KNHS-Anemone Horse Truck Cup Final. The final will take place at Exloo on September 17-18. On Saturday, all groups compete in the FEI Country Test, and on Sunday the best six groups from the 1st Test allow for the Musical Freestyle (FEI Kids Individual Test). Both exams count towards the final ranking. We will soon announce the groups that qualified for the final.

The main objective of the KNHS-Anemone Horse Truck Cup is to stimulate the development of young Dutch riders, juniors, ponies and children and is an important dressage framing and broadcasting competition.

KNHS-Anemone Horse Trucks Cup Results, Tolbert

Young Knight:
1 Geertje Hoogendoorn (Tilburg), Emporio Armani LD (by Johnson) 65000%
2 Ryan Ashley Opels (Parsingerhorn), James Brown (by Desperado) 64.216%
3 Shanika de Bruijn (Wateringen), El Chica (from Singapore) 64.069%

1 Annick van Dolst (Ermelo), Cadans (by Sharmour) 72.233%
2 Esmee Boers (Nieuw-Vennep), Kiki G (by Vivaldi) 68.232%
3 Jimmy Van Eggdom (Kranenburg), Dancing Soulmate (by Jazz) 67.828%

1 Sissi Gijsen (Moergestel), New Star 8 (by Speyksbosch Nelson) 69.429%
2 Sanne Glissenaar (Harmelen) Filippo (by Kantje’s Carlando) 69.048%
3 Lorna Verweijen (Bergeijk), Noordhof’s Surprise (by Brummerhoeve’s Boss) 68.810%

1 Robin Decker (Harskamp), Happy Feet (by Tuschinski) 80.125%
2 Jente Nes (Zwaagdijk-East), Semper Avanti (Roman nature) 73.950%
3 Lorna Ferogen (Bergic), Isidy van Astein (by Irakion) 70,400%

Source: KNHS press release

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