I have learned to be content with this life

Lisbeth: “It happened on April 12, 2008 during a lazy hunting season finale. I slipped off my horse and felt myself tearing my knee ligaments. Because I then had a blood clot, I had to take blood thinners. There was so much that it bled and after six weeks it was done. I was taken to the hospital with the sirens screaming.

“The doctor wrote that he thought there was bleeding in my neck, he gave me more blood thinners and two days later I woke up completely paralyzed. Medical mistake… I only wanted one thing at the time: death. But after surgery and physical therapy, I was able to move one finger again Eight weeks later. Then I knew there was hope. Yes, I am an optimist by nature.

“After six months in rehab, I was able to walk with a treadmill. I hated it there, I missed my home, my animals and my children, but I also knew I had to invest in myself.”

“Fortunately, I was at my best, riding a horse for a long time. When the visitors came, we went to the café, so I could live a bit of a normal life.

“Finally I was able to run freely at home, until I broke my hip in 2012. I can now take small steps at home, but I always have to seek support. Outside I walk with crutches or use a mobility scooter which can be taken in the car.

Realizing that my old life will never come back made me sad, but you shouldn’t even think about it. I can use that energy better. Among other things, for the legal battle for compensation. It was difficult as well as rehabilitation. The process took The whole seven and a half years, but I won. I wrote a book about it back in the barebackTo inspire others to never give up.

“I sold my farmhouse, that’s no longer possible.”

Big driver’s license

I was a businesswoman until the horse fell. In 1986 I started a recruitment firm in Amsterdam with a partner. I was one of the first female headhunting workers in the Netherlands. My husband was older than me and took care of our son and daughter. In 1999, I started my own headhunting company in Barnefield, near our home in Putten. During that time, I also got my driver’s license, so I could take our horses to competitions.

“My husband died in 2007, in 2008 I had an accident and in 2009 my company went bankrupt because I couldn’t be there and the crisis broke out. The man is gone, the body is gone, the company is gone, in three years. And with it my pension, because one day I wanted to I live off the sale of that company.Now the compensation is my pension.I’m back in business, based on the project.Now I’m recommending a company in small houses And do some headhunting a year. Because I want to keep working, especially now that everything is so expensive.”


“I am also very busy with the Better Walking Foundation. Two years ago, I called Lokomat, a conveyor belt that people who cannot walk can still take steps thanks to some kind of belt. There are two such devices in clinics in the Netherlands, but only for their patients. With three of my friends a crowdfunding campaign and now there’s also a Lokomat in Nijkerk Physiotherapist, it’s available to everyone. A private individual has applied for 4.5 tons and now we have to pay it. There will be an auction dinner on September 14, but that’s not enough to pay off this debt.

“The goal is to have such a device in every county, because it’s really cool. A partially paralyzed four-year-old girl can stand again. I myself now have fewer cramps at night and can do 2,500 steps a day on Lokomat Isn’t that exciting!?

“We really want to make the organization successful. I talk to lenders and insurers to convince them of the results and receive interested experts. I had to get used to the fact that my working life was over, but that way I became useful again. I am fortunate because I have a large network and can speak well.”


“After the case closed, I went on a cruise with my kids and in 2017 I went to Australia with a friend. Everything works with help. And every summer I go with friends to a beach house in Katwick for a week. Wheelchair paddling pools in thick tires you can borrow Free from the municipality. Top!”

“I still have a busy social life: a great circle of friends, dinners and of course I still keep in touch with the hunting club. I don’t regret that I can no longer take part, but I turn it around: how nice it is that I have been a member for forty years and have been a Dutch champ in hunting Horses are “class members” twice. I have learned to be content with this life. I have stopped being sad and angry and will continue to make the most of it.”

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