Back to School: 5 Tips for Buying Kids Clothes Online

Because of the long and warm days, it seemed like endless, but after this week, the whole country’s summer vacation is over. School bags and lunch boxes are taken out of the locker and in the morning wearing a swimsuit or swimsuit is unfortunately not enough. It’s time for a new school year and time for new clothes! Did you know that since last week you can also go to Umoda for baby clothes? This family business in Zeeland started in 1875 as a shoe store and has also had an online store since 2007. Last year they really expanded their range online with men’s and women’s clothing, and now you can also go there for high quality and trendy items for kids. Designer Mode tells more about it and immediately gives a number of tips for smart online shopping for children’s clothes!

“Since last week we have been selling children’s clothing for all ages: from the smallest kids’ sizes to cool items for tweens and teens up to size 176,” began Maud. “In terms of brands, our portfolio ranges from well-known brands such as Vingino, Scotch & Soda, Cars Jeans and Petit Bateau. To smaller, less well-known brands such as Danish Marmar Copenhagen and Dutch brands Ammehoela, Carlijnq and Baje Studio.” “Just like the adult collections, Omoda children’s clothing is hand-selected by experienced fashion buyers and we also offer our children’s items in different collections and looks. This way you will also experience the personalized styling tips that Omoda is known for online.” In addition to being a children’s clothing designer, Maud is also a mother of two young children, so there’s no shortage of advice on smart shopping!

1. Take an inventory of what you need in advance

Unlike adults, children, of course, are still growing up, so you have to buy new clothes more often. So, Maud’s first tip is to take inventory every once in a while, eg when summer is coming to an end and you’re taking off your fall clothes again. “Check your little one’s wardrobe and divide everything into three piles: clothes that still fit well, clothes that fit perfectly and clothes that are really small. So the last pile should be replaced especially, but also think about clothes that fit you perfectly. Before you know it, These clothes are pretty small. Make a list of what’s in those two piles, then do a targeted search on the Internet. This way you avoid ordering all kinds of cool sweaters, when in fact they still fit just right.”

2. Measurement is to know

Sometimes children grow so fast that they “skip” the entire clothing size. Not sure which size to buy for your child? Mod: “Then grab a tape measure and measure your child (or a piece of clothing that fits well). In the Omoda online store, there is a size chart for each piece of clothing, where you can see exactly what the clothing measurements are.” And if you’re still in doubt between two sizes, Maud always advises going for the larger size: “The higher the chance your baby will wear it longer, so it’s more durable. On top of that, being roomy and oversized is now also a real trend for kids.”

Omoda also has a handy tool for buying children’s shoes: SafeSize. Maud: “This is not a device with a ruler and a slider as we know from the past, but it works on a 3D basis. As a result, it is possible to estimate how the foot develops.” This tool is only available in physical Omoda stores, but once your child’s foot has been professionally measured by Omoda professionals, it will of course also come in handy when shopping online.

3. Invest in neutrals

If you have several children, it is of course easy (and sustainable) to move clothes when they are very young. Like Maud, do you have a boy and a girl? Then, it might be smarter to opt for more neutral items like winter boots and coats. You are in the right place at Omoda, because their handpicked collection contains a lot of high quality items that will last for a long time. Maud: “For my daughter, for example, I didn’t have pink but black. Martens chose it, so my son could still wear it for a while. And with a winter coat you can think of a puffer jacket or a teddy coat, and neutral colors like beige, brown and shades The other normal you now see a lot for boys and girls.” By moving these more expensive, high-quality pieces, you’ll have more budget for other trendy items.

4. Check the return terms

Whether it’s for yourself or your kids, online shopping is always a bit of a gamble. Maud: “It gets tricky sometimes, especially in terms of size, because it varies by brand how the size fits in. For example, Scandinavian adult brands are often quite large compared to Dutch brands, but Scandinavian brands are often A little narrower for the kids.” Southern European brands often run a bit smaller than Dutch brands. Always check the size charts with items carefully before ordering, the chance is less that you will order multiple sizes or choose the wrong size. Does this have to happen at all? Returns are always free with Omoda and you have no less than 365 days to do so.

5. Give tiny clothes a second life

Because babies grow so fast, clothes are sometimes too small before they are often worn. You can pass these clothes on to friends or family with younger children, but you can also sell them online. Think Marktplaats or Vinted. Not only is it more sustainable than throwing it away, but wouldn’t it also be fun to make someone else happy with it? There are also many charities and organizations that collect children’s clothing. Then they make sure the clothes end up with the kids who need it most. The Babyspullen Foundation is such an organization, for example, but The Salvation Army and Sympany are also happy with their (old) baby clothes. There are also many similar local initiatives, such as De Kast van Lotje in The Hague.

Autumn trends for kids

Finally, Maude likes to tell us all about fall trends for kids: “First of all, we see a lot of color next season. Both cheerful and bright colors and natural earth tones. Plus, you can see that the clothes are loosely worn by both boys and girls. Very cute and oversized.And I’ve seen a surprising number of jackets, like this Street Called Madison jacket for boys and these neutral-colored jackets for girls.This is perfect, because you wear it now as a jacket, but later when it gets cooler you can wear A t-shirt underneath and such a vest can also be worn well indoors.Another item I’ve seen a lot come up with is a waistcoat.Another item that you can use in a variety of ways: wear it with a vest underneath or dress it up a little over a blouse or dress.For example, I absolutely love this bra With Amihuela embroidery.

Inspired by all of Maud’s tips and trends? Then go straight to Omoda’s online store to get tons of fun baby items!

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