Alexandra lost her brother and mother at a young age, and now her 8-month-old baby: ‘Nanny found Omelie lifeless in his crib’

Alexandra herself crawled through the eye of a needle at the age of eleven in an accident in which she lost her mother. A new lease on life has given her a beautiful family with James and their two children, Eleanor (2) and Emily (8 months). On Tuesday, fate struck little Omelie hard and mercilessly. The little boy died in the nanny’s house. Everything points to a tragic accident.

Father James Vandeburge, 29, and mum Alexandra Buchwet, 23, received a phone call on Tuesday afternoon. On the other side of the line: Ernigm’s nanny. There was just something about the apple of their youngest. The couple, who also live in Erningim, rushed to the nanny where they delivered their two children in complete confidence in the morning. It immediately became clear that the situation was serious. “I found my babysitter Omelie lifeless in his bed,” it seemed, sobbing. The emergency services tried everything for half an hour to save our son, but to no avail. He died in front of us. I don’t remember much about her. Everything happened exactly in the background, all the sounds around me sounded dull. All I remember is that I screamed out loud.”

problem in bed

The couple’s two children went to the nanny in Ernigam for a while. “We don’t blame her,” Alexandra continues, “but we want a thorough investigation of the matter.” “I’m sure she didn’t want that either, but if it turns out that mistakes were made, we want to know.”

Meanwhile, an autopsy revealed that O’Malley had died of asphyxiation. However, the body of the young child may not be cremated at the moment. “Because the investigation is still going on,” says the mother. We still don’t know exactly what happened. All we know is that the crib is the cause of suffocation. The investigation should also show exactly how this could have happened.”


The couple is very sad, and this is very clear. Three days before their young son died, they were still in a festive mood. “We baptized Omelie on Saturday in front of our families,” says Father James. “If only we knew this was our last moment with our little guy. Of course we have many questions. At home, for example, we have sensors under our children’s mattresses. If they stop breathing, a loud alarm will go off. Apparently they didn’t have it.” with the nanny. The question is, why not?”

The conscious nursery where the tragic events occurred will remain closed for the time being. Director B. (52) was severely beaten. “My mom is going through a really tough time,” her daughter says. She went to the doctor because she was unable to work. We don’t know how long it will remain closed, but this has made a huge impact on her. You may need some time to enjoy it Positives to come. We can’t dwell on what happened because we let everyone do their work. Anyway, it was a tragic accident.”

25 years of experience

“Mama has been taking care of the kids for the past 25 years, and she usually has about five babies and young children at home,” he continues. “She loves them all and treats them as if they were her own children. She takes pride in the fact that she gets so much support from other parents who don’t blame her. Also this morning at the school gate, people called us and we received so much support. You don’t wish this on anyone. But At first we mainly think of the boy’s parents’ indescribable grief. They lost their most precious possession. We sympathize with them very much.”


For mom Alexandra, it really is the unmitigated hit in her young life. In 2010 – Alexandra was barely 11 years old at the time – she lost her mother at the age of 45 in a traffic accident in Izegem. Alexandra was in the car at the time. She was on her way home from Spain with her mother and father. A car collided with a driver who was drinking a lot of alcohol at the wheel. Her father and Alexandra were seriously injured, and her mother did not survive the blow. Alexandra had a pelvic fracture and bowel perforation and had surgery on both arms. She crawled through the eye of the needle, but she had a new lease on life.

Two years earlier, the little 9-year-old lost her brother Christophe at the age of 32 in a traffic accident. He hit a car with his motorcycle on September 13, 2008. The loss of Omélie is another huge blow in the lives of Alexandra and James, Omélie’s father.

Little Omélie will be buried on September 10 at 10 am in the new Polderbos crematorium hall in Ostend. (JR/JH)

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