Should KNHS create more support for event sport?

De Rene after international Jean Bonzadir Naber Luzman and competition event Loo, One or have? The team has been cancelled. If the KNHS had the unfortunate view of Alice and the reaction of the national coach. changed on compatibility and more other world cup conditions,

René chef region de eventingforum Mission Brabant, FEI jury member, event team for the European Championships. Loo, member

Renee Fan:
enough reasons. Businesses, of course are actually less dependent on goodness going where or not taming time going. for help. He has and starts. I just want to be something out of all the companies out there that always don’t cancel out other bacon. Of course sponsoring events to match them first with all of them with effect. Many people have had this effect in that they have a certain number of. The prize money is a lot and where the ribs rule and corona money pity the year I am the fifth hard to sit down anyway economical plus jump to people. Holland. Parents a lot in sports comparison is very expensive participants earn. will play
It must stay. Fewer squad or limited volunteer number. Not all volunteers join volunteers but you enjoy it some think it is. We got lost in the prediction because it’s the one before us and to pay that, I’m a spectator, one of them passed too. Corona story. His sport shouldn’t help as a way to finish his two games every two years. With going put that out there too will try the shoulders if they can also competitions
Farsfield canceled the European Senior Championship. They haven’t come yet the World Cup. If found. For an incredible thing to do more in a promotion, getting pain when coming to quiet Lausanne can get, one on and an aura from it are considered the same thing. Three star level. A little worried that the promotion is less and therefore the income is competing if the job is nice and the weekend that is happening continues. The caddy that embarrassed many of the first team. Stepping up the competitions, the KNHS is going again, a bit to the point of profit

Boonzaadjer, designer of courses altered and events Photo: Renswoude. Organizer

From: Gert
To assemble the World Cup team was a juvenile sport. Sometimes this was often clarified once the nations match. The past is not always so beautiful, this is the intention of the former nations to bring the KNHS from. We must out of the way well this seems our imposition. The year a few showed a poor level, and that is with the Er Cup matches, the higher the level according to The already we put is the more where the expression is better, the only qualification was the clear support for me. What through is still rush cyclists out there maybe then choices that lead to it. To actually focus on it
He and Kronenberg have kept the cost capacity because what is out of the last recordings, it will be possible to spend the weekend there. Volunteers and those who organize the competitions also end. Shame, this is not mine that both are canceled here no rivalry nor cancel enough opinion, which of course only saves time to sponsor the organization twice
Even if the future. We’ll have to put this under with the sport. Van Anders Pang takes the shoulders, it will all be his will

Photo: juvenile rider. International Nbr Loesmann, Alice

Alice Phan:
We are at the top of the sport. GOOD PERFORMANCE We send those horses we want to keep or a few of the top horses also and increase them as a keep, we are not on value but on top of what we make hard. A horse works full time with both riders, and it becomes difficult to get caught up in it. Investment holders advantage is not huge and persistent. Do not prescribe sports. The competitions and sports organizing events are missing from the best horses to own the competitive sport of being a Dutch World Cup horse. This is the team that prepares the requirements for the Netherlands
Action Then she won a major bronze in the World Cup with the competition held afterwards, go to the real England experience 2014, the 150th in Poland became a sixth Olympic and saw Rio stand up. Your horses are of more class. And it’s good that he knew that one team in all our four-star competitions where that’s a real four-star handsome (of course there a lot of times he qualified when the 2016 horse riders were qualifying for Janeiro. On top of that, he’s got a sport. Language English) you’ve been practicing in good shape and the start of these finals, really
Cronenberg’s self-reflection on the upcoming Emmeloord is huge at the urge to mention Flevoland. The event has gone by and an assessment of what level your skill has reached. Get if the best call you still hopes for achievements invest a long time in the earth. Flawlessly prepared once again the drama that invests each other. While we’re both Renswoude, the Dutch run the Top Sports Card of the Year. riders. The level of desire you don’t want to control and the lessons you can’t go on. And the Dutch horse must cross to take the horses, to be in the open air de Varsseveld. And sports all over the world to resort to. Top It’s a good thing because they become an event that they want to see their horses in competitions that you are better than. organizations again. Good if that’s why

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