“Shortly after we registered with the municipality, the Italian police were at the door”

Bien moved to Italy with her love Arjen and their children. She talks about their new life there.

We were looking forward to the present day: we can finally register in Puglia and it looks like we’ve officially migrated. A goal, somewhere to root and some kind of acceptance for everything you’ve been through.

make dreams come true

We don’t like the things that everyone else does, we don’t like the superficial but only the real. We go our own way, we follow our thoughts and our thoughts. Through searching, trying, learning and winning we found our goal and our dream which we were able to achieve with our own strength. We don’t care if we get credit for it or not, it just doesn’t make us any less happy with who we are. But the fact that the municipality warmly welcomes us here, and has accepted us in this place, remains very valuable. This is what we are, we adore adventure and want to live in a culture where love, health and family are paramount.

Barolo got up and wanted to suckle right away, usually he didn’t want to until an hour and a half to two hours after he woke up, but no, now he wants to breastfeed. After half an hour of nursing, I quickly hopped into the shower and prepared myself in five minutes, packed my prettiest Gucci bag and set off.

Municipal visit

Miraculously, we were in the commune with three new, clean kids, literally the moment we were there. For the second time now, because this time we had all the documents with us, which were not yet complete on our first visit.

Our lawyer, Adalisa, told us in part that the public finance law is particularly important, but also the registration of the lease, an agreement from the landlord and a statement of solvency from our Dutch bank.

You must have a certain income if you want to be allowed to register here and they prefer to see that you can do something for the city. Maybe there was something everyone already knew, but I only found out during the conversation Basic Basic Another word for Holland. I learned something again.

Respectful man

Finally, after sitting in front of a very serious-headed but very handsome man for over an hour, all the data was entered manually by him and he happily said: ‘Auguri’, in other words: Congratulations!

For each model, he took the trouble to write and check everything himself. It looked elegant and fresh. Beautiful brown sun-kissed skin, blue blouse with blue embroidered necklace and matching bracelet, and thick black framed glasses. It looked great on him! In his hand was a magnifying glass to read everything accurately. I watched with admiration how carefully each work was carried out. His name was Giovanni.

serious and meticulous

I was a bit nervous because I am one of our family members who speaks better Italian, so I had to do my best this time. Before Giovanni handed us the official papers for registration, an agent came and watched what he was doing. Giovanni explained to the agent that we are moving here and that he has put everything in order. How strange, I think, that an agent–a very serious man–came to check all this. Well organized actually, because in Holland we were too lazy to double check if boys’ names were entered correctly when applying for passports, and so just before immigration we received two mixed passports on date of birth. Or as with Barolo Dolce’s birth registration, I received one from myself. Bad luck and a coincidence that it went wrong again or just total inaction?

So far they arrange everything here imaginatively, seriously and very meticulously. They take their job very seriously. From the garbage collector to the mayor, they are determined to make the most of it. Evaluate it as an outsider.

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“Let’s celebrate this,” Arin said happily. “Congratulations dear, what a milestone huh?” I was silent for a while. I got tired too, because Brunello was really annoying and I had to constantly play a police officer when we had to wait all this time in the council and he had no patience to sit still and I refused to bribe him with my phone.

Luckily, we had the basketball with us, so we walked to our favorite spot on the field, the “Grand Cafe” where we always drink homemade iced tea with lemon ice in it. Very sweet and very tasty. The kids played in between and we tried to enjoy our coffee in those few minutes he let us rest, without arguing about the ball.

After a delicious lunch, of course with pizza, focaccia and coffee, we decided to pack our things at home and breathe the fresh air on the beach. I was restless and uncomfortable in my own skin, and although I should be happy in times like these, all kinds of emotions run through me. Precisely by daring to feel this joy, to process what you ran away from, to let go, to start over, to move forward on something again to realize and feel where we are now and what we have chosen. This is no longer a holiday, nor was it temporary. Not the last day we can enjoy a nice vacation, this is for the rest of our lives.

Police at the door

Arjen packed things up, quickly cleaned the toys in the room, and put on a bikini, but less than twenty minutes after we registered at the municipality, the Italian police were at our door. Brunello looked at me: “Mama, Toto, the policeman!!!” Brunello is totally impressed with the police here, as well as the ambulance, the firefighters and all the chiefs. This guy has caught fire and gone wild with ‘tutu-am’ as we call it.

It is very common here that when registering, the police quickly, and sometimes even an immediate check in someone’s home. We have already informed the owner at the beginning that it is very normal here and that you should not be concerned if the police come to check if you live at this address. We now know this cop very well in his face and after a bit of looking around everything was fine.

we are at home

He even helped us apply for a parking permit, so we would have a parking spot in front of our door for fifty euros a month. You cannot imagine that in Holland, you can rent one meter of grass for it. The kids thought it was exciting, and we spent the rest of the day using the cop’s visit to get things done, like cleaning their rooms, eating a plate, and being kind. I was just listening, or the police officer will check on you in a minute. Well it helped me a lot I must say.

It’s official, we’re home. This feels very unreal but very nice. It is important now to take care of all kinds of other things that we can now order, but above all to find a moving company and warehouse to store our things. It’s really nice to look forward to our own stuff. Maybe we’ll hear from our broker over the next couple of weeks and we can finally start working on our own. In any case, the rule applies here: suffering is called patience.

Patchi, statement!

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