LIVE BLOG HIPPIADE 2022 – Friday 26th August

Today is the penultimate day, day eight of KNHS Witte Van Moort Hippiade 2022! Today it is the turn of the jumping horses. They start in classes 1.00, 1.10 and 1.20 horse jumping. It promises to be another beautiful day and we wish all participants and horses good luck and fun!

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Looking at over here Starting lists and results.
We’d love to see all of the fans during the Hippiade at Ermelo! Are you unable to come and have a look? On our Hippiade Liveblog you can read all about champions. on me Selected episodes are broadcast live on a small screen for free.

19:00: We would like to thank all participants, horses, ponies, sponsors, officials, crew and supporters for this successful eighth day of Hippiade and we wish all tomorrow’s participants the best of luck! The final message can be found here.

Marco Sass from Furore Medico is delighted with the Hartog award

Furore Medico will start with the prize you deserve

Marco Sass with Furore Medico, champion 1.20 horse jump

6:15 pm: Marco Sas of Hoorn with Furore Medico became a true champion in the 1.20 class sponsored by Hartog. After two moves and jumps, this combination was the only one who kept a clean sheet and won the title. Second place went to Eva Oude Wolcherink of Denekamp with La Rosso Lady SDH and finally a nice bronze medal went to Anne Klein and Hannelore, a Wezep mix.

– Prize of 1.20 horse jumping sponsored by Hartog

  1. Marco Sass (Horn, North Holland Region) with Furore Medico
  2. Eva Oude Wolcherink (Denekamp, ​​Overijssel District) with La Rosso Lady SDH
  3. Anne Klein (Wisps, Gelderland) with Hannelore

Marco Sass praises Foror Medico’s ingenuity, which he says he only uses occasionally when jumping. “If there’s room in the truck, he’ll come. He thinks this is a fun game and he enjoys it. He runs a dressage Z2 and is a really nice horse. You can take it to the beach, to the woods, in front of the wagon, basically everything. Now it’s possible that he won’t jump for a while.” Next month and a half and he’ll just walk the dressage again. My colleague Denise Lommy is the owner and she rides with him the dressage. The fact that she’s so easy to drive definitely comes back to her credit. It makes my job so easy and I also owe this victory to that.”

5.50 pm: A familiar sight on Hippiade. 76-year-old ringleader Henk Frigg, with a career well beyond a term routine, has been doing the job for equestrian sport since he was eighteen. Right before the 1.20 class (9 participants) starts, he also ensures that everything goes smoothly and that every rider shows up at the track on time.

4.45 pm: We shall prepare for the apotheosis of the final section on this eighth day of Hippiad. The top 25 sets from the first round are reflected in the 1.20-second class, divided into 17 clear rounds, 7 with a one-time error and the fastest 4 rounds.

4.15 pm: “The last thing we want is combinations with a lot of penalty points,” says course builders Frielink and Wilmink. You can read the entire interview here.

Tim Freelink (left) and Jack Wilmink (right)

3.30 pm: Less good news from KWPN’s neighbors. A strangle was found in the horse. day agoIf Hippiade does not use the facilities of the KWPN Center, the event can continue. There will also be KNHS Talent Day, which takes place on Mondays at the National Equestrian Centre. Read more here.

2.50 m: Today’s final chapter, Chapter 1.20, sponsored by Hartog, begins with the first participant. Here you will find the start menu and live scores.

2.30 pm: The champ is known to be in the 1.10 class, sponsored by Anemone Horsetrucks. After a truly amazing hop-off, the title in this section went to the still young Laura Backer (De Meern) and her competitive geek. Mayke Leusink (Rekken) with Kinkie on silver and Jannie Nentjes (Urk) with Everest on bronze, who has been in the lead for a long time, completed the girl power of this division.

  1. Laura Bakker (De Meern, Utrecht region) with Fiesta
  2. Mike Leusink (Ricken, Gelderland) with Kinki
  3. Jannie Nentjes (Urk, Overijssel District) with Everest

The new champ in the 1.10 class had to fight hard for it in a jump with over twenty participants. With her scenic but also risky ride with the Fiesta, Laura Bakker made a successful attempt and her horse’s name could be put into action afterwards. She says, “It was all or nothing. I’m so proud of my horse! She’s quick to handle herself and did a great job. Everything fit to jump. I thought it was still exciting after that, but at some point I thought we’d make it.”

1.30 pm: Special mention to Kees den Boer (69), with the Quattro Stormwind participant in the 1.10 class jump and his birthday today.

Kees den Boer celebrates his birthday today, and at 69 years old, he can call himself the company’s chief of staff. He was strong in jumping but saw his horse rushing towards the last line past the obstacle, which missed this hardened rider’s chances. “I was on schedule, but in return it just got off my shoulder. It was my fault, it’s really a shame,” said Dean Boyer, who only started the ride late. “I never rode with ponies and played football until I was 28. Then I started and didn’t finish yet. My horse is only six years old so we can still hang out.”

Jumping horse 1.10 sponsored by Anemone Horsetrucks. You can contact them to get new and used horse carriages and display their horsepower during Hippiade in Hay Village.

Section 1.10 began with horse jumping.

11:35 am: The Jumping Horse Division 1.10 begins with the sponsorship of Anemone Horse Trucks.

Julian Crete with Desperado TS Z

  1. Julian Kruet (New Amsterdam, Drenthe) with Desperado TS Z
  2. Jesse Seeger (Dinkamp, ​​Overijssel District) with Ceawen Z
  3. Niels Roozen (Moergestel, Brabant region) with Easy Elvis BZ

Winner Julian Crowet gives necessary credit to Debrado, and says, “That’s a beautiful horse. He’s only five years old and I really just got on it. I think it’s all in every month. In the regional championships in Drenthe, he was there we’re already second and now Even the first. I’ve already won many titles in Drenthe, but this is the first time I’ve won at Hippiade. So beautiful!”

Edwin Huogenratt, with Bart van der Matt, took care of judging this section based on style. He says of the apotheosis: “In the vaulting, you can see that a lot of the riders thought very carefully about what they were doing, partly in response to our feedback from the base course. We also enjoyed the horses. There were very beautiful horses. We are happy with the progress in this department.”

10.50 am: The first known champion, Julian Kruit with a Desperado TS Z won the gold medal in the single horse jump.

1.00 Horse Jumping Awards Ceremony Sponsored by Pavo – Julian Kruit with Desperado TS Z

10:15 am: Jumping starts in the Jumping Horse section 1.00.

The audience watches with interest during the 1.00 horse jump.

8.15 am: Day One Writer, Tyler Adams with Lardey (by Harley VDL)

Taylor Adams with Lardy

8.00 am: Due to a technical failure, the ClipMyHorse.TV livestream is only available from 10am.

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