‘I kept bumping into him during my bachelor trip in Italy’

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With a cocktail in your hand sighing that you don’t want to go home, it’s no stranger on vacation. But of course you can also decide to fulfill this intention only.

Pauline (36 years old) lives with Marco and is the mother of Maya (2).

“It was a bachelor’s trip for one of my best friends. The four of us went to Florence. We were of course partying there until we got there. Which worked out well. The first night I had a chat with Marco in a bar. He was half Dutch, half Italian. Having spent his childhood in the North Holland, he went to study in Florence and stayed there.

We kissed that night and exchanged phone numbers before I got back to the party. But the next evening I came across him again. And this time we couldn’t stop talking.

going out together

And my friends shouted loudly “No coincidence” and urged me to go with him. I don’t go home with a guy I barely know, so we’ve compromised. We agreed to go out together the next day.

“We cried, and solemnly promised to see each other as soon as possible”

Marco were inseparable from each other and without making a single suggestion in this direction, I suggested myself that I should go with him that evening to his house. The next morning we were neatly taken to the airport. Marco and I cried, and solemnly promised to see each other again as soon as possible. My friends were cheering on the sidelines.

Valentine’s Day

At home, of course, life continued as usual. My girlfriend’s wedding came, I was at work, and the whole time Marco and I were texting every day. He even sent a plane ticket for Valentine’s Day. I thought he was super cheeky, because who said I could just take time off work?

Send a plane ticket for Valentine’s Day

But of course he meant it kindly and to be honest: I could easily arrange those days off. And so I traveled to Florence a month after we first met. The five days that followed were a dream. Marco was not like my friends I had before. He actually turned out to be my best friend and then had more sex than ever.

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Back to Holland

Again we were crying at the airport when I got home, and again we were texting day and night, and then he came to Holland a month later. It soon became clear to both of us: this was serious business. Once we had the time and could bear it, we traveled back and forth between Amsterdam and Florence to see each other as often as possible. I stayed longer and longer in Italy, until Marco finally changed his job and moved with me temporarily to Holland. There I found out after a year of dating that I was pregnant.

‘I’ve always wanted to live abroad’

A gynecologist once said that I have PCOS, it was probably not possible to get pregnant at all. It felt like hitting her now was a miracle. For four months, Marco and I doubted where we would settle permanently, until we took the lead: it had to be Italy. As a wedding and event planner, I can work anywhere in the world and have always wanted to live abroad.

She gave birth to our daughter in Holland, but by that time we had already furnished our house outside the city, in the hills of Tuscany. Maya has been going there once a week since she was three months old with a Dutch nanny with two other kids, but I want to go to her at a Tuscan school later. Marco speaks Italian as much as possible, I’m Dutch. Although we spoil everything in practice; She is “Bambina” and “Sweetheart”.

Walk around Italy

Yes, I ended up staying in Italy due to my vacation. But it has always been my dream to live abroad. That Marco and I met in this way does not seem to have been a coincidence. Also because we have stayed in touch with the Netherlands. We fly up and down several times a year; Marco also has family and friends in the Netherlands.

I don’t know if we will ever come back. Another foreign country is also looming, we can live anywhere in the world. Children are already growing up internationally; I think we’re just helping Maya with that.”

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